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The name was a thing way in the past but since Dave is his own person not a self insert he gets his own name. The coffee cup is now for easter eggs. If you type Dave then you get +1 affection with everyone but if you put someone elses name you get +1 with that person (my fave is how Dave reacts to seeing Tysons name). There's some patreon names that change it i think, but the only one i remember is Timber (i think).

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I don't think so in the public version, but if it's there it's in the Compendium section. It's been a while so i can't remember if the free version has the compendium even as an option in its basic function or not.

wow just wow, i've done everything with password and i used about 36. Have you thought about going over your older saves?

you used up all 180 save slots?

there's a scroll bar on the side, each page has alot of save slot on them.

Anxiety doesn't work that way, you always second guess yourself things like "am i bothing them?" "i'm just wasting their time", "i dont want to cause trouble". Makes comunication a bitch. As for the vault Oz explains it and mentions he's worried about dave using it because of his nervous disposition.

You got to day 15 and never realised Dave's an anxious mess with depression and using the vault causes severe mental trauma?

From the ask me anything Grizz did:

What options for translations will there be on full release, fan-made or otherwise?

Ideally, I’d like to have Password available in other languages. As of right now, Chinese and Spanish are the two biggest ones requested and given the size of the Chinese fanbase that’d probably be the priority.

Now, while I know fan made translations exist, I don’t endorse them. I can’t quality check them to know what’s going in there, or how well they’re done, but I’m not going to actively tell people to stop doing them.

It’ll also depend on the cost of translating the whole thing as to if it’ll be available. While offers have been made for fan translations to be done for free, it’s a lot of work and something I’d like to reliably be able to purchase under contract so I can deliver on any promises of it coming.

urgh mega with its 6hr lock on downloads over 5gb curse you .09gb extra now i got to wait forever just to complete the download

Im on pc and theres no download option.

Any way to make it larger? For me its a small box with no scroll or anything so its stuck on character creator showing the name box to the first line under the class titles.

Ok the the momories is dean nsfw scene.

the traumas- top one is i think path C (condemed sal)

The bottom one is Roswells POV after the news

The proof reading, is it required to directly translate it from chinese or is it just cleaning up the english to be more natural? If it's just to make it more natural thats pretty easy for people to do but might need more details on characters for colloquial dialog types since there's alot in english.

its just easy thing like spending time with him, when he talks about working out say pilaties (or whatever its called) and the 2nd time tyson rushes out (after the convo about confessions) don't follow him stay and talk to hoss about family.

Get Hoss's affinity pretty much as high as you can before he shows you the library and that will get it.

Not sure what you mean about the Hoss one, do you mean the one between him and dave at the pool and the pic of his family? 

The trauma i think is path E which is to kill every character as fast as possible, i think.

Will this just be the shep update or also forward another? Don't mind either way AMitW is always an awsome update for any character.

I dont use twitter but i'm happy to put it here. I know your not doing the 2nd and 3rd right now but i'm just going to put all my votes on this post before i forget since i can be rather scattered from meds i'm on.

1. Gus

2. Ed

3. Mike

Orlando says it

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Yes and no. They're screwing each other and care for each other (if Dom dies Jack goes crazy and Dom wants Jack to be kept safe) but they wont put a label on it more than just being roomies.

you need all the medals and then go through path A

After password is fully done Grizz is looking at two project. Syndicate (passwords sequel) and a smut game for the people who's been asking for smut.

He's mentioned them here before so i dont think it's a problem putting them here.

- Syndicate (Crime drama set some time after the final events of Password)
- The Cat's Meow (A smutty merchanting game with cards)

Think leigh from violet memoir has the masculine with not very masculine outfit down.

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Happy birthday, honestly i didnt really think about mishas motives and just thought about the story. Think its because i've ready through minotaur hotel where the main character doesn't really have anything to them by design and is as described by the author as '' just a chad'' so he just generally does whatever he tries well and just reacts to things rather then having a deep history or motives.

This is their current active game in development

resposta curta não

There is a true end and you need all 12 medals then go to the end of path A so Craig (Thanatos's true god of death form) can count them. If you have all 12 he'll move you onto path P

he asked for a hint not every password

Path P the true end, you need to get all the medals for it.

No more public updates from now on. If you want to see the updates then its $1 on patreon. There probably will be a bug fix patch maybe but dont quote me on that. Other than that the next update on itch would probbably only happen with the finished product.

Benson needs multiple passwords. Each are found in the bad endings. Using one will lead to a new chain of events on day 8 and the next password will be in the new chain of events.

There is something on Hoss's route on day 7 that helps with day 8 and allows to avoid one of the passwords. Think it happens on Orlando's route too but once you know the right password it will work on every route, day 8 is a universal one.

12 you get them from each route and most of the paths.

Grizz's Password ask me anything results:

The first complete draft of the VN is done so its moved from alpha to beta

The 13th medal technically does exsist, but no you can't get it and you don't need it.


Isn't that incredibly out of character for Oz considering he's incredibly stubborn

Wulf still having to prioritise his commisions?

you need to do every path pretty much to get the true ending, doesn't matter what route you're on though some routes can't get on some paths because of the role they play in the events.

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Wait so you've been stopping at the first bad ending all this time? Well anyone who posts passwords get their comments deleted since it does ruin things, but it fine to tell where to find the first password on each route and thats in the letter you get.