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Build 0.3 General Discussion

A topic by Minoh Workshop created May 12, 2020 Views: 6,811 Replies: 99
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Developer (2 edits) (+3)

Hey! We are putting up this thread for anyone who wants to discuss the upcoming build — speculate, throw ideas, share memes, whatever you want!

Here's the pre-release Q&A where we answered the questions you sent!

If you want to check Build 0.3's lore drops, Lanwolf96 compiled it all here.


Ok, I think we would see more relationship progress between MC and Asterion (hopefully). I hope the hotel management system would be fun. 

About idea,..., I... I want to sniff the bull and worship his body. It was too good of a chance to pass. 


I completely agree. 


I am allowed to inform you that in build 0.3 the player can incidentally sniff the bull one (1) time.


ooooh... sounds fun


I think you would prefer ask him in marry next time, no? Heheh

Just weird. It reminded me of a bull guy with same name that I l.... .

Better I forget it. It hadn't a good end.


aww... thats sad. (hug)


*The cat closes his eyes purring.*


Would there be an achivement system or other kind of system so we know what we got and what we didn't got in game? Since 0.3 has so  many variables

Also will Kota's red dragon show up? in 0.2 he had a teaser icon

Will one of Lucas relatives visit the hotel in the future(near or far)?

Argos is more of the "that guy" or a "nice when you get to know him"?

In future customization section,will Asterion have beards?

Will speedrunner route continue to be this cringey?

Will  we get closure of the creatures that "forgot" their passports at the hotel?

Will cerberus statue have a meaning in the future?

Sorry for bad English


Also will Asterion have a toga in future like in some images i found?


For those who took the humanities/leader dialogue option with Argos, will he be more difficult to deal with now that he knows MC can outsmart him? Or will he be more respectful towards us? Is there any way to convince him not to torture Asterion? The poor guy's been through enough...

I do get the feeling that Asterion's hiding something though. Why would he go to the afterlife after death and work for and talk with Hades if Athena was intent on torturing him for all eternity? Did he do something while with Hades? Is it something Argos hinted at? All Asterion has told us so far is that he's being punished for being born a monster and his "cowardice" in the face of Theseus. 

I also get the feeling that there's more to Jean than he's letting on. A *lot* more. He seems to believe in the Hotel's mission, yet Asterion has never mentioned him. He guides people to the Hotel, claims he's a deliveryman, could that be in the sense that he's delivering staff to the hotel? But why would he do that? Who set him up to do it? He doesn't look old enough to have worked with the previous masters, nor does he look like an ageless mythical beast. I have a very loose theory though, that demigods don't age like humans do and that guilt plays a major part, but I feel like that's a bit of a stretch at the moment.

I really like the music too. The Seikilos Epitaph is somewhat mournful and slow which sets the mood perfectly, and the more happy energetic music that Asterion gets whenever he happily talks is wonderful. 

I also echo the stuff people have said above, I wanna see Aterion and MC's relationship develop (hopefully romantically, if he's ready for that? I'm a sucker for the big guy having a crush on the little guy), and to actually find out what happened to the Old Gods and what will happen if we try and twist the powers of the hotel to breaking point to  help Asterion, against their will. Plus I kinda wanna see Asterion get protective of us if we're advanced upon by Luke...

I look forward to the new update and the ones in the future! Asterion is such a sweetheart, I don't want anything bad to happen to him!


I second all of the above. I'm itching to know too.


Now that i thinking about it . There is one person in greek mythos who match Jean perfectly that would actually want to help the Hotel without wanting to gain anything from it , Hermes . Could just be a coincidence .


^^ I agree with Fenris. I wanna see the mc and Asterion's relationship develop. I also wanna see Asterion get protective over the mc. 


that would be interesting  to see a


I hope to see get to have fun with the snake even perhaps a 3 way with  the mc and Asterion


Erm.. Not sure that's such a good idea given the history of abuse between Argos and Asterion and Asterion being terrified of even going near him (for very good reason). Argos' whole reason for existence is to torture Asterion


Will you be able to have sex with Kota or Luke?


Highly unlikely. Considering that the only route will be Asterion's. Said so by Minoh. 


i said sex not romancable route


what a chad fucking answer

no, sadly the MC won't fuck or romance the other guests. It would bloat the scope of the game WAY too much. You can get some of the guests to hook up with each other, though!

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"won't fuck or romance the other guests"
but argos isn't a guest :eyes:
i love that shithead, specially after you trick him twice

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Does anyone know which of the points/terms of the Argos contract is the one we can contest, and win? I think I'm doing something wrong... And it's messing with my playthrough. 


It's Article 4!


Oh, thank you! :) 


Yes, about that... for some reason, Article 4 doesn't say anymore what the MC says it says. I seem to remember, on my very first playthrough of the previous build, it did say that Argos could inspect the hotel premises. But on all subsequent playthroughs, that section is suddenly missing from Article 4. Is that just me? Could that be a bug? Like, once the MC calls Argos out, Article 4 is changed, even for unrelated future playthroughs?


This is the article in question. The statement that causes trouble is the "The Master and Foreman are symmetrically bound this Article, including but not limited to not using Hestia's Mirror to bring harm to the Foreman."

Is it possible you are overlooking this particular sentence?

Regardless, I'll check this out in-game as soon as possible. Thank you for bringing it up to us.


