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Pretty fun and hot as usual, good work on this one. Hope to see more of Basher, Beastr and our daring prince in the future

Good work all around on this one, it was a nice story and some cool moments too. Loved the final match quite a bit

That's a nice start for the game. The characters all have very distinct personalities and their own charm. I will keep an eye to see how this develops, good work on the demo.

So cute, warm and relatable all at once. Loved to read it, good work. 

Nicely done with this, it was so cute and I loved how things developed. Good work all around

my deepest condolences for your lost. Take your time to rest and recover. It has been quite a hectic time for you, so it is essential that you do. I hope you can regain the drive to create once more. Whatever happens, thanks for informing us and for making the game so far. Best of lucks to you

This was incredible, full of pretty hot content all the way. Good work

Nicely done

This is incredible, good work

This is incredible, good work !

I've only given it a run so far, but I liked Khenbish's hangout scenes. They were quite fun to read and relatable, how unique his situation is. I particularly enjoyed the restaurant outing, the hotel magic struck again XD. The particulars of Khenbish's curse were interesting, it was different from some of the other courses we have seen so far and yet it makes sense overall. I'll play it over in other routes to see what I may have missed.

There's only one important question to ask: Will we get to pet the moos?

Jokes aside, I wanted to ask if we will get to know a bit more about our legal demon and our loyal accountant in the future updates, they had quite a start and I'm quite intrigued by them.

On a more curiosity only side, just how much does Khenbish know about cooking overall? I know it is a very vague question so feel free to answer as you see fit.

Good work on the project so far MinoTeam, I'll be excitedly waiting to see where you take the project.

Well, now I can't wait to see what you've got planned. Good work Minoteam and lovely art.

This was a great and beuatiful story. Excellent work

A fun game, good work

Well, when you put it that way, who are we to argue. XD nice one

Excellent work on this one, it's beautiful

That was very informative and it was a joy to see. I enjoy seeing how others work their stories and the way they change it. I certainly loved seeing a bit more of the LatAm way of telling stories, I've grown fond of it the last few years, even if I couldn't get into it as a kid. This may sound repetitive by now, but good work on all of it, it was a great experience.

Well, just finished my first run of the new build with Khenbish and a certain legal expert in my staff and wow, I need to play more because I couldn't finish all the things I wanted, but, I'm loving what I saw and I'm certainly going to take my time with the rest. Though reluctant at first to play the ruthless route, I'm very much on board with the whole hero/redeemer narrative, playing it game me a lot of insight into some of the lore and the changes from its first iteration, plus some pretty solid writing. It also lifted up the whole redeemer narrative to a whole new level and it makes my decisions feel more important that they would usually be. I enjoyed both the hitherlands and the new chapters, and you bet I'm going to play detective with certain documents and see where all the threads connect. I think I have a good idea of some things, but there are still a few mysteries I'd like to solve and a pair of guests I'd like to explore more. The new songs were a great addition and I think you did a great job of placing them in the scenes, I particularly enjoyed a few of them specially in a scene concerning two particular mythical and their strange connection.. Well, this is running a bit long, so, suffice to say I think you did an amazing job and I'll make sure to answer the survey once I have given it a few more looks.

Still working through the new build, so this may change, but so far my favorite attires are these two. First because, cowboy asterion is big yes, and second because I loved the scene that unlocks it :D. I'll probably add some others later on.

Just finished some of the ruthless routes in minotaur hotel. I didn't expect to have so many feelings. It was very powerful and reminded me of old Greek tragedies. I enjoyed how it changed and the many call backs to elements of the original story and Greek myths as well (even if I'm not that knowledgeable about them). It was great to see it all unfold, and to know what things lay in wait for the future of the kind master's hotel. Though I'm sure I can't play it again, I can see why the Ruthless route needed to be made and how it plays to drive home the message of the hotel. Good work all around minoh team. Now, to make the moos happy.

It was a fun and emotional, it's easy to relate to the characters and the art was gorgeous. Good work

Just wanted to say I loved this build, all the art and music were fantastic, plus I enjoyed how each of the characters has their own voice and culture. Good work all around and I'll be gladly waiting to see where you take this.

That was a lot of fun and it felt so intimate too. It was a nice moment between the two, and it fits well with the narrative of Minohotel. Good work.

Sounds exciting, I'll give it a try in a bit, good work!

Hey, good work with the stories. Only had time to give the first two a quick look, but I did find a few mistakes. I'll leave them down below for you to check on your own time:

Dugeon of the accursed sword (pure route)

page 2  "But that's **excatly** when you see it."<-- should be exactly

page 3 In **antecipation**, your tongue plays with your short snout. No use standing around. This is the victor's spoils.<--should be anticipation

page 6 "I warned*,* you, young tapir." <--I think that comma I highlighted is unnecessary-

last page broken image <-- now, this one may be a thing with my own browser, but just in case it isn't, I'm pointing it out. 

