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So initially I wasn't actually that interested in Bryan's route but...

Any plans to do a Kane route?

I swear to god, if anything bad happens to Lake, we will riot.

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That ending to the April fool's update was fucking gold!

Sooo happy Carlos is getting so much love, he's by far my favourite!

God damn that goofball... Can't wait for more!


I hope what happened doesn't push Ranok further into his shell!

Christ, day 14 was heartbreaking, but cathartic. I'm glad it's finally out there and Dave can start to move on.

It's like a broken bone that set wrong, everything is painful around it and you've become crippled by it. The only way to heal properly is to break it again, but set it right this time.

Thank you for the reply!

That's a great of doing it, and I guess explains why Orion tolerated my presence during... that... scene

I'm glad the choices I made have made for high charisma then, I wanted to go Guardian and go for Orion or Silas, thank you for the clarification!

Wow! What a fantastic start to the story! I'm so torn between Silas and Orion, while Silas is so friendly, Orion strikes me as the kind who is very sweet but has no idea how to go about it, and that awkward nerd is very appealing to me... 

I have some questions though, mainly about how exactly the "Major" declaration will effect the storyline, whether it will effectively determine who's route we go down (Silas for Mage, Orion for Fighter etc) or could we for example choose to be a Guardian (if I'm reading it right it's kinda like a Paladin/Battlemaster kinda deal?) and still get with any of the characters? Also how will the stats you're assigned effect what choices you can make, like a sufficiently strong character can take an option to break down a door while a sufficiently charismatic character can persuade someone to part with information? And how will the stats effect what major we choose? Currently I'm a very charismatic fighter, not sure how optimised that is...

Really looking forward to what you've got in store next! Thoroughly enjoyed what I played so far!

Glad to see you're back!

Loved the update! Seeing more of what the Orbs do was interesting, can't shake the feeling that ours in unique in some way, perhaps more powerful? And I really like the new guy, he's a lot of fun, even though Gran is still my favourite

I love the music you already have in the game, but ultimately I trust your judgement in picking new tracks!

While I love William's route most of all, this update was brilliant! I loved Avery's theme, and his character development too! 

And don't think I missed that tease for "New Ways to Sin" too! Can't wait for the full version!

I really like the transitions between chapters, really cool!

And of course, obligatory Gil is best boi!

I played Leo's route first, and was so disappointed that his "good" ending ended the way it did. I was heartbroken. Playing through the rest of the routes though, I still liked Leo just as much, but really started to hate Chase for what he did, to everyone and to Leo. 

I'm glad him and Leo don't end up together, but I really think Leo deserves a guy that'll treat him right. Chase doesn't deserve Kudzu either frankly, but oh well.

Massive, Major Spoilers for other routes and later into the game...

The thing possessing Chase isn't actually Samuel, it's more of a twisted facsimile of him. An Echo (!), if you will. It's strongly implied in Jenna's route that the real Samuel survived the events of The Smoke Room in 1915, and returned to Echo only to be run over by Sidney's father and Janice, the coyote that works in the diner when they were much younger. From there I theorise the spirit that poses as Samuel latches onto Sidney's father, then onto Sidney, and finally onto Chase.

Or maybe I'm thinking too much about it and want Samuel to have a happy ending because I like him so much more than Chase.

Sidney! I just wanna hug him

God, poor Dave. And poor Hoss. and poor... well everyone, I guess. Things are getting real tough for Dave and he just keeps pushing everyone away...

Great to see more stuff with Lake! Shame that we're probably not going to able to share his room though...

What an amazing update! I can't believe we got new sprites for Ranok, *3* CGs, a new character, so much insight into characters and their motivations AND so much story progression!

Spoilers ahead!

I love how Caelen was able to think his way out of the situation with the Chief, and like Verissa a lot more now because of just how fast she's sticking to her word, she's badass and I love it! I'm also loving Vulgor's development, he seems to genuinely care for Caelen at this point, rather than reveling in causing him pain or seeing him as lesser. I can very easily see him being romance-able later on as an alternate route, but if him and Caelen just become friends and he gets with Verissa I would be just as happy

Ranok though... Wow. I don't even have the words. He's funny, charming, confident yet has a vulnerable side that makes me want to just reassure him that everything's gonna be alright. Such an amazing character. And Caelen being so perceptive! He's got his work cut out for him with trying to get Ranok to accept who he is, but I can't wait to see the end result. The cuddling scene was so sweet and the conflict in the aftermath and the chief is setting up something pretty spectacular! Can't wait to see more!