Ah, I see now. I thought it had been stated more explicitly in my first playthrough, as in: outright saying Argos could inspect the hotel grounds.  But I must have remembered it wrong.  Sorry for the trouble!


What background is the more developed? The Arts one? 


Right now the Humanities, Arts and Speedrunner backgrounds are the ones with the most unique content. The Leader background has some overlap with Humanities. Humanities and Leader can trick Argos, Arts can talk with Asterion about Notre Dame in Build 0.2 and Speedrunner can make a medallion  for him — which, although amateurish, is appreciated and cherished.

We are looking into adding some time to shine to one background per build. You can expect to see Math, Tech and Leader having some special moments in the upcoming content.

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I had a thought and it brought a quite persistant doubt to my mind that refused to be left alone. Asterion's wine heals him, however in Ch 2 he uses the last bottle. What are we going to do if he gets hurt and needs the wine? Supposedly that was the last bottle, and Clement was thorough in destroying the others....  Also it seems I found a bug in the humanities route, Asterion remains naked after summoning him clothes, though apparently it said he changed clothes. 


The labyrinth can generate more wine bottles, but how that's done is not something the MC knows about yet.


Ahh, ok. Got it. Thank you. 


Greta is the true antagonist of Minotaur Hotel. She's that one coworker nobody wants.

Real talk though, great update, exactly what I was waiting for. Can't wait for more of big boi Asterion.  And more hugs 🤗

To comment on the R&D/Explore system: it's fine but I'll wait for more updates to it before completely judging it. I'll admit I was a little confused cuz I thought maybe assigning Asterion to Guests would get more guests in, but I don't think it had any effect aside from some dialogue changes. There is the obvious oversight of the dialogue acting like you haven't managed to set up internet when you already have. Also I don't know how Danger works, is it a random chance that increases with the number? Is 0 Danger completely safe? Is there a reason to R&D past 5/5 points or does it only count when the story requires you to research something?

I do think the lore drops are a nice addition, I'd like to read all of them eventually. Though it's easy to "reroll" and see any one you want by saving and loading right before the point where you obtain the drop, but that's not really a big deal imo.


Thank you for your input.

I do think the lore drops are a nice addition, I'd like to read all of them eventually. Though it's easy to "reroll" and see any one you want by saving and loading right before the point where you obtain the drop, but that's not really a big deal imo.

Although it may sound counterintuitive, even if we didn't intend that I consider that a good unintentional feature. We didn't have to pack the game with so many lore drops this early but everyone's cooped up at home, so adding in more stuff to give the game more shelf life felt like the morally correct thing to do — I think we can all use some fun and distractions. At the same time I personally think making the player replay the game twenty times from scratch to see it all is a bad thing.

Being able to reroll easily/abuse/exploit the system for now is good thing, then. There's extra content but the player doesn't have to throw hours at it. We might fix that later, but for now I'm glad that's possible. Thank you for bringing this up, by the way — I wasn't aware that was possible.


hoooo boy im really gonna enjoy this!!


i tried the last build and i couldnt install it, hopefully it will work now


Why does the game in each build that comes out encourage us to send Asterion to the valley? I WILL NEVER DO THAT, Asterion is too precious for this world ;O;
I adore Asterion's personality in the matter of not knowing what to do when he receives unconditional love, is an interesting and very touching monologue.

Excellent update, this story is very original and the way it is narrated and the situations are precise, not so long and very varied, it is like reading a harry potter book, I never get bored!

Waiting for a patreon


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Well, this was definitely worth the wait.

Asterion continues to be such a conflicted, compelling character. I loved it when he loosened up and joked around with MC, despite him being pestered to no end by a *particular* guest. I hope we have many more opportunities to make him happy in the future. He seems so confused by the idea that MC would put his happiness above his own, truly adora-bull. The development of their relationship grows in a very romantic yet organic way, from just trying to make him laugh to physical, almost intimate contact by them just holding each other's hands. And the hugs at the end, dear god my heart. I love seeing his confidence grow. I want to keep him far. FAR away from that valley. 

Speaking of the valley, I loved the narration in it in particular. The valley bending to the Master's will is compelling. Argos too was especially intriguing, his reaction to being tricked was both satisfying and surprising. I definitely like him more as a character now. The same can be said for Luke and (I'm assuming, need to do the other route) Kota. I'm glad Asterion and other characters get that interaction time without MC being present. It adds dimension to his character, rather than him just being an extension to MC. 

The R&D and Exploration mechanics were interesting, definitively have to run through it a few times to get all the texts. I am especially curious about the ones that detail Asterion's life, is there any way to target them in particular? On a side note, I chose to use Hades' shrine, as he seemed to be the one that was the most merciful to Asterion out of the lot of them. I want to know more about the ancient shrine in the valley though, the one Argos thinks that Asterion built.

And I really can't talk about the update without mentioning *her*. I will not speak her cursed name, but you know of whom I speak. Honestly I did enjoy her character, she was brilliantly written as the typical full-on overbearing... person. Very, very fun character, as was Ismael. Such a fuckin weeb. 

I heard as well that you implemented the VIP room music, and Asterion's hum was the Seikilos epitaph again! I love that piece of music. 

I'm sorry I haven't been able to give much constructive criticism, I'm just completely enamoured with this update and Asterion as a character. I love this world you've made and all the characters in it. I can't wait for more!

