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Cant paly a fatal error has occurred is there  a way to download this

is the project still alive?

I know this game got nothing to do with Homestuck but I'm getting mad Heir or Rage vibes from killigan. also love the game I can see the massive amount of work that went into it especially the fight with Zhokar or the tournament in genteral

after tyson dies the ending will give you a clue about what to type into the vault


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Sure, i don't mind you screen shooting it. i just hope I didn't sounded too whinny in the post.

i'm not sure how far this criticism will go but its about Luke. i feel like  Luke comes on too strongly and i know that's his character but he feel like the "AMERICA, FUCK YEA" meme on steroids. I like that he is a sexually open character but again it feels slightly exaggerated like I think he's one beer away from humping the fridge exaggerated. these quirks of his are so apparent you can describe him in 2 words "Sex and Patriotism ". I love your work and I love every other character a bunch but Luke is one of my main issues in terms of character. one other small thing is the fact that some options are locked behind MC interest the player picked at the start of the game. If one didn't pick the art path  they can't get the best title in this current update. if its possible I think it might be a good idea to give the player the ability to learn some facts before the special options come up which allows players who did not initially take certain paths to not miss out on the options. 

i would personally like ways to get the other dialog options locked behind what talent MC picked. like give MC a chance to read a book about the notra dame so the can get the arts option button

so im going to guess that the higher caliber of material you get on your rating means   you treated asterion worse like i tried being the worst scumbag to asterion ( im sorry i was curious ) and i got gold

i dunno if its too late but since ther is only 7 colors for our boy is ther anyway to get the color purple. why purple well in a reference to something 

for fur you could make him golden or blonde if im correct there is some mythology of a golden bull.  not sure about nipple rings maybe a mini axe due to his toga having a mini axe. for tattoos and branding i feel like the greek alphabet could fit in nicely and you can also give Asterion the Taurus zodiac sign (i mean you can give him all zodiac signs but the taurus sign is the best fit for obvious reasons). also keep up the good work i love Asterion and the story and find it really engaging. 

a black fur and maybe a black and white color for him like dariy cows (and a option to milk him ;3). and the option to revert asterion body type to athletic rather then body builder or heck a slim , muscle gut ,chubby (preferably when he's healthy) version would be nice but as long as the player can ask him to change whenever would be nice.

what is the ending you are seeing