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Chester first answer is:Fawkes

Still figuring the second it should have been either 3999 or MMMCMXCIX but neither work

I think there is a bug with Xezbet where even if you make sure he has the right tattoo the game over still shows as the wrong tattoo

Hi will the card option be added

Burke wont light up in citizens after meeting him

You can clip throuth the station 

i really dont think entering a building shoul cost 15 minutes

at night the statue in front of the station shines abnormally bright

So interesting game but it has a bunch of glaring issues

First the warf stairs clip you through  map

Second at the meat market a parked car can hospitalise you

third the mixing guide is wrong and sometimes even if i give the right combination on time the customer is still angry. also, quite an  aggressive first night i suggest putting a choice between easier and harder option so you can get used to it, with different payments.

forth -You should inform some times that certain actions will involve huge time skips

fifth - i takes almost an hour to get from the front of my building to my room -_-

Hey so good game but i feel that the doors in the carnival section deal too much damage also in haunted house there is a chance too be launched door to door and lose a credit

Good game but here are some aspects

U get items fast and you might get cluttered so i suggest more shops to sell your stuff for money 

Also because of that maybe the chests should hold 6-9 items instead of 4

house should probably be easier to obtain ,or a lantern or something ,its kinda awkward working at night

not sure if intended but mining eats stamina kinda fast

the "tables" should be able to rotate

also bug after moving your house you can still "enter it"

If you move the house you can still emter it even after you're moving it

In a cave but i forgot which one be sure to have everyone rlse upgraded frst though

You might recognize it because these level up materials caves are special and follow a pattern.

First you are directed to a room with two options one where u need the upgraded animals and one with the mat(you know as a showcase) if im not wrong it should be in the desert

I am curious with the progress of the story. are we gonna meet a dean or even the chancellor? 

i like it there doesn't seem to be any bugs but to me the junior fight with the dogs just felt a little awkward  when "we" had to fight on to sides.Might be just me thought 

I have to ask some stuff if you don't mind.from what i gather the game seems 70-80% complete .Is there a release date planned ?Will we have to pay for the final version?How much?

The three quests are:

first) on the west side of the town there is a guy with a foul smell curse  ,you need to go to the cave in the most north-western in the map enter a cave and get a brooch from a naga guy that belongs to the first guy.After returning the broch you need to wait some time before returning (i did it after doing another quest but not sure if u can go immediatly) and find his front cabin empty and door open ,then *** scene and as reward you get brotherhood emblem

second)a knight is positioned just as u enter the snowy fields,he asks to send a message to a guy with a curse that lives in a capin on the lake on the eastern side of the town,after talking with cursed guy u get a horse and some armor to bring back to knight guy and you will be tasked to killing every enemy as the dude just rides his horse(the enemies do quite some damage so u need either potions or high stat equipment at this point).after finishing the murder spree return to the cursed lake guy u get another ***scene and by talking again u get a fox upgrade material

third)(u must have the lion for this not sure about other animals)u need 4 "objects" 3 found in the desert:a cow, a pig(u need lion swipe the rock hes on),and a goose;the forth is a grinding stone in a tree in the forest near the "dark forest"(lion swipe again);when u got everything u need to follow a guy aroun the world and give him an object each time and he gives u stuff in exchange.I am not 100% sure if it goes like this but :

east town exit trade cow for potion

at lake trade pig for some armor? or coins?

at the mountains behind the castle trade goose for bow

in the desert u need to escort him to oasis setelment and then trade grinding stone for life orb

in the end u will find him in a lonley lumberjack cabin on the wester side of the river west of town where u get the *** scene and the lion upgrade material

first apparently the game is incomplete and you cant upgrade wolf

secondly you cant just stand there and jump; u need a running start

third you got him to jump over more tiles?How

Almost forgot this

Max inventory capacity:60 slots (3 whole rows)

Max Hp limit:Approx 12 in game tiles( one tile over half the whole screen or 20cm[7.8inch])

Finished the game (sorta),in another topic the author explained that the game is incomplete so i decided to make a topic  to specify when you have done everything

Current max animal companions levels:

Wolf-lvl1              Fox-lvl2          Lion-lvl2      Hare-lvl1        Bear-lvl1

There are currently 3 quest lines ;each leading to one *** scene.

Highest damage weapon: Tupio

Highest defense armor: Golden armor

Additional items with no use for now but might be used right away in a future build:

Carpet       Golden thimble        Golden bobbin      Cheese        Brotherhood emblem(Technically this one only activates one extra inn and fast travel but only that)

in companions bar it explains that wolf can only jump one tile,additionalyanimals seem to three levels:cub,normal and advanced.You need another material to get to jump more than one.Where is that material i haven't found yet

And one more thing is that wolf should be modified to say that you need a running start to jump or it wont work

Additionaly the audio gets funky when loading new scenes but not sure if only me personally cause i got an older laptop

Kinda minor but in elendorf  after u upgrade the bear there is a chance to if u fast travel right after getting out of water to teleport as a bear head and not be able to fast travel or shoot anymore

This seems to be the case for all vases.

Grimms Brotherhood community · Created a new topic Bugs

When i try to break the vase near the potion shop the game crashes

hey if you dont mind explaining what is the difference between a and b

When is the doctor getting a sprite?

Everithing seems alright except when i press f12 it doesn't change to nsfw mode even if i deleted my save files

If it helps my laptop is such a model that the airplane mode is also wired to f12


Doesn't work 

could you please give us a tiny clue about what the secret ending involves pls

i have a question when will the map come into play?

You meant the end of the game.

i finished the debt quest but after the end it restarted and i can't continue?

can you make a how to install vl gothic guide.I downloaded a font but it doesnt say install


Dodoro "normal" doesn't appear in dicktionary and time doesn't pass on after battle on solitude peak

aura gets blue for top and green for bottom so try being botoom then top respectevily also some food is a must

Dodoro wasn't added to the dicktionar

The replaced portrait at soldiers camp still has Grant Dialogue

Also time doesn't pass after a battle on solitude peak

i think you should mention somewhere that you can equip one scroll effect per equipament