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Well, first and foremost, I loved all the content I have played so far. Our moo is so knowledgeable and cultured, especially when you consider how limited he is when it comes to learning about the outside world. I'll keep striving to make him happy, but I'm worried about the things he said about how his masters have started nice and ended up hurting him in the long run, I wonder if that's more along the lines of human nature or due the labyrinth's influence on the master's minds, we already know it is influencing MC's mind by allowing him to read the journals and contracts, while also letting him speak to people with different languages with ease. 

I've done a few runs already, testing the different callings to se what I could find out about the VIP room. So far, I don't think I have found many clues, but, I'm guessing this room is similar to the MC's room in that it can be hidden and is revealed only when certain conditions are met. The chats with Asterion have confirmed that the hotel is shaped by the master's will and the events from chapters 4-8 confirm that it can also respond to unconscious thoughts. Anyway, what are your thoughts on that matter? 

When it comes to tattoo, I'd say a typical Greek design, like the ones seen in vases and jars if the time would be a good fit for Asterion. I think Also, stars, the Taurus symbol or thunder would fit his mythos. On the other hand, maybe crisscrossing lines or a word in ancient Greek he feels particularly attached to. 

When it comes to nipple rings, I can thing of the stud type of nipple rings, nipple rings with chains and ones with axes or thunders on its edges. More tribal versions would be cool too. 

When it comes to fur colors I'd back gold and other colors. 

Thanks for all your hard work. 

Okay, so first ,I'm going to back up some of the ideas expressed so far. Nipple rings, horn caps and musk all sound awesome.

For clothes, maybe something for a workout so he could help people in the gym or something. Though something more butler like  would be cool and it would fit his role as a host in the hotel, or if the player is sticking with something from the early 19th century, a gentleman's set could also work. For accessories, I think horn rings could be interesting. They would add on to his charm while not getting stuck in cloth or being too much of a handicap. Simple earrings could be a nice addition and not mark him like cattle.

That's all I can think of atm. Good job on the game guys and I wish you the best! :D

I've played the demo and I'm loving this game so far. The world as presented is both interesting and mysterious, there seems to be so much lying  in wait for you to find it or for them to find you; Argos in particular I see being a problem down the line.  Then we got Asterion, the caretaker whose story breaks my heart to pieces and that I want to help so much. His problems and demons have been presented in a subtle but clear manner that makes me want to do my best for him.

All together, this is a promising VN and I can't wait to see more. Good job guys.

Love the game, the characters are relatable, the art is superb, and there's a sense of something bigger moving behind the line, I'm pretty fired up to see where it goes.