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Thanks for the fix!

Was posting in the wrong section mb.

I keep getting game crashes when loading anything past hinterlands 3rd chapter 

Trying to load anything after that results in multiple crashes and no way to go back. I literally have to start the game from the beginning every time.

This was the latest one trying to restart this morning from khenbish' route

 ``` I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.  While running game code:   File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 462, in __call__ AttributeError: 'StoreModule' object has no attribute 'all_locations_achievement'  -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------  Full traceback:   File "_layout/screen_main_menu.rpymc", line 28, in script   File "renpy/", line 922, in execute   File "renpy/", line 2218, in py_exec_bytecode   File "renpy/common/_layout/screen_main_menu.rpym", line 28, in <module>   File "renpy/common/_layout/screen_main_menu.rpym", line 35, in _execute_python_hide   File "renpy/", line 298, in interact   File "renpy/display\", line 3276, in interact   File "renpy/display\", line 4100, in interact_core   File "renpy/display\", line 1062, in event   File "renpy/display\", line 1062, in event   File "renpy/display\", line 1062, in event   File "renpy/display\", line 720, in event   File "renpy/display\", line 1062, in event   File "renpy/display\", line 1062, in event   File "renpy/display\", line 245, in event   File "renpy/display\", line 979, in event   File "renpy/display\", line 914, in handle_click   File "renpy/display\", line 329, in run   File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 462, in __call__   File "renpy/", line 768, in load   File "renpy/", line 63, in loads AttributeError: 'StoreModule' object has no attribute 'all_locations_achievement'  ```

This is a really cool option for NB folks! Thank yas :D

I've mentioned before, but maybe a talisman/tattoo of the symbol for hades, like a memento from serving in the underworlds army. Originally I thought of the symbol for Pluto but that was a more roman thing and might be a bit out of alignment. So possibly a white poplar tree or pomegranate instead?

A lot of Greek coins had pomegranates now that I'm looking

recently commissioned a friend to paint the scene from Hades described early on in the game. I think he captured it perfectly :)

Original can be found here-->

This is cute as heck! I really like the setting and the intro. Do you plan on having all the audio/music be original or maybe some royalty free stuff?

I FELT THIS seriously I feel like I failed him 😭

Ohhh thank you so much for the links! I see now I was just completely missing the second part oops xD

Another creator (Dyne for Exca) uses Google docs for their walkthroughs, might be an option to think about ^^ easily available and versions can be edited via cloud so changes are reflected in real time.
Just a thought!

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Hey guys! Firstly I'd like to thank you all for all the hard work and love you've been putting into the game, including this latest build. As I usually do I restarted from the very beginning and noticed all the little things added including some sprite movements that added a nice touch to scenes.
I felt like I fell really deep into my own lethargic mind reading through some of the parts where Asterion is struggling through his anxiety and doubts. And I am super wary of P and the "inheritance" he's seeking from the Hotel... And despite the circumstance I hope that Storm can open up for us a little in the next build 👀 Also I feel super bad not reading through the "ruthless route" x_x; mainly because I know how hard your team worked on it but it really gives me super anxiety© thinking about going down that road.
The main point of mu post was to ask if you have any plans to redo/continue the walkthrough that was started?
I keep playing from beginning to end and getting one rank below the projected "highest rank" without knowing why is maddening! I wanna be the best business partner I can be ;p

Ah! And before I go I wanna say bravo to the person who wrote the bread making scene. Being a baker its nice seeing some of the details being fleshed out and described. A lot of folks undervalue to labor of making a good baked treat. Even something as simple as bread.

Will we see any of the gods in modern form? Or possibly at all?

Does Luke find the "one"

Where does Argos live and can we make him a little house and show him mortal kindness 🥺

Will we get to work out with Asterion eventually? 😤

I was drinking something dammit 😂

Was thinking a bit about the icon used for the game, it's kind of hard to tell what it is without context. Just a suggestion but maybe put it on top of a letter or something beneath it to signify it's a wax seal?

something like this possibly? ->

But just a suggestion! I don't know how others feel about the icon xD

This was really REALLY informative and insightful. I'm kinda glad other folks are also looking forward towards post-sex/relationship building. Like a few others said on here it should be more of a milestone than an end goal. Not everyone is looking for "hehe hot guy sex scene*nut*" 

Thank you guys for taking all this time and effort to do this!

Argos on a leash... now there's an idea <<
I suppose he's trapped himself in this forever hell of doing unspeakable things all the time. While he obviously likes to think of new and exciting ways to horrify/torture Asterion being able to manipulate the snake into doing some humiliating stuff would be interesting as well.

Another WIP of Asterion feeling those little humming birds egging him on, maybe he just needs a little push~?

Not sure how I'm gonna draw MC yet though. Trying to be as vague/ych as possible to allow imagination to fill in the gaps lol

OH in the game itself. I was scouring the website oof thanks so much! The song Dreaming days got my heart all a-twitter haha

Heya, checking the games front page I can't find an "about" link or anywhere else to find the music. Could you elaborate where it is exactly? I feel like its staring me in the face

looks like I posted in the wrong area in general discussion x.x

I have a theory about why the MC keeps reminding Asterion of an old friend. I wonder if reincarnation is a thing in this universe, or plausible considering the Greek gods/religions.

Also I wanna thumb through Greta's designs for an air conditioner and an elevator 😤 stumbling drunk up stairs every night with a Minotaur sounds fun but no one likes falling down a flight of stairs with an armory on your companions head lmao

sleeping Asterion WIP(probably as far as I'll get)

I ran out of steam pretty fast with this, just wanted to depict him peacefully asleep unlike the poor fits he has in his sleep >.<

I may have gotten my hopes up with this small interaction >.>

Ah yeah! I should have mentioned I was playing the android version

Will there be a "hide" button implemented in a future build that can hide the textbox?

Yeah I can relate to this sentiment. I was -not- ready and my heart is doing flip flops under my tongue it feels like hah.

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Okay, finished in 3 days and it broke my heart the whole time holy f*ck this is a good story. The character growth, the depth of emotion.

Blubbering like a child at the end, I sincerely hope you continue this as a series or something, I'd gladly support a pt2

Edit: also I can't find the "rate" button anywhere on this blasted page 5/5