Also, got Great Bronze Peacock as ranking in the end, what are the other rankings available? 


Hey Fenris, I'm very happy to see you enjoyed the update!

The rankings depend on you good (or bad) you've been to Asterion. It's a little more clear now (I hope) with the line bar: as your affection increases you go from calf, to snake, to peacock. Within those you get bronze, silver, gold and platinum as you go up, with Great and Grand indicating if you're halfway between these.

If you've been a very uncaring master you go past below calf and start earning points in the opposite direction, that's when your ranking changes from Great/Grand to Fearsome/Ruthless. So, Fearsome Silver Snake is lower than Grand Gold Calf, which is lower than Great Silver Snake. It's a little confusing but it's a fun way for us to track how affectionate players are being to Asterion on averagem, as opposed to printing a number on screen and telling you to remember it and write it down on the survey.


Asterion makes me want to buy him a Nintendo Switch and see how he reacts to playing Animal Crossing


Or the Sims! Pokemon would probably hit too close home, considering you capture them... 


As there have collectable elements, will you add a Gallery for that in the main menu?


BTW, is it normal or unlucky if I get 1 Mementons(Sixteenth Tablet: Ritual) only, other than the Wine bottle and Internet Access?


That's an idea to consider! I will talk about it with the rest of the team. Thank you.


Well, I have finished two runs of the game so far, pending a third once my phone charges, and I'm loving it.  Getting to know Asterion and see his side on so many things, made me want to hug him. I think I will start to compile the lore drops in a document so I don't have 60+ saves with all of them, so far, I have loved the ones I have found, they make the world seem more ancient and complicated.  I loved the little details about the Shrines, still got a few routes to see, but, it was nice. And without spoiling anything, I liked what you did with Argos if you do a few things, it make him more likable to me and perhaps I will try to balance the moo and the snake to see if a happy compromise can be made. The art was very emotional in a few of the scenes, thank you for making those nanoff.   Anyway, I think that's all I wanted to say, good work Team MInoHotel


We had a lot of fun writing that Argos scene, and thank you :)

When you prepare a document, if you want to discuss it with others you could start a thread here in the game's page and I could have it pinned.


Sure let me get it all sorted out and I'll let you know

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Agreed, Argos' "what the heck" face when you trick him is priceless. And his attitude afterward is also nice. Makes him a little harder to dislike, which is a good trait, I think.


Is there a way to see the image above of Asterion of build 0.3 thumbnail in a larger resolution? 


There you go!

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Thank you. I'm on android so if it was on the thread it didn't show before. Looks wonderfully gorgeous. And those big moo pecs, makes me want to bury my face on those glorious pecs of his... 

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I am not sure were else to mention it so I figured I would do it here. I have played through several times now. To try to see different results. Perhaps it is because I am starting from the same earlier save file but I have noticed that the tech points the characters get from research are stacking. Even when I load old saves. Like I do a play through their tech points go up then I load a saved game play through and they have the tech points from last time plus whatever they earn this time then I can load an old save and continue this. I mean that on saves before anyone has done anything with technology they are getting the tech points from finished play throughs. Like I believe Kota started at 3 tech points, I played through he got to four. I loaded an old save and he was still at four before doing anything with tech then he got +1 from research to five. I loaded an old save before he did anything with tech and he started at 5 then got +1 on the playthrough. And this continued. I have done this enough now that even if I load an old save game Kota now has 6 or 7 points in tech, like he is some super tech wizard, his very first time doing research. I doubt that you meant for this to happen. Also, in case it is needed I have been playing the tech route with these save files. So, I just thought I should mention it.


Thank you for mentioning it! So far you are the third person who has stumbled on this bug. We were informed of it shortly after releasing the build so nanoff ran off to fix it — the currently available build should be free of this issue.

When did you download the game? Was it on the night it came out?


So whats the max rating in this build? Got great gold peacock and that one missing notch on the diagram for it is triggering my ocd.

Yes, gold is the max now. 

I keep trying to get the max, but I keep ending up with Great Silver Peacock. What do I have to do to get the max?! Can someone help?

I got gold after I replay and didn't keep asking for him to talk to much about something. But I am not sure with in the 2nd or 3rd part of it. Maybe this is some before choose to make his fur white. I think if you ask for more info the second or third time you lost one. Well, if you send him to the valley a single time the same happen.

I do not think this is need but try to get the snake tricked. So he act so weird happy. If not with medals it may help in the next update.

Getting the right contract paragraph and the offer to gods in the hotel.

Don't tell the guests he is the hotel keeper.


Hello sangre- yes, great or grand gold peacock is the best rating you can get currently.

On the first two chapters you have to get 4 out of 6 and then 2 out of 3 choices correctly to increase your score, but it's difficult to fuck it up honestly, just be considerate and you'll be fine. A big no-no you should avoid is helping him with the bath though, he won't appreciate it.
Don't send asterion out to the valley of course, after encountering Argos you get the option to comfort asterion if you've been nice to him, needless to say do it, and promise not to send him to the valley.
On chapter 4 players with the arts background get an extra interaction about Notre Dame that raises the score a little.
When you choose clothes for asterion, don't dress him undecently. There's plenty of alternate dialogue if you choose the loincloth and try to bullshit him about how it's back in style (or not and just force him to wear it anyway) but he'll quickly catch on that you were lying when Luke or Kota come to the hotel, and won't be happy about it.
Don't keep asking about how he was tortured.
As for fur color. you should ask Asterion what color he'd rather be at first, but after that whatever color you choose won't change your score.
You should intervene in the argument between Kota and Luke, and introduce Asterion as either "our fine host", or "a man."
When giving Asterion an accessory, players with the speedrunner background get a third option that raises the score a little more than the other two.
Again, don't send sterion to the labyrinth either time. Your score will get even worse if you promised not to do it before, and even further if you insist on Asterion sticking around when you go to the valley together.
Asterion should be in the R&D team when the internet project gets completed.

