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there is a glitch.I can't jump shit

Dreamin you alive?

also some dicktionary locations display wrong

i found a glitch .orderic's "what up" conversation is missing

try at the barrels at liam's tavern at night

can i make a suggestion hope you see my opinion it would be nice if there was a system that told us we got all the memory dialogues and beer stories.

Also can i get a hint on the 23rd scroll i searched everywhere

if after the emilio route is done you start episode 3,then in episode 3 will we get some nice surprises like bryce and crabble surprises?

im not sure if its because of me or the game but the update doesn't let me skip seen text from the past update

i am new to the vn and i was wondering on what day does shoichi pathing begins ?so i know how to manage i

Funny novel but i have a question it is just me or you purposely use backgrounds from the novel afterclass by andehp? Or the assets are just that common in vns?

Also the intro is annoying having to repeat everytime i die

onis are to fucking overpowered,no weakness and appear to early please  remove them from the 3rd floor

I can't seem to unlock armor zack or post game dialogues

i can't seem to unlock armor zack or the post game dialogues

it was set up i had 2 orcs favorite dish and tried all the moves no effect

Additionaly i can't seem to unlock the post game dialogues and you forgot to post the details about world dialogues

i Can't unlock armor zack in dicktionary

oh just curious since on the roadmap rulius gains  an affinity system in the dlc

Campus Magnum community · Created a new topic Missing tags

in the rule book there are some missing taags like benevolence ,prudity,property.Are they gonna be added in a future update?

5.5 the latest

hi just curious but after the dlc  the game is finished completely right?

am i supposed to fight zach in a special way cause i cant get armor zach in dicktionary? Also i found a bug that after you defeat zach if you click on him before his image appears you get stuck and can do nothing

1 .toony like seriously

And also please don't turn my sparkli' pink boi in the antagonist of the story.Please

Love the game.Really hope you can continue and give an estimate date for the next build. Id love to see more of each character.Especially Berry.Im unusually attracted to little goblins.

Also will Asterion have a toga in future like in some images i found?

Would there be an achivement system or other kind of system so we know what we got and what we didn't got in game? Since 0.3 has so  many variables

Also will Kota's red dragon show up? in 0.2 he had a teaser icon

Will one of Lucas relatives visit the hotel in the future(near or far)?

Argos is more of the "that guy" or a "nice when you get to know him"?

In future customization section,will Asterion have beards?

Will speedrunner route continue to be this cringey?

Will  we get closure of the creatures that "forgot" their passports at the hotel?

Will cerberus statue have a meaning in the future?

Sorry for bad English

1.Food. more precisely pooridge

2. I belived argos will do nothing bad

3.Ask him about past employees

i have problems getting the 4th image with tyson can someone tell me a clue?

My laptop considers the game a virus.Does it have a bug or my laptop is old?