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Ace Ayasaki

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I just finished the new update and I loved  it, Seemed as a great stop point, although I don't know if it was the end of the VN itself or just a stop point, but regardless, if it isn't the end yet, I'll be eager to play more, but if it is the end, I'm happy that I got to read such a sweet and amazing story <3

you're welcome TY! hehe

guess which homosexual finally got to find time to play gay visual novels

Anyways- I really loved the new update haha, Not much to comment on except that it was overall a fun update and it was already perfect as it is ^^

Finally got to read so well deserved ass spanking. it's nice to see Angus and Kegar becoming "Really good friends" (?) and how we got more backstory content for welkin our little cinnamon boi hehe
I've taken a better liking to Rowley now haha, Kegar's still my favorite though

finally, thanks again for the new update Ty! remember to take rests every now and then and goo luck on the future updates!

dw, I can always wait, no pressure i finishing it fast so take all the time you'll need, take rests when necessary too <3

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Yessss, New update as said on twitter, I'm gonna wait till it's available here

edit: Nvm, It was already in the downloads page

ah I see, Thank you for replying

can we complete the swamp ques or no? maybe I'm missing a few skills

this looks like a nice game! so exited for it to come out, I'll be eagerly waiting for it! haha


I already lost about five times, but I'll try again haha

yep, Just downloaded last night

how do I get the slime lose scene? I've been trying but it always skips for some reason

ooh neat, Thanks for all your hard work TY! and once again, I love the VN haha

After two days being away, I was finally able to play the new update!

haha seriously didn't expect THAT much, a surprise for sure but a welcomed one at that.

was expecting the "paint me like one of your French girls" reference but not too down about it, so many illustrations! it was a treat reading this new update about my favorite lion, was so overjoyed when IT finally happened

thank you for blessing me with this master piece haha, I loved very moment and hope to return for more in the future

your friend

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lol, idk how to fix, I'm too dumb

Edit: nvm I fixed it

I had agi 8 on a new game, so probably not

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wow holy shiz, The game keeps "crashing" neaar the end of he game... or maybe that is the end

edit, Nope, Apparently I need to close the window first to contiue

second theory, Maybe Herbert is envious of Gilbert because he "took away" Walter from him when they became friends and since Walter was presumably the only one Herbert can call a friend he was bitter to it and is why he is bitter towards everyone else and is so self centered?

ok, So I finally got enough time to play the new updates and HOLE SHIZ, was no expecting a Visual novel to touch on a subject personally relatable to me as THAT. both in marks new day 8 and Anders' (?) new bonus episode

spoiler bellow








mark losing his best friend, which I can only assume to be Avi (hopefully not him though) and having a depressive episode because of it and is now emotionally clingy to Walter now is completely understandable, especially considering how he also lost his brother, other, and presumably "Anders" in an emotional sense

when I lost my best friend, I too got overly clingy to the point where I needed therapy for anxiety and depression, so I hope Mark can get the same type of help as well

as for Anders' episode, finding out someone you  know, trusted and looked up to for so long was someone terrible, It's understandable how he'd act that way and be distanced towards people now, I wont reveal too much but I pretty much experienced the same with my mother like Anders with his, hope he gets emotional help and self confirmation that he isn't his father and he can figure a=out that which he wanted to find out in that chapter

ooooooh, new update!

thank you

It says in the guide that it was possible for the player to defeat the boss by "save scumming" or abusive quick saves, But If so, Is there a reward like extra Stat points or level up points?

In the scene where the player defeats selye, The unknown enemy takes the medals and the player manages to get back 1, but unfortunately due to my agility, I couldn't get the other

What is the required Agi. Stat to get both back? I'm worried it might cost me in the long run

I see, thank you!!!!

how exactly do you pet the pupp

yaaay, Pet the doge


how do you make the traps? I have 20 wood and iron but I still can't make traps


this is DEFINITELY Hallstatt, I've stared at the place in google maps for way too long so that I can familiarize it, haha, nice to see a great location appearing as a background image

yessssss more chonky tigercontent OwO


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I LOVE the new update! it was so fun reading all of it and it was sooo worth the wait.

although, I Almost lost my shit by this exact scene right here hahahaha

I love how Kegar is so protective of our little cinnamon roll, I kinda thought he was just all happy go lucky, so this surprised me a bit, the music was so relaxing, especially after a long day so I really appreciate it, I felt like I was on cloud nine grinning from ear to ear, and the writing is so good, It reminds me of what happened in the last Kegar update without having to replay through it all, (Although, I did replay just so I could see a certain cg again haha) and the sass this update really lifts the mood.

over-all, I love this new update for the chonky lion, You really outdone yourself tyrving! so many things I didn't expect made this a better experience, Keep up the good work and Ill be waiting fort the new update hehe

but then again, remember to take breaks every now and then, as always, In best regards

-Ace Ayasaki

I forgot to mention about the incorrect names aarthur said which mas me laugh histerically, hahaha

Yay, New Kegar update *w*

sooooo hyped for this new one, I'm gonna play it later hahaha, Once again thanks for this Tyrving!! ^^

hi!, I'm so exited for the upcoming build, hope you're doing well and remember to  rest well

also, I tried the links so I can download the music, but for some reason they don't work on the android version, so I had to download it via Windows, just sayin

Awoo! I just finished the new update, I loved it, from the very start at which I played the game (I think it was January of 2020 idk) and I'm so happy that Burry's route has resolved the night, But just because it's the end of his route doesn't mean it's the end of his story, I really hope to see more of this game I grew to love, but for now I think you can have a well deserve rest, It made me cry but every end is a new beginning and I'll be patiently awaiting the next update!

my favorite part was the credits haha, just kidding, it was the caught scene, even in disaster the quadria still stay the same and that's good to know.

and keep safe! things are tough throughout the world right now, so always remember to put your wellbeing first ^^

signing off for now:

-Ace Ayasaki

Yooooooooos finally have time to play the new update >:3

hi, I'm new to the game, and I just want to say that I'm loving it so far

the characters are interesting, the writing is making me want to read more an the pacing is wonderful and intriguing, I'd love to see more of it in the future!

that being said, rest and personal health comes first, so rest when needed, no rush, Loved the game!
-Ace Ayasaki

no problem in being late, take your time and do things at your own pace <3


sendo derrotado ou usando a mão amaldiçoada