The one point in which your score really matters is what outcome you get by the end of build 0.3, which will come into play in 0.4:
-> if you never sent asterion out and got a peacock rank or higher, Asterion will be happy but somewhat melancholic about whether you will stick to being this good to him
-> if you sent asterion once but really did your best to make up for it, or never sent him out but didn't score high enough, Asterion will be optimistic about your term as master and looking forward to having an amicable partnership with you.
-> if you sent asterion twice or more, or just once and never made up for it, Asterion will have a panic attack and shut down emotionally
So- you're on the right track, don't worry too much about it. To be honest the score is not super important, it's a good indicator for us to know where players stand at the end of each build on average. I still appreciate that you enjoyed the game enough to give it more than one go, so thank you.


Thank you so much for the help, I managed to get Great Gold Peacock and Grand Gold Peacock when I chose the Arts background, which raised the score. By the way, I absolutely love Minotaur Hotel, it’s by far my favorite visual novel. Keep up the great work and I cannot WAIT for Build 0.4!

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I should preface this by saying: I really love this game. The following is not meant as criticism and certainly not as a bad review.

So, confession time, and SPOILER ALERT. I have now tried a few variations on sending Asterion out to the valley. And let me tell you, it was a very rough read, especially since I know the morally right variations from several previous playthroughs. Even if you just send him out one time, and do your very best afterwards to make all the right choices, it just makes your heart sink in your chest. He won't trust you, and his mental health takes a serious turn for the worse.
And it worsens with any further morally wrong choice, which is just pityful and frankly difficult to watch. In one version, his sanity is utterly destroyed in the end, and I cannot even fathom how things are supposed to proceed from there.

The thing I didn't quite expect to happen at all though is that the MC can change as well. Not just making mistakes because he's naive, mind you. Given the wrong choices, he is starting to give off some unsettling Clément-like vibes, which is pretty much Asterion's worst fear. And it made me feel extra seriously bad, because it was my choices that made this happen.
("What do we say if someone gives us a gift?" AAaaargh, nononono, ick ick ick, I need a long shower to cleanse myself of this!)

Again, all this is very well written, and clearly a lot of serious work has gone into this, but consequently it just left me feeling genuinely bad for Asterion.

I guess my recommendation is... if you know you react sensitively to any of this, and, like mine, your original instinct was to never send him to the valley... well, that might just be a good instinct.

Again, love the game, can't wait for the next build - but as far as I am concerned, Asterion is staying the hell out of that fucking valley from now on.


You have your heart in the right place, you're a good guy. If it makes things more palatable for you, the knowledge of the bad that could happen will make the good that will happen all the sweeter.


This sounds like a fun time. I need to see this route for myself. So I just need to send Asterion to valley, fail the snake trials, fail the research and bully the bull.


I was going to ask here about what would happen if you make him go out there. I just can't bring myself to doing it. Thanks for telling, now I can simply enjoy helping Asterion heal instead. I love the game too <3

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I sent him 3 times to the valley. The 1st time is the only one rough. You only going to see the most effect in the end of this 0.3 update after get the wine. I think. (Maybe I played Echo too much and end insane... =@.@= )

But I saw 4 different versions of it depending of how many times you send he out and when.

You will lost medals in the like record showed in the end of the last update for each time you sent him to the valley.

Remember that you have different reactions from the snack guy too if you get the right artigle and some other stuff  right It is kind comical.

The snake is really precious, actually. He's clearly a bad guy, but with his attitude and the way he reacts to being tricked... I look forward to seeing him even so. I hope you can trick him all through the game and get that "what the hell, I've been fooled!" expression often! :)


Haven't played 0.2 build so sadly I can't give perfect input.

I'd be lying if I said that I completely love Asterion, I do like him, but I would like to see the relationship I've astrally projected myself into more. 

Also, will there be any nsfw scenes with Asterion in the future? I went into this thinking it'd be quick, but honestly, I really like the story going on. It's like a dream.

I feel bad for doing not so good things to Asterion just for my curiosity ;-;

I admit the human guests looked very strange and almost cursed-image like but you must've done a very good job portraying them as normal people because their looks didn't bother me the rest of the game. While most people probably won't like Greta, I think she was very smart and helpful, and I can't relate to the "She talks too much" trope. 

I don't know how I feel about partially or fully healed Asterion. I liked his partially healed part because it's what I'm used to through most of the game. The fully healed Asterion was kinda surprising because I did not imagine him getting any bigger,  (especially down there). I feel like that kind of size he has fully healed would become a liability and it makes him more hulk-like than half-human as he is intended to be. Maybe we can get a fully healed middle ground between the two? 

