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The Visual novels going to have an update where all the sprites get updated, its been in the works for a while which is why the newer sprites look different. The CGs being sketches was a patreon voted thing, the full colour ones would take longer so it was voted to do sketches and then finished later on.

Key chains:-

You can't do Tysons route at all for path F and G because Tysons route automatically skips day 17 password

Can't have, Hoss's bad end day 6 means whoever is responsible would already have picked up the knife and jack isn't intrested in going near the mansion till he knows if bensons around. 

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The guns Dom's, Dean picks it up after being told by Thanatos and just leaves it lying around in his room. The knife is Oz's you can ask him about it during the questioning. Oz says he just left it lying around the mansion but doesn't know where it is.

Thats what the comment sections for.


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I have no idea what you mean, i have the entire gallery (with gallery complete at the bottom) and i don't remember getting any new cgs for day 22 the last one we got was missing day 17s password i think.

Which day?

Next month, the updates should be alternating between the good and bad timelines each month

The update is only the bad timelines, so i think its path F and path G only.

Benson needs multiple passwords. Each are found in the bad endings. Using one will lead to a new chain of events on day 8 and the next password will be in the new chain of events.

There is something on Hoss's route on day 7 that helps with day 8 and allows to avoid one of the passwords. Think it happens on Orlando's route too but once you know the right password it will work on every route, day 8 is a universal one.

well if you want to wait the next build will be on the 15th

What platform? i'm guessing android which i can't help with i only know windows.

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I suppose, its just Thanatos isn't an AI and doesn't have free will so anything he does needs to be within the confines of the experiment. Can't really have a glados experiance since he isn't and AI. I think there might also be limits on what he's able to do since it would be easier to make more droids? minions? im sure you know what im getting at but yes it would be easier rather than using Dave's friends to just use created minions to move all the pieces and do the killing he needs but he never does. Either there isn't enough resources or he has limits placed on him to stop it, he doesn't even have a back up body which considering how many times Dave tries to break him is just odd.

And now i realise my flaw, if they really want a porn fanfic they don't care about logic. I really should just stop thinking sometimes.

Wait are they having dave hump the wall or the key pad? i mean ok but thats even more a logistical thing, does he drill a hole in the wall or something? Would probably be easier to do something with the vault rat avatar rather than the vault itself.

Out of curiosity could a patron just give a simple yes or no on if the last post a year ago mentioned if the project was over or not? i would just pay to find out myself but im already over the limit i set myself on patreon spending and the fact its over a year since the last post just adds to it.

Honestly i didn't think of Thantos like that either but i think thats because his size makes me think micro/macro kink which i don't have, i find the logistics of it hard to wrap my head around. 

I guess i've looked around the furry side of the internet for too long considering none of that causes me to raise an eyebrow. 

To each there own, and it gets called wincest for a reason i guess, but the ThanatosxDave i can see the intrest. Theres alot you can do with how naive Dave is and how manipulative Thanatos is, lots of opportunities for anything really. After all what is Dave willing to do to save his friends, he was already willing to give Tyson his V-card and Thanatos holds all the cards so i can see it.

There's also some DaveXMemphis personally not really into the whole daddy thing but to each there own.

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Well ask yourself would Orlando be Hypnos considering what they make sal do? Regardless of Orlando getting Thanatos to tell Sal what to do or telling Sal himself, Orlando would still be apart of that. Can you see him doing it?

Think its very low, he doesn't seem to like thanatos and is too squeamish to kill anyone. Can't see him shooting someone or anything.

Pretty sure Orlando failed because he went down to the vault to try save Dave but then that happens, so whatever Orlando saw in the vault can happen with no one to stop it.

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Ok there is so many things wrong with this. The knife is Oz's if you ask him about it when you can ask questions he will tell you about it and that he's misplaced it. 

Thanatos didn't come to the mansion on the bus he was always at the mansion and can't leave the grounds because it would be out of range of the vault and he would stop working.

