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Great update! I never knew Petrichor was the word used to describe the 'smell of rain.'

Hey dev, how do you unlock the 1) pet Asteron  2) VIP Lounge  3) Assign Luke instead of Kota to the Lounge


Luke will become the manager to the lounge if you picked "Someone Fun" at the end of Build 0.1. We realized people may wish to change their decision, so at the beginning of Build 0.2, alongside the SFW Mode prompt, you're again given the chance to go with either Someone Classy or Someone Fun.

Now... Petting Asterion is a small secret and the VIP Room is a big secret. I'm not spoiling the surprise just yet, but you can go to this thread right here where you can discuss the latest build and talk about how to access the secrets.

People already learned how to pet the moo, but I don't think anyone found the VIP Room. It ain't easy!

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