The R&D and Exploration was fine to me. I skimmed through the tutorials and still knew what to do as the menus seem rather intuitive to me. The only thing I did not understand was  when I should be doing it, and then I realized that it just comes with the day. I have mixed feelings of it story wise.  Do only animal-like guests get hired to do the work? Story is supposed to be about a rise in conflict and a resolution. It seems to me that both Exploration and R&D both generate and erase conflict altogether. Like sending Asterion to the valley, or having Danger less than other stats respectively. It walks the line of a game and visual novel. The issue arises when that guests will start to feel disposable because they are only out a few days if they do get hurt. As well as that conflict and tension are avoided since the player has too much agency over what happens to the characters. You can avoid getting attacked, whereas, if there were a situation where we had to bare the valley with Asterion, a situation where MC and Asterion face adversity and injury could be rather bonding, as that's how I've seen and heard most relationships grow.  I live for drama.

I like Argos for the same logic. Currently, he seems to be the only thing generating tension and conflict. Those are the things that run a story. I see him and I think "Something bad might happen" and then something unexpectedly good came out of it through prudent behaviour (Saving and loading lol).

When I first found Asterion I thought "Oh no, did I install a horror game?" I stg, I thought it was gonna be some zombie-minotaur jumpscares ahead. When MC started approaching I just thought "Typical horror character, always going towards danger." I would've slammed the door shut.

Maybe it may have been the fact that I played through the game nonstop, but I feel that Walker and Kota have developed too quickly. After their one argument, it seems they reach the compromise. I would enjoy more dialogue on Walker and his past: why does he regret the event in the gas station? Why does Kota value his friend that much? I feel as though after their compromise, they'll have no more room for growth as dynamic characters.  It's almost like they weren't very different in the first place.

Also, frikin convinced that Jean is a GREEK GOD lemme tell you. the curly hair and everything. 

I swear, Asterion, there is no catch, I just want to treat people like human beings and have them realize that they're worth it ;-;

Great game in general. I can't wait for future updates, I hope my feedback is helpful, and the sharing of experiences entertaining, I probably just went on a useless rant just like Asterion but that's okay. You can feel free to ignore it if it's just not possible to do some changes thats okay too :P . Visual novels like these are such a blessing when games get boring in quarantine times. Cheers!


Downloaded and finished my first playthrough, left a review if you want to know more of my thoughts. Really loved the game. Agree with the last post, I'm finding it really hard to muster the willpower to stomach more playthroughs exploring the darker content. Badly want to satisfy my curiosity, but haven't braced for the emotional torture yet. But it's true, just knowing it's there makes the wholesome stuff much sweeter.

 Anyway, one bit of feedback: all I could fault the writing for was the kind of blase initial reactions from Luke and the MC towards the hotel. Luke's intro makes a big deal about his loneliness that comes with disguising his shape, but he doesn't really seem surprised, or conflicted, or relieved, or... anything? When it's apparent that in the hotel everyone can see his feathered butt. And to a lesser extent I was a bit surprised at how readily the MC went and poked a corpse and accepted when it started moving and talking. Don't think you need to labour it - Kota's reaction to being recognised as a dragon was short and sweet and did the job.


Man this is hands down one of the best visual novels I’ve played keep up the quality work, and on that note I for one don't mined waiting for the larger updates it’s far better than the little update bumps other visual novels do, seriously these are far better updates than others keep up the excellent work.

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So a game called Paladins released an American eagle themed skin to celebrate 4th of July, and I can't help but be reminded of another American griffin

I like the game but there's one thing I want to say, as for interaction with characters, I would like to have "free time" to spend with any guests I want, knowing more about them and stuff


Hello! That's coming out next build. Thank you for the input.


I love this visual novel almost too much!I love your work, and where this masterpiece is going!! I'd give 10 stars if I could! 
While I very, very much prefer Asterion's half-healed form, I was still able to warm up to our beautiful new moo.
I just feel like I've spent so much time bonding and feeling attached to this version of Asterion that I can't bare to see this form go away. TwT
But gosh... you've done such an amazing job with this. While I am curious about the different paths you can take in the game as well, I can't bring myself to hurt Asterion in any way - so I suppose I'll have to wait for another build to come out! :3 Hope my feedback wasn't irritable. <3


Thank you very much for your feedback Hakeet, it's not irritable at all.

I totally understand preferring Asterion's half healed form, since we spend the major part of two builds with it. I was concerned that players would get too attached to it by the time we rolled out the fully healed sprites, but you guys only got like 10 minutes with the new look and I hope as time goes on they end up growing on people. So your feedback has me optimistic! Hope you enjoy 0.4 when we put it out. Eventually.

aww, thanks so much! xx

That’s very sweet. And yes, I’m sure it’ll grow on people eventually. (But not me. I’ll never let my Asterion go) 

(1 edit) (+4)

Just finished playing it first time, and... damn that was great. Need some time to calm down now, so sorry if I would sound too emotional. First of all, I saw a game earlier, but didn't got caught by a description or screenshots. Yesterday at 9 P.M. I thought I'd give it a try for an hour or two, and... well... it's 6 A.M. now and I'm writing this in a very agitated state. First of all there could be minor SPOILERS, so watch out.

So... every visual novel, like the name itself implies, consists of two parts: visuals and writing. And while visuals are... let's say, rough for now (though I like character sprites and CGs), the writing is just great. It was the rare case, I didn't want to hit 'Skip' button to fast forward through meaningless dialogues or author's ramblings to some more interesting content. The story itself is awesome and absorbing, even though I'm not a fan of Ancient Greek mythology.

