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This comic was just a joy, the attention is deserved. I looked forward to Saturdays because of it, and look forward to more in the future!

Take your time with it, we can definitely wait for it, and will still be around when you resume your work again :)

Heh, poor downed guys, they really get stomped to pieces. I don't mind at all :) Good job with the game so far!

Also, I'm wondering. It seems like the enemies often will attack party members that are already down, reducing their HP even further into the negative. I haven't minded this since it makes the fights easier and all I want is to win. It has saved me a few times. But is it working as you want it to?

What sparked your love for Greek mythology?

The snake is really precious, actually. He's clearly a bad guy, but with his attitude and the way he reacts to being tricked... I look forward to seeing him even so. I hope you can trick him all through the game and get that "what the hell, I've been fooled!" expression often! :)

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Agreed, Argos' "what the heck" face when you trick him is priceless. And his attitude afterward is also nice. Makes him a little harder to dislike, which is a good trait, I think.

I was going to ask here about what would happen if you make him go out there. I just can't bring myself to doing it. Thanks for telling, now I can simply enjoy helping Asterion heal instead. I love the game too <3

Thanks for keeping up contributing these pieces, they're very inspiring!

In their hunt for their nemesis, detective Wolfstar and his (big, gorgeous) berserking partner, Hyper, appear to have died and gone to a surreal city inhabited by men only. Ruled by demons, the city fittingly takes the name "Paradise". Our heroes' first acquaintance is the "Tax Man", who takes his payment in cash... or sin. And that sets the stage for exploring a world creatively fused together from our own world's myths where men have to bodily indulge in each other to survive (yay!). It features a varied cast of anthro characters, good and bad and somewhere in between.

It's up to Wolfstar and his partner to figure out what the deal is with this mysterious place they've landed in, and find a way to escape it. Moreover, they need to piece together their memory of what happened when they died. Maybe they will discover that it still isn't too late to stop their nemesis from inflicting untold suffering on the world?

The game is in development, so that's all I know for now, but it looks promising!