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People catch on to thing at different rates, some cant comprehend thing that you find simple. That's just people being people everyone is different which can be troublesome. Such as the amount of people who have got stuck on Bensons route, which is a majestic amount, despite every character in the bad end saying the word multiple time one after another and people still not noticing.

Sometimes sacrifices have to be made regarding writing simply to be as inclusive as possible. I don't mean that in the 'dark souls: oh its just too hard for you just say away' elitist nahhaha, way. But trying to make something that everyone interested in it can enjoy means setting the bar to the most common point. (god reading all this back makes me sound so snarky and condescending its shameful that I cant think of another way to reword this)

If the majority cant overcome a certain point in the story, the story needs to be adjusted in some way usually by making sacrifices. Of course the story should only be sacrificed to a point, such as in the Benson bad end, the answer is given is such a way it could be put on a neon billboard, there isn't much more that could be done to make it more clear without just straight up saying it.

These things happen and need to be accounted for but its up to you how far you want to bend over backwards for. No matter the choice when everything is finished up or more complete I have no doubt someone will make a full walkthrough for those who don't mind spoilers so I wouldn't worry too much about it in the long term, as disheartening at it may be in the short term.

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deans has them, ty too with the shower I guess. There not fully done as a vote on patreon a while ago was slow down work for fully done images or half do them but increase how much work can be done over all. The CGs getting half done won the vote so there just sketches right now but its worth it overall IMO.

Since a few people seem to have commented im just going to post the last patreon post here, anyone can look at it for free on hiddenwalls patreon.

Dec 16, 2019 at 9:10am

Status Update

Alright, so I’ve been seeing a lot of comments floating around about the status of the project and wanted to clear some things up so not to leave you all in suspense waiting and wondering when the next build will be. For reasons I will not go to in depth about, this has been a bit of a hectic year. Some of it financially, some of it mentally, some of it simply based on how much time I even have to dedicate working on the game. This becomes especially true for me with the start of the holiday season around the end of October  as I work in retail. What this means is that I pretty much haven’t touched the game since around the end of October. It’s a thing that just happens during this time of year where I become busy and even more tired and unmotivated to write or work thus leading to procrastination and lethargy.

Now there is no need to get too worried. I’m not going anywhere, I’m not canceling the game but I am taking a short break from it. If anything it’s more like a hiatus though one that In actuality started all the way back in October. For those looking forward to the next update I’m sorry to keep you all waiting for so long. I plan to continue working on the game here and there in my spare time of course but as for really focusing on getting this next build out there, I won’t be dedicating my free time until at least February and hopefully from there getting the build out by March. If things change I might get it out sooner or hopefully not later but for now there is a time to expect an update.

I thank you all for your support and comments. once I’ve gotten into a more stable position I’ll be right back to getting updates back out there. I can assure this next one will be completely different from the others I haven’t written thus far.

'H' key to hide the hud in renpy games, so you can admire them

kei's romance route

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Probably, Tysons bad ending dean acts odd and they say it looks like he was attacked by a bear and deans bad end is the only one that isn't caused by another. He just accidently forgot to wash his hands, all other bad ends are murder but not his.

Just some observations

managed to get all but two to work, so they are useful. two of them are useful for filling out the tidings of doom with benny

patreon is one update ahead but that's all really, other than patreons also getting some input on the project with their feed back

Seth has one doesn't he? I mean it's a dream but its still NSFW gay sex

its fine, I can just wait till the next time it gets updated. if I try going into the actual files it says its either an un known format or damaged, so the problem could just be something interfering with the files when I download it on my end so i'll leave it for a while then try again later

no archive found, I've downloaded it multiple times and get the error every time

is it just me or is the windows link broken atm?

follow the bad end all the way through and find a word that seems important and use that as the password the day before he dies

each route has their own password with only one being the same in each route

Love the art style. This project reminds me of 'tavern of spear', their doing something similar and they get around the leveling being a slog issue by having fetch quest to supply a merchant in exchange for gold. While fetch quests aren't the most engaging it does give some motivation to grind a bit when necessary also the fact the merchant flirts a lot so getting on his good side's a bonus. link if you want to try their public build for some ideas or just to see how they're handling problems you mite come across:

Oooh yay! grand silver peacock, with all the options I saw in the feedback forum I was worried I ended up doing bad but nope. Yay really love Asterion he's so well written.

all are work in progress up to day 7 or 8 at the moment

It is awkward to try and not spoil it while explaining it, the best I can do is you need to watch the bad ends to know the password for the vault before the person dies. In the bad end will be a word that will be used either too much or have more attention drawn to it. Hope that helps at least.

As of right now coach can't top but no the confidence system is just for spencer

once its up no, you can just start again and skip everything but the choices and just pick the ones that don't give confidence or if you're not sure pick the one that makes you seem more timmid

I think as long as you have less than 3 confidence you end up bottoming, tho I think I might have managed it with 4

Think the new art is the ones showing on the right hand side of the extracurricular activities page

The spencer guide tells you how to top or bottom with the confidence points. If you have less than 3 confidence spencer tops you if you have either 5 or 7 you top him.

The guides are outdated right now but it can tell you how to get what you want in the early parts