Characters are interesting and fleshed-out. Though some of them make me want to run away screaming (I'm looking at you, Greta), others are good enough to cope with their personal quirks. I really like Argos and how my perception of him turned from 'some smug snake' to 'I hate this snake' and to 'I love this snake'.

R&D, Exploration and Argos 'cheating attempts' are interesting additional elements, though the first two need 'free days', without the pressure of the plot, to be explored fully. And the last one is exploitable through the save/load scam. :)

Asterion. He's just adorable. And I don't know if it's another example of great writing, or just my perception, but from the first meeting in this damned cold room, I already knew that I would never hurt him or let anyone or anything hurt him. Which leads to the only real flaw of the current version of the game, I can see...

Replayability. If you don't want to be a complete jerk villain and hurt Asterion in any way you can imagine, the only things left for replay are different MC backgrounds and different lounge setups. I personally would like to see more diversity in the 'nice guy route' , maybe additional scenes depending of your 'level of niceness'. Don't get me wrong, I played the game only once and yet to explore other possibilities and choices, but it seems to me, that the 'bad guy route' currently has more variety. Maybe I'm wrong in this assumption.

Well... that's my kind-of-review. I definitely enjoyed the game and look forward for future releases. :)

And sorry for any mistakes. English is not my native language.

p.s. It was fun to see Soviet international passport. With no mistakes in Russian. ;)

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Hey guys, finally got around to checking out the new build, and I just want to say it was phenomenal once more! 

I didn't stop in after v0.2.5 so let me start there: I love the changes that came up in the first 2 episodes of content! The improved insight into the lounge decision just feels so much better now, and the whole charms system not only expands the worldbuilding a bit in a positive way (including adding the hook of the old passports), but turned Luke into a _much_ more believable and interesting character to me. I think the extra time tuning those two episodes coupled with the new UI is 100% worth it, and makes the game stronger for it.

As for v0.3 here, I am just blown away at how good it all was. I feel like I barely know which part to start talking about first, as there was so much to love about this build, but I think I'll start with the thing that left the largest impression on me: how hard I was laughing at the amazingly written and timed first breakfast scene, of Asterion's struggle in three acts. Not only was the prose delightful, the timing of the whole thing was utterly magnificent. In a playthrough where Kota is your lounge manager, you get the nice but serious food exploration contrasted to the humorous played straight ridiculousness of Luke's greasy abominations. Ismael provides some comedic relief (though I doubt anyone on their first playthrough picked the most hilarious "Anime is an abomination" response), but really, your first real tension breaking comedy is this magnificent and utterly relatable trainwreck of Asterion being a bull in the china shop, and things escalating from every attempt he makes to manage it and fix things. That moo is the single most adorable, hilarious, heartbreaking, and relatable thing, and it caps the amazing scene, which then gets even better by transitioning into a heartwarming part of helping clean and then hold his hand. To have been building the tension through the whole episode (and game, I'd say, since I decided to play from start for v0.3) in a reasonable way that it didn't feel bursting, yet feels so good after having it released an a perfectly timed comedic scene is a sign of how amazingly good the writing and pacing is. Kudos to you two for this scene alone, MinoH team.

Since I'm talking scenes, I also want to complement on my other favorite scene, Luke joining Asterion to look out at the stars. As I'm sure was intended, this scene turned Luke around from being a character I wasn't sold on (which, again, was better after v0.2.5), to one I now fully enjoy, because we get to see past the lecherous front he puts up once Asterion starts to push past that shell. This scene is amazing not just for the art and what it shows us of Luke, but of Asterion - He's the Keeper of a hotel for the lost, and his expertise of working with lost souls shines through once he is out of his own head (being away from the pressure of us being the Master, coupled with playing his music). Asterion plays Luke like a fiddle once he starts opening up, and seeing how much Luke needs to be somewhere he can be remembered to start his healing, he pounces to get him to commit to the Hotel so it can begin. The counterpart scene of Asterion talking to Kota is nice and shows some of this too, but because Asterion can take a more active role in helping Luke, it comes across wonderfully here, and makes me real proud of who our moo is as a person.

Switching gears from the powerful scenes I loved, let's talk that powerful scene I hated (but kind of in a good way) - Asterion in his room if you send him out into the valley twice (specifically, this is sending him via explorations, I still haven't decided if I want to see the content of sending him out when Argos first asks for him, frankly). The breakdown he has here, beating himself up and ramming into the walls is... god it's too well written. It is exactly the breakdown and snapping I expect out of sending him out, of adding on to the mental trauma on the fragilest of people, twisting the recovery from his second death into even deeper torture, trying to turn him against the hotel. It's fucking dark and I hated it.
In a way, I can agree with what you two have been saying, that seeing this darkness reinforces doing the right thing to Asterion, and helps make the player feel better about their natural inclination to treat Asterion well and help him. But I don't need to stare into that darkness any deeper, personally, and I think I'll have to get any lore insights from those legitimately evil routes from these threads instead... That's a complement to how well written it is, frankly, but a sign that the content is not for me.