Hoss leaving something out in the lirary isn't anything to do with the killings, do his route and have affection with him what he leaves out is talking to dave about Hoss's family drama.

Tyson didn't kill Hoss in the bad ending. He gets angry punches him in the face knocking him out cold. He then drags him into the showers to wake him up using the water but he doesn't wake up so he freaks out and hides in his room thinking he killed him. Someone came afterwards and stabbed him.

Also whats the motive for Hoss to kill Oz? He also can't kill benson since he has a crippling fear of guns. Benson also says Oz let himself be killed, why would he let Hoss of all people kill him?

Honestly i see more OzXdave thirst going on than i see raw thirst for tyson. Any time i've seen mention of tyson it just people saying they love him because of how well writen he is. It's probably all on discord and i never go there but in the comments here the good writing opinion is far, far more common.

Why apologise for a discussion? 

Other than the furry fandoms overly sexual and can't see password on a deeper level you haven't really said anything warranting one. It's not even that bad of a thing to say the furry fandom is a sexual one, with furry just being a blanket term for anything non-human these days (furry=anthro animals exclusively but 'furry' the fandom has orcs, elves, dwarfs, alians and zoophillia to name a few). 

It doesn't help that the first half of the VN is a dating sim with the mystery just setting up in the background and it was shown to be a sexual one with deans CGs and the like, but Grizz knows and even said as much so it doesn't get mentioned. No need to keep going on about it really, it happened it's not that way anymore.

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Oh i'm not offended or anything, just wanted to point out the miss type dwarf and dwarves can be used interchangeably since tokin used both in his books and people take that as gospel. Not saying that people with the condition don't use one over the other.

As for diversity you could honestly give them as much diversity as we have in humans, it all depends on how you handle the culture of them. Normally dwarf would be seen to live underground which would pretty much mean no black dwarfs because of how skin pigment works (darker skin to stop damage from large amount of UVR, being underground with little to no UVR would end up mutating pigment to be junk cells that the body would evolve to not give any resources). But if you have the culture just living above ground, even doing a dragon age surficer dwarfs so there is a dwarf population above ground that easily can give as much diversity as you get in humans just with a limit in height.

(this last sentence is off but its 4am and my brain is mush and i cant work out what to edit about it right now)

The head shape is probably more referring to like golden ratio and silver ratio faces, like how western art has more rectangle shape where things like chibi has more round.

I don't agree with the 'dwarfs dont exsist so theres no reason for a standard'. Firstly dwarfs do exsist, they look different to fantasy dwarfs but that doesn't stop them from exsisting (looks rather bad that you just completely disregard their exsistance). Secondly you can have diversity within a standard. First one that comes to mind that fits all the requirements is 'Tusks: the orc dating sim' ( Orcs don't exsist but there is a standard and you can have diversity within that standard. You can't just do something like draw a goblin and say its a dwarf and when someone points out that its a goblin just say dwarfs don't exsist, there's no standard it's just a swamp dwarf. Just being a dwarf dating sim already sets a standard that people will think of and will draw people who are intrested in that standard, just disregarding that seems more of a bait and switch.

From patreon: ''Last post I said that I would attempt to release the upcoming chapter by the end of this month. I'm going to still need more time so I'm going to be aiming for next month, hopefully the first or second week.''

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I’m curious while that is a reason to start Tyson’s route, Tyson himself doesn’t really fall in to that category in the way his route plays out. Dave doesn’t try to fix Tyson because he doesn’t see a problem, to him Tyson’s just Tyson. It’s Tyson who wants to fix himself, all Dave does is be there for him and be in his corner. Which is perfectly fine but doesn’t really fit the ‘I can fix him’, Even Dave says things like ''he's better'' or ''he's good now'' and it's Tyson himself who has to correct him with ''i'm getting better''.

What i'm getting at is, ok thats a reason to get into his route but why did you end up liking him?

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Because thats already adressed in the VN itself, also the fact that Tyson does visibly try hard to change and be better.

