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Minotaur Hotel community · Created a new topic Themba

why does Themba look different from what I remember? Does he have 2 versions?

Nice game!

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Eyyy!! Another Filipino VN maker, loved ur vn! Waiting for the next update.

So far I've loved every vn made by a Filipino, and yours is no different!

thank you, also can you choose which part of the stream you enter?

where can I get sticks?

Love the game


Don't you dare make it so a plot twist happens where Marshal is one of those monsters that you have to kill

I just finished reading and I love this vn


I can't stop thinking about that... Scene

"Do butterflies eat meat?"

And the lifeless corpse within the swarm of butterflies

poor kid 😭😭😭

One of the few vn's that made me cry, great job on the story, can't wait for the next update

P.S. Xavier best boi

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Has anyone, like taken count on how many times Russell, like has said "like"? Cuz, like I'm so curious on, like how many times he said "like". He said "like", like so many times! Like damn! That's so many! Like I've lost count, like so many times.

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how do I acquire the special summit attire?

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How do you get the polaroid Bjorn pic? Also is there a way to get that... ahem

Naughty Sauna Devon cg? 


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what's the code for the bomb? I've either forgotten it or did not know what the code was, and I wanna save ma bois

Little spoiler

How do you think Gen z will handle the specter? For me I think we'll take it well since gen z are pretty pragmatic and see things in reality but I don't know until I experience it myself tho,but what do you think?

1.10, the one that you can currently download

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XD damn Normie, wonder where I can get myself an invisibility cloke from harry potter too

Love the game but could you guys add a "most recent update" option for the chapter select? For convenience.

Aiden is my bias, love him, hate his dad tho

Dude raped a student (the mc) , I can see why Aiden hates him


When confronting the otter, what is the 3rd ending? I got the ending where I'm defeated and the ending where I win the fight and leave him, how do I get the 3rd ending?

Are Zale and Cole like patreon or twitter characters? Cuz I found twitter account with Zale and Cole as like their OC or prof pic?

Will you make a chapter select screen in the future?

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The new sprites are nice but I kinda like the old ones more except Kody, I like his new sprite more and for Alex I kinda dislike his new sprite, I liked his old sprite more, just my opinion tho, love the game and Ray is my favorite boy

I think you need to finish the war first then explore the bull mountain, I'm not sure since I haven't played in a while

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I'm new here and I have a question. Should I tell Makon about seduce or not? Like what are the consequences or benefits from not telling him and telling him?

Lucas' is my favorite route rn, he's so cute and fragile

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You could try Tennis Ace, it has a really great story, you can also try out Extracurricular activities, both are tennis based and have multiple routes and both have great stories.

How do you do the hyena route again?

Does anyone have all the passwords? I haven't played for 2 years and I kinda don't wanna reread everything

Anyone have a guide for all the steamy scenes?

How do you get the cg where Jun puts a band aid on Yuu's head after some boxes fell on his head? I forgot

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Hmm how would you treat Aki if he was your little brother? Calling you hopeless and teasing you all the time? Would his cuteness let it slide? Would you tease him back? Personally I would try to find ways to tease him back or get a little bit of harmless payback.

Thank you for the guide

Yeah but like how do you get to that part again, hmm ohh like route a b and c

Anyone have a Shoichi guide up to the part where... Spoiler

they sit on a park bench? Or the day where they ride a swan boat?  Like the day where Yuuchi tells Sho to stop or else he'll be afraid of Sho, I can't fully remember


How do you get the remaining cg?

Also, love the vn and characters, especially Matt <3

How tall are the characters in ft? Mc, Ikalis, Almond and angry wolf knight

already played in and I loved it

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I'm new here and I loved the vn

I'm guessing the mc can use both elemental and physical mana since his eyes are a combination of blue and red aka purple

I'm doing fine thanks for asking :)

I'm back and wow there are no thirst comments, nsfw art and not that much horny or no horny at all, wow its just normal chatter with some peace and quiet. I'm surpised wow, well it's nice commenting again how are ya'll?