Those are the three standout things I wanted to cover, otherwise I just want to say that everything not mentioned was still excellent - love the new songs, love the Killigan's Treasure style background art with figures including background Kota and Luke, love the mysteries that keep unfolding in a great pace that answers some questions while planting others, love the backgrounds feeling meaningful in a natural way (and not trying to shoehorn in a special dialogue option for each background when one pops up, but instead having them occur naturally), love so much about this game and especially love the moo, best boy of the century over here.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into the game.


Will there be more clothing options for Asterion. I love his old outfit, his new shirts are quite nice and a little funny, can not make him fully naked (kinna bumped).


This is such an odd thing but..I hope we have the option to be nice to Argos. He is a snake, he comes to us with his damndest to trick us, but I like how he respects being out smarted. I want to feed the snake, even as I  thwart him ^^; is that an option?


I may have gotten my hopes up with this small interaction >.>

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Eh, why though? The guy is wearing Asterion's pelt as he interacts with us, which you can bet he personally and painfully skinned off of Asterion. He is happy to have a crafty master because he's convinced we'll switch to his side eventually because it's the "righteous" thing to do. Hell, even his acceptance of being tricked could easily be an act to make us like him more - Play as a Leader or Humanities background and when you meet him the second time, he tries a very good sob story because you outfoxed him so hard on the first contract, proving he's not above some decent acting. 

Hmm, maybe I'll make a whole discussion thread for Argos, I'm curious to hear more from his fans, and to just chat about him in detail.

Edit: Urgh, my browser crashed about 4 big paragraphs deep on such a post, so nevermind giving him his own thread. I suppose we can just keep it here in the build discussion page instead.


a Crash while 4 paragraphs in. Oh God ....I know that pain.

And yes, i was wondering, since his pelt was originally white, and... yeah, ow... That indeed sounds painful. Well, was he 'ordered' to do that, or is it his own fathom? I assume it's his own idea, and that kind of craftiness can have it's usefulness.

Albiet... I'm not personally into that kind of torture, some people are... but I'd rather repurpose it to something else, or at least, depending on guests, depending on storyline, depending on circumstances, could utilize the valley for other things, training purposes with the inhuman monsterosities, bondage ideas.... I mean hey, he worships Gods of the greeks, Aphrodite had a few wild moments.

Of course, this seems to be geared towards M/M so I'm not asking for some insane venom based herm bovine transmogrification or anything... I'll leave that to Fenoxo. Haha.

I'll keep brainstorming about things you can do with the serpent, agony and deceit are only two principle aspects. Emotional manipulation and so on, and..well, there's so many options for how to 'fuck with people', just because I personally prefer the lighter hearted aspects well, that's just 1 path I think you could trick the snake into. Maybe even sign him into the hotel's service but on a tighter leash. . .

This probably won't end well if I'm being honest with myself, but eh, I'm an optimist.


Argos on a leash... now there's an idea <<
I suppose he's trapped himself in this forever hell of doing unspeakable things all the time. While he obviously likes to think of new and exciting ways to horrify/torture Asterion being able to manipulate the snake into doing some humiliating stuff would be interesting as well.


Hey, I see you're a fresh registered one. Do you want tons more games such as Minotaur Hotel or similar? Then check out my profile ;)

Have fun!

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Hello! Just got kicked here by the survey link, thought I'd take the time to leave my two cents.

First, I'd like to say that I really enjoyed the prose in 0.3. There were just a lot of small, enjoyable flourishes, a lot of moments where the action paused to take a moment to breathe that I really appreciated.

I do have some criticisms, and unfortunately I get the sense that things are a bit too far along for them to really inform how the story is being told. First, it's... well, really strange to me that all of the major branches (as mentioned at the end, I've only done one playthrough) seem to be off of how we treat Asterion. Everything about the story paints him in a sympathetic light, so it's a bit jarring for the game to lean over my shoulder and go 'but hey, what if you treated him like shit? You know, for the lore.' I can't help but feel like the branches could have been routes based on other things. Unless this is leading to some fourth-wall breaking true route about how we're the real monster for wanting to see everything in which case, neat, I guess, but it's been done.

Besides, a lot of the times when we do treat him well is just doing the bare minimum. The actual trip out into the valley was a good instance of the protagonist actually having to put forward effort, but throughout the game it feels like the protagonist gets a lot of back patting just for not outright abusing him. It makes sense coming from Asterion, but there are times  when the protagonist's behavior doesn't really seem to acknowledge the low standard.

Going back to the subject of branching, the replayability is a bit of a mixed blessing. Skipping endless lines of text to hunt through choices and try every different possible combination in sequence (or just randomly refreshing the expeditions) isn't really very engaging gameplay. Branches are cool, of course, but I wish it was done more transparently through something like the route selection diagrams in the Zero Escape trilogy.

Lastly, I found the post-healing appearance a little too... bara? It kinda moved from 'a muscular guy' to 'a muscular guy in a cartoon.'

Anyway! Despite the focus of this post, I very much enjoyed the game and I'm looking forward to more!


Hello! Thank you for writing your thoughts in such an organised fashion. It's very helpful to us when people dedicate time of their day to lay down what they think and how the story can be improved.

Keeping in mind I don't want to spoil future events in the story, I can offer a few details that will contextualise some things.

Regarding the fact that the player character (PC) doesn't do much beyond being a decent person... Yes! That's absolutely true and intentional. It may sound weird, but that was our intention. There's a reason though, and it goes to how we wanted to portray the PC and his growing relation with Asterion. It's because, assuming the player hasn't gone out of his way to be mean, the PC will be consistently characterized as a thoroughly ethical person above all else. That's one of his defining traits, alongside with being a good manager/leader.