I'll let you know if I find anything else. This is a good start though, keep it up.

That's a lot of work that got done and quite a bit to get excited about, good work all around team. Take all the time you need to polish the build.

That's a lot of work you got done. Nicely done Minohotel team. All the previews are awesome and I'm quite excited for the next build. As for the outfit, I like both, they show difference sides of the big moo. Though, I'd go with the vest to give the "professional hotel" look to Asterion.

You have all been quite busy and made a lot of progress since the last report. Good work as usual, can't wait to see how the story will go. But do take your time and take care of yourselves.

That was a fun and lovely experience, you really did a good work with the writing and the expressions. Loved the style as well. Good work

You're welcome, I'll keep an eye out in the next build to help with the wiki

Finally had a chance to play the update, the new songs were awesome. Good work

very cute asterius

Just got some time to play this and it was quite enjoyable. The sound effects were a pretty good addition too, transmitted a lot of the feelings the character had at times and helped me imagine them more clearly. Good work so far. 

P.D Roberto knows Spanish! the addition of words here and there was cool. :D

It was such a good read. Nice work with the story, I was hooked from the get go. Seeing the bull so happy...glorious

Seeing a happy moo fills you with...determination.

It's an awesome look!

Good start, was a fun experience and there was some challenge due to the randomness of the cards. Will need to wait for a few extra updates before rating.

That was a fun game, good work with this.  Would have loved to see more from the orc, but it was a pretty fun game none the less.

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Well, that was quite the ride. I decided to start this one fresh to get the full experience and wow, it was so awesome. Don't really know where to start, so I may ramble a little. My apologies in advance.

So, I guess the best place to start is with my impression as of the story as a whole and so far I'm loving it. If I hadn't been playing the game on my phone I'd probably been jumping up at down like a kid at certain points in the story(particularly the ones where you get to show kindness to Asterion). The flow of the story is nice and even with my knowledge that chapter 13 was the new chapter, there were no major hiccups in the scene transitions I could detect. I liked that we got to see more about Kota and Luke as characters, and their weird rival-friend thing they got going. It is pretty fun to watch and it makes sense given all the two have experienced together. I gotta admit that Luke wasn't my favorite character by build 0.2, but he's starting to grow on me. Also, the cobalts were so fun to watch and their reaction to Kota the Dragon was pure gold, reminded me of some DnD sessions I have had.  Then we got to the meat of the conflict on this built: the little revelation and the newly crafted contract. I don't want to say too much in case someone didn't get that scene but that scene was heavy, dramatic and so rewarding. It solved one of the problems I had been thinking of since build 0.2 and I loved to see how happy Asterion was after that. Also, it adds so much meaning to one of the items you teased before, again , not saying which one. Also, thank you for the lore drops menu, it makes keeping track of all of them so much easier. The inclusion of the Hitherlands and the hades chapter were packed full of information, though of different types and value. I always enjoy getting glimpses of Asterion's past, the story of the Bull of Minos, straight from his mouth. This time, it showed a side of the bull we haven't seen much and perhaps one we could get to see at some point. I enjoyed the way you carried the conversations in that part, it reminded me of when I read the Odyssey and some other classical stories. On the other hand we got the Hitherlands, I was not prepared for storms appearance when the chapter started but wow, that was a very nice surprise, As someone who read the novelization (and thank you for providing that too), I was already prepared to like this character but once more you blew my expectations away with dynamite-like writing. I thoroughly enjoyed how P and Storm played on each other, the many hidden sides they both revealed on their conversation and actions. The small animation on Storm was a cute touch and a great wait to characterize him. At the same time, they answered some world building questions I didn't know I had, and they did so seamlessly. Good work on that one too. I can't wait to see what will happen once the two bulls meet and what inheritance P could be speaking of.

Well, I think that covers the characters and the story. Now, onto the music. Well, risking sounding like a broken record, I thoroughly enjoyed the new tracks too. They added a new vibe to old scenes and to new ones as well, it was also easier to get lost in the game with it and they all seem to fit together well. At least to my ears. It was nice to hear the lyre song whenever it came up and sometimes I took a bit more time than necessary just listening to it.
Well, that was a larger wall of text than I thought I could make, so I'll leave it there. Thank you so much for the hard work MInoHotel team, you have crafted one of the best VNs I have ever played. I hope you can all keep growing in your respective fields and that you enjoy your time spent in this project. Nicely done

Minohotel 0.4 rank

Minotaur hotel Build 0.4 rank for Lanwolf96: Grand Silver Peacok. Tech Background

That was a broad an interesting set of answers. Going to have to take a few minutes to parse through it all. Good work Minoh Team!