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[Build 0.2] General Discussion, Speculation & Secret-Sharing Locked

A topic by Minoh Workshop created Nov 14, 2019 Views: 2,328 Replies: 15
This topic was locked by Minoh Workshop Feb 14, 2020


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Developer (2 edits)

This thread is meant for general discussion about Minotaur Hotel.

You may discuss and speculate about the story and the characters, share experiences regarding which choices you made and the outcomes, work together to find secrets and rare scenes, discuss about the VIP Room and so on. You may divulge spoilers -- it is assumed that people in this thread have played Build 0.2 to completion.

How to access the VIP Room:
  1. Start a new save file.
  2. Pick "Anon" as your name (the name of the Hotel's Master in the original Minotaur Hotel script)
  3. You will hear a chord confirming it worked. Later on in that scene, when the player character goes to sleep, you'll get access to the VIP Room.
What can you do there?

We left some goodies in there to make replays more fun. Mainly, you can set what's Asterion starting body type and, if you do pick the fully healed option, you can pick what his starting appearance will be. This allows you to replay the game with whatever configuration you want from the start. You can also reset your name so you don't have to play the game as "Anon."

As a cute little bonus we left some messages there too and you can meet a character scheduled for the next build, Gruggy the Kobold.

How to "pet Asterion"

When Asterion tells you about how he can change his fur color, ask him what color he wants. If he feels comfortable around you he will go in more detail about how he feels about it and you'll be given the chance to say "I won't hurt you." Pick it.


I found that Asterion doesn’t like it to be insisted naked. You might miss some warm conversations if you did that.
If I take it correctly, there will be images updated of a health status between deadly skinny and muscular. I would be glad to see him healing gradually.


so im going to guess that the higher caliber of material you get on your rating means   you treated asterion worse like i tried being the worst scumbag to asterion ( im sorry i was curious ) and i got gold


I treated him nice and all and got a measly bronze.

Weird, maybe it's the creator hinting at a balance between treating him like shit and praising him. If so... this is some 50 shades of grey craziness.


I got a gold and treated him with kindness


I think its about respecting him and earning his trust more than being nice. You need to find a balance between helping him when he needs it and respecting him when he tells you he doesn't, even if he looks like he does. Let him walk on his own, and don't push it with the bath.


Regarding the ranking, here's how it works: it is based on how affectionate you were to asterion

If your affection is positive, you'll get Great or Grand, otherwise you'll get fearsome or ruthless. Which of the two depends on whether it's an int or float value.
Whichever one you got, the other two categories depend on how hard you went on your decision to be nice or mean to him: you start on Calf, and as you go up (or down if you've been mean to asterion) you'll go through bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Then you jump to the next category: Peacock, starting on bronze peacock, then silver peacock, etc.

So, for example, Bronze Peacock is higher than Platinum Calf.

Why is peacock the next category? You'll see in Build 0.3.

Currently the highest ranking achievable in the game is Great Gold Peacock (which is only achievable by the Arts background, because there's one dialogue choice exclusive to it that can fulfill an old dream of Asterion) and the second best is Grand Silver Peacock (achievable by all backgrounds.)

Why go through all this trouble? We want to know how the average player is treating Asterion is so we can balance the game accordingly. We could have had you enter a numeric value into the survey but we thought it would be too mechanical and this was more fun. Plus we know who lied in the the Feedback Form thanks to this, because they put rankings which aren't achievable just yet.

All of that said, don't bother thinking too much about optimizing your ranking. If you got as far as petting Asterion you can be sure you are on the right track. We are doing our best to give you guys information on how well you are doing in-story, via Asterion's reactions, and the ranking is just a fun thing on the side.


Oooh yay! grand silver peacock, with all the options I saw in the feedback forum I was worried I ended up doing bad but nope. Yay really love Asterion he's so well written.


Just to clarify, is the 'pet Asterion' scene this? Where you ask him what fur color he wants -> I won't hurt you.




Well, first and foremost, I loved all the content I have played so far. Our moo is so knowledgeable and cultured, especially when you consider how limited he is when it comes to learning about the outside world. I'll keep striving to make him happy, but I'm worried about the things he said about how his masters have started nice and ended up hurting him in the long run, I wonder if that's more along the lines of human nature or due the labyrinth's influence on the master's minds, we already know it is influencing MC's mind by allowing him to read the journals and contracts, while also letting him speak to people with different languages with ease. 

I've done a few runs already, testing the different callings to se what I could find out about the VIP room. So far, I don't think I have found many clues, but, I'm guessing this room is similar to the MC's room in that it can be hidden and is revealed only when certain conditions are met. The chats with Asterion have confirmed that the hotel is shaped by the master's will and the events from chapters 4-8 confirm that it can also respond to unconscious thoughts. Anyway, what are your thoughts on that matter? 


Alright, I admit that I cheated a bit to find it (peeking into files), but the VIP room is a very nice touch! The messages were great, MinoAnon and dev team, I love hearing from you and honestly agree that this feels like something special! And I'm glad it's sparked something for you all, and I can't wait to see what else is in store.

Those super impatient to finding the VIP room can, of course, likewise trawl through the code to find it, but for those who love the thrill of the hunt, I leave you with a hint: You need to be on a fresh save to be able to find the VIP room. You have to do something early in the game to find it, and when you've done it right, a chord will sound and a song will start playing. This means the VIP room will appear later in your run. Happy hunting!


Hmmm, is it a secret related to what name you put in? If so, is the name refered somewhere in the game?


Yes indeed! It takes a certain name to visit the VIP Room, and as I mentioned, you will know right away if you got it right when the chord and music start playing. IIRC you also get a special line from the old man, but it can be hard to notice because it's not something loud like "YOU DID IT".

For those looking for more, MinoAnon posted about the origins of Minotaur Hotel from 4chan (which is explored a bit in the VIP Room) in a tweet here. It might just help. ;)

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Cool, thanks for the tip + link.  

Edit: Found the VIP room. It's heart-warming to see just how much passion is put in to this budding project. The VIP room had a better cliffhanger than very 0.2!


Alright, MinoAnon tweeted out that the password for the VIP room is fair game! For anyone who has not found it yet, the name you must give your character for the run is... Anon! If supported rollover spoiler text, I'd've put it in the first post, but instead I was just subtly-unsubtly italicizing it in my posts, haha.

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