This is why there is such a thing as a "bad" route. The branching point is whether or not the PC is ethical, whether or not the player will choose to perpetuate a cycle of abuse or do the bare minimum to be a decent human being. We felt that without this the story as a whole would be incomplete, and if the player has the choice to refrain from seeing what's in the bad route that would make his choice to do the right thing make impactful.

throughout the game it feels like the protagonist gets a lot of back patting just for not outright abusing him. It makes sense coming from Asterion, but there are times  when the protagonist's behavior doesn't really seem to acknowledge the low standard.

And you are right! Do keep in mind, however, this is part of the PC's arc and the plot as a whole. As the story progresses — and I am including the next build here — we will see the PC's actions shifting a bit from "just being a decent person" to "going out of his way and making sacrifices to do what is right". This relates to the growing friendship between the two of them — as the PC thinks more dearly of Asterion he will become proportionally proactive and invested in securing his well-being.

About the last two points you raised, I will refrain from saying much now but I will assure you we take them into consideration. About Asterion's sprite in particular... That one was one of the first sprites we did and we do know it might not look as good for a number of players. But before we make any decision on it we want to get build 0.4 out to see if player perception will change.

I hope this addressed some of your criticism. To a certain extent these are issues we already estimated and planned for, but as we go along we keep tweaking things here and there so we are on the right course and your points absolutely help in figuring out how to fine tune the story. Thank you for your time and I hope you'll enjoy what we have in store.

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I guess my point is that the things that come with the PC being an 'ethical' person thus far aren't really any different from what I'd honestly expect from a random person off the street. The piece that I feel is missing is internal monologue to the effect of 'man, all I did was invite him to eat breakfast with me and he's acting like I parted the red sea, this is kinda fucked up.' Like, some of the early romantic overtures from Asterion were genuinely sweet, but they perhaps should feel a little offputting with where he's coming from. The expedition was definitely a step in the right direction, and the other stuff you mentioned sounds good!

As far as less important things, this might be specific to the humanities route but the random UN stanning kinda felt like it came out of nowhere? Critique of the organization aside, it makes the protagonist come across as a bit of a naive ivory tower dork. Though, actually I suppose that scans for the 'humanities' stereotype. Similarly, I think Asterion speaking so fondly of being in a 'border patrol' probably came across a bit more politically charged than intended- not that I think that was on purpose, but it was a bit of a 'wait, what?' moment.

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In the future update can we choose Asterion to stay in his secound form? I really like how he look in secound state. But of course, if it make him sad I'll let him stay in his fully recoverd form. 

Oh, and will we have a option to pick mean interaction but end up doing no harm to Asterion? Becasue it's will be so funny, if MC act mean to the Bull but deep down MC are really care about his feeling like a Tsndere xD  

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I don't usually look at forums.

To start, I just want to say that this novel is absolutely phenomenal! I don't usually play visual novels and i'll admit when i clicked on this one i was looking for a lewd game but I'm glad that I managed to come across this particular tale. The last time a story moved me in this way, I was accepting my sexuality. Asterion's story and healing process that we get to watch and guide him through helped make me more introspective and find my own mental and emotional scars. I can't bring myself to be harmful to the poor moo, not intentionally anyways and I feel like the representation of his trauma is stunning and heartbreaking. 
I've only managed to get one playthrough but i think a nice bonding moment between the MC and Asterion would be Asterion teaching the MC how to play the lyre either with his or by making one through the hotel.  As someone who was inspired to pick up music again thanks to this novel, I just feel like it would be a nice touch.

Just a thought, but whether it happens or not, I can tell this story is going to be amazing, even if i am apprehensive about future updates. This one ended so happily, I can't help but feel like the trials ahead are gonna be real rough. Still, anxiously awaiting the next update! Keep up the good work! 


Is there a chance we will be able to see Gruggy in the game?

That adorable little dragon / kobold character looks so endearing and I want him helping around the bar.


He and his two other buddies are getting added to build 0.4, we already have some scenes featuring them written and I think you guys will like them!


Happy Days!


Asterion: *Disappears when he finished drinking the wine*

Me: wait where'd he go?

Asterion: *reappears with hot fuckin stud of a body* I'm also really tall and imposing now...

MC: oh... Wow...

Me: *in a southerners accent* bitch I want this hot stud muffin on my bed and naked like NOW!


Asterion in his second form but with, you know, both eyes would be Peak Asterion IMO.

Also when do I get to make him put his dick in me this is important


What's new in 0.3.1?


Hello! We are releasing a devlog in a few minutes.


Oh, okay. Good to know! :)


Was thinking a bit about the icon used for the game, it's kind of hard to tell what it is without context. Just a suggestion but maybe put it on top of a letter or something beneath it to signify it's a wax seal?

something like this possibly? ->

But just a suggestion! I don't know how others feel about the icon xD


It's used in-game on the hotel's deed, I'll think about it


What is up with P? What is he really after? Why does he feel so shifty and shady?

I hope that P didn't plant some nasty thoughts in Storm that will make things complicated when he meets Asterion.

Also, if P hurts Storm or Asterion, he will have heaven and hell to pay because I will come after him with unholy fury!!!!!!