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Just completed the game 100% I'm amazed that it was made in just 3 days, the team is seriously talented. One little thing I would change is regarding the falling speed, the player suddenly falls like a rock making some of the later jumps a bit disorienting, maybe I'm just used to more floaty controls since I've been playing Celeste a lot. Great controls, nice level design, catchy music, this is one I'll definitely recommend.

It's only the bj scene, doing that gives you corruption without losing money.

Thank you!

I can't get the quest to trigger, I got the neutral ending and Thane is in the tavern but he won't say anything new, I made all the dishes multiple times but maybe I'm missing something.

You gotta have at least 5 corruption to do it

I have several questions, but I'm intrigued :o

What file is it detecting as malicious? It's probably a false positive.

The amount of work that goes into this project is astonishing. My only criticism of the updated sprites is Asterion's mouth, to me the new one looks flat and doesn't look like it fits on a muzzle. But that's just me. I'm excited to go back to the hotel and continue the story!

1. Download the flash player from the link Moropheles posted.

2. Download the game.

3. Open the flash player and drag the game into it.

4. Profit.

Oh, it would be nice if that was communicated to the player, I've rolled back to a previous save because I thought I missed my chance lol. I always forget about auto saves.

This game has lights and colors

and you shoot things

is good yes

Short and sweet story. Could it be possible to include an android version?

I'll just say I loved it. Amazing for only being made in 2 weeks.