When you compare how he acts in the VN to how Roswell acted (and still acts to a degree), Tyson shows he regrets it and wants to be better but knows he's going to make mistakes.  

However Roswell just continued on just declaring Dave is incapable of thinking for himself and that he's (Roswell) always right and that he needs to make all the decisions for Dave.

Its a very bad look for Roswell. Someone who shows genuine remorse versus someone who just doubles down with a self righteous bluster. 

Its why Roswells pretty much the only character that has NEEDED to be rewritten. (The other being dean but thats more just to clean up and make him SFW)

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There's more to it than just 'he's mean to Ty'. I wasn't going to weigh in since Grizz knows my issues with Roswell and it doesn't involve how he treats Tyson. I remember you saying you only started reading relatively recently but the Roswell being disliked issue isn't a recent development and Grizz has rewriten him ALOT really. 

In the beginning Roswell would out right insult dave and treat him like a useless child infront of everyone. Then there was all the inconsistencies with things he says and how he would act and Grizz had trouble making him flow propperly which made Roswell come off as malicious and manipulative. Such as how everyone calls out Dave inviting Tyson without asking as a dick move. But then Roswell keeps quite about how he feels about it for about 12 days then when he tells Dave his secret he then uses it as amunition against Dave as if it was never brought up. Considering that Dave is reeling from just being told Roswells secret and is already overwhelmed he then decided to bring up any baggage and issues he has against Dave at the same time. It looks incredibly calculated and manipulative.

Grizz has been working on Roswell's issues over time and so Roswell has changed alot over time. However password is rather an 'old' project now most people who read,watch and fund it have been here a while and so they was exposed to 'asshole Roswell'. 

Roswell has changed but first impressions matter. While he's not the same its hard to not think of him as he was then when you read him now. Compared to every other character who has been consistent from the start, Roswells initial iteration has damaged his fanbase as a character. So people just developed more feelings for the other characters, but if Roswell was as he is now back at the start he wouldn't be nearly as disliked.

Depends what route you play. Hoss's route pretty much explains everything about why he acts the way he acts. But there's quite a few things that would make him a bad candidate for the big bad, a crippling fear of guns for example.

new public update -

The red hints aren't really a thing anymore. The passwords are either a word that has alot of emphasis or is repeated alot. If dave gives you hints at the vault then pay attention to those as they point to where the password can be found.

The first password is found in the bad end.

The next needs multiple passwords. Each are found in the bad endings. Using one will lead to a new chain of events on day 8 and the next password will be in the new chain of events.

There is something on Hoss's route on day 7 that helps with day 8 and allows to avoid one of the passwords. Think it happens on Orlando's route too but once you know the right password it will work on every route, day 8 is a universal one.

Yeah pretty much this ^^^. Honestly i felt deans first death just felt off but after that he's not really around, always on his own in the greenhouse, so i just never thought about him that much. Untill his reaction to seeing dave bleeding out just being a 'found you' and out of all the sprites grizz has he chose a blank neutral one. Just made me actually pay attention to where dean has been up to that point and he's too much of a question mark, i honestly can't say with confidence what he's been up to. 

Roswell was saying about a trap if that was a memphis trap or thanatos we don't know. 

Thanatos i won't even speculate about that he's too much of a plot black hole considering the 'i know everything' he's got going on. Either he knows what he's doing and this helps or he's trying something new and has no idea how it will turn out. (worth noting we still don't know who his master truely is and this could be something he was just asked to do)

Choosing who to go with Oz is very likely the center point of the next day. Personally leaning to sending Tyson or Dean. Tyson because like he said he can see in the dark but i also think Grizz would put him in harms was because he knows how well liked he is as a curve ball. Dean i'd send just because he's sus.

God damn my brain is mush it should not take me about 20 minutes to type 2 sentences.

Of course its concerning but as for whats going to happen thats clear enough. Doms deal needs to happen but even if it does happen things can still go down hill.