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Steady your heart, my friend. · By Drakes, GruntSteel

Mere story as it may be... <ˢᵖᵒᶦˡᵉʳ⚠️>

A topic by Mate🌺 created Feb 02, 2021 Views: 863 Replies: 1
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A song for their tragic and honorable ends,

and a song for their happily ever...

Mere story as this may be, still they touched the hearts of those that bear witness to these words that give life to their tale, and moved the soul of one's insignificant self.

Though life and death may not be so perilous as it is now from then, we honor still, the lives of those willing to fall for the life they live for; for the cause they stand for; for a world better changed; a world that has moved on.

However unkind life may be at times, I hope for you and I, and all who've yearned for and endured, to find the life that gives a reason to love and move onwards. 🙇

(Now that I've gotten this out of my chest, time to sleep 💃🤸🛌...)

With my snowflake ass I was literally about to cry, the ending(s) were sooooooo sad.