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prequel or sequel?

Great story all around, and the logic puzzles were so much fun to solve! Got the sun ending on my first try, and I must know out of the 7 endings, is this the best one?

That was one hell of a ride, freaking great game! Really had my head rolling trying to figure out who'dunnit.

Anyone know how to unlock the gallery pictures? I find the clues too vague for my casual gamer mind. I have 5/6 of the left side and 1/6 on the right side. This is the result of multiple runs w/ true ending. 

This sounds like a fun time. I need to see this route for myself. So I just need to send Asterion to valley, fail the snake trials, fail the research and bully the bull.

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This game has a ton of potential! Can't wait to see where it goes.

I know this game is still a WIP, but I found the boss intro too jarring and in need of polish. :)

Cool game - very atmospheric and melancholic. 

I got the 2 cg endings, what do I need to do to get the 3rd ending?

By SystemicGaze AKA 1earth - Looking forward to your next update <3

I found Luke to be a fun and memorable character right off the bat with his hyper-sexuality and Texas/American patriotism. It was interesting to watch how he pushed the boundaries of Asterion's ideal hotel decorum, and how these ideas made all the guests around him uncomfortable. Luke is just so forward, so easy to read, such a fun stereotype, and I think this is a good thing especially if you are planning to introduce more characters and more cultures in the future.

Same here, this ending left me confused. Flyn's Sat & Sun brought up more questions than answers...

Could someone confirm this - are there multiple endings for Flyn's route because I was only able to find one?

Spoiler Ahead.

Great game, but you left one plot thread hanging. Did Rollie's environment blog take down the factory? 

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Hey, so your game description mentions aliens, but when I played the game, there were none to be found. Did I miss an ending?

And what is this collectible system!?

Nice short story: very apt but it still manages to carry the message. 

If you don't mind, what was the word count for this game?

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Stupid earthquake :D

I was able to find 3 different quizzes, are there any more I might have missed?

Great statistical and internet algorithm analysis. Do you right thesis papers for a living :D

I wonder if it would be better to use the tag 'muscle' as well 'bara' if you considering the fact that ithcio is primarily an English website.

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Cool, thanks for the tip + link.  

Edit: Found the VIP room. It's heart-warming to see just how much passion is put in to this budding project. The VIP room had a better cliffhanger than very 0.2!

Hmmm, is it a secret related to what name you put in? If so, is the name refered somewhere in the game?

Just to clarify, is the 'pet Asterion' scene this? Where you ask him what fur color he wants -> I won't hurt you.

I treated him nice and all and got a measly bronze.

Weird, maybe it's the creator hinting at a balance between treating him like shit and praising him. If so... this is some 50 shades of grey craziness.

Great update! I never knew Petrichor was the word used to describe the 'smell of rain.'

Hey dev, how do you unlock the 1) pet Asteron  2) VIP Lounge  3) Assign Luke instead of Kota to the Lounge

I can't wait to see how much the Bara and Furry community will grow thanks in part to this small change. I can see this as having a ripple effect in the coming future. Good job and Thanks!

1. I personally would like to see Asterion keep a faded scar (small gap/indent) on his left eyebrow and the left side of his lip, but this may be impossible due to the angle of the sprite's pose. For further effect, maybe keep half of his left ear missing/scarred.

2. Sleeveless Asterion needs more accessories. A bicep band, clasp on the shoulder strap and a soul patch? Or maybe even fur-less bicep, shoulder, and chest?

Amazing game!!! The artwork, the suspense, the whole world building was fun to piece together... But the story left me a little confused. Mind answering some questions bdellium?

!!Spoilers Ahead!!

1. Why did the story split in to Upstream and Downstream?  The choice to help or leave felt a little too simple to cause the main story world to diverge in to two.

2. I thought the 5th chimera were the separate bodies of Iustirho and Zasaraja? What does that make the monolith?

3. Any extra info on Stelia (Monolith Girl)  & Trelloth Nilkaile (mysterious benefactor)?

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I am facing the same issue as well. Iustihro will freeze in place at the top of the ladder after the 2nd encounter with the Library Chimera - Egg scene.


Another bug I came across happened after the 2nd encounter with Greenhouse Chimera - when you switch with Zasaraja and talk to each Chimera. To make this easier to understand, I will give the Chimeras a number: 

Library, east door (tentacle & gel chimera) = 1

Patricia, west door (Girl chimera) = 2

Greenhouse, south door (Spiderweb chimera) = 3

If you talk to them in this order: 1-2 or 2-1, after the second conversation, the game would black screen.

What worked for me was to go in this order, 3-1-2. I had to re-load 3 times to figure this out. Even after getting past this point, the Main Character sprites bugged out a little (invisible, switching between Iustihro and Zaraja) until you are teleported away to the Clocktower.