If there's just one criticism I have, it would be that you need more music! I noticed you added some while it was just Caelen and Ranok alone together, but I want more!

Ah brilliant! That means I got it!

I love this update! I'm sad Gran isn't in it as much, but I appreciate you have to introduce us to the other characters as well. I really like the characterisation of the chief, although we didn't get much time with Gran in this build, the time with the chief made up for it!

I have a bad feeling about Pierre though (Oppenheimer name has bad connotations to me...), he seems entirely too smooth not to have an ulterior motive. Time will tell I guess.

Can't wait to find out about the world some more though, and the orb especially! What we've been told so far is very intruiging!

Can't wait for what happens next! Thank you for putting the time in to continue this project!

From this *first chapter* of the story that we've read, it really doesn't feel like a power fantasy. There's nothing wrong with the MC being out of their element and struggling to adapt to this new world they've fallen into, if anything, it makes them extremely relatable.

There is a reason why our species, humans, are so widespread across our world as they are; our adaptability, our ability to change to meet the requirements of our environment is completely unmatched by anything in the natural world. In this story, there's parts where even though MC doesn't know what's going on, he's still smarter than the other characters give him credit for.

There's nothing wrong with weakness in a character, especially when it's something to overcome. But weakness also makes for a believable character. I would much rather MC had no powers at all and had to rely on his wit and guile to solve any problems the characters came across rather than gaining magical powers that solve everything, then becoming a world-conquering tyrant 

Yooo loved the update! That line on the beach makes me think Tora is a total bottom! Cute as fuck!

Also how do we know if we got the special scene due to perfect affection?

Regarding William's latest update, that was an entirely different kind of horror than I'd come to expect from the town of Echo. Very well done

Also, loved the moment Samuel and William shared at the end, I love seeing the sweeter and more gentle side of him! Fantastic update!

I... do not like the capitalization of "Others" in the description. 

No sir, no thank you.

Nice, he definitely walked that line of being suave and somewhat self absorbed, I'm glad I managed to pick up on that to avoid hurting Diego

You're right though, it's always a cycle of abuse so someone made Kyrex this way, still wanna punch him in the throat though for hurting Diego though and being so nonchalant about it 

Loved the update, really felt for Diego, poor guy

totally called it though, Kyrex came off as slimy and Diego was reluctant about Adrian frequenting that gym anyway

Gah, I loved this update. Loved seeing the different sides to Zach, Bryan and Carlos especially. Glad to see he's really warming up to Ben and Ben's learning how to understand him better!

That's no worries, I just like following authors on twitter so they can post updates and progress so I'm not always checking itch

Can't wait to see the next update!

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Wow, really enjoyed this! I love all the characters introduced so far, Gran most of all!

Very intrigued to see what the orb means and where the story's going next

Also, do you have a social media we can follow?

The new setup is interesting! Can't wait for more scenes with Sidney!

Well, fuck. 

I'm actually obsessed with this now. played through it a few more times and one thing that I noticed (and loved) was Ranok sneaking glances at Caelen when they were both on the bed waiting for Verissa, very cute! I liked how differently Vulgor reacted to us down different paths as well, this mysterious voice seems to want us to prevent some disaster and is convinced Vulgor plays a negative tole in that, but honestly I'm not sure... Perhaps Caelen is being manipulated somehow? 

I'm eager to learn more about the world, what other people live in it, more about their cultures, and most of all I'm very intrigued as to why Caelen is there in the first place. I feel like something big and important is gonna happen soon that's gonna force Ranok, Caelen, Vulgor and perhaps even Verissa away from the clan and into the larger world to solve the mystery of what's going on. 

I love how expressive the characters are, Ranok especially, the art is beautiful. If there was one thing I would add though it would be more music! maybe a dedicated theme to each character if you're feeling particularly ambitious, but additional background music would really go a long way to establish mood and reinforce the atmosphere of a scene.

Can't wait to see what's next!

Fantastic breakdown of Ollie's behaviour, I do wonder how the 4th route is gonna factor into all this though, I really wanted Trev and Ollie to have a happy ending... 

It gets worse. Play Jenna's route, see what he's been put through

I'm so sorry you had to go through that much pain, no one should have to suffer that much. I'm glad you managed to channel it into a creative outlet though, rather than keeping it internalized. I hope this is as good for you making it is it is for us reading it

Hang in there, man.

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I swear to god if Kyrex is who I think he is I'm gonna punch him in the throat on Diego's behalf...

I'm also really glad that you're treating Diego with the seriousness he deserves, rather than just playing it off as a joke or "character quirk". Thank you for that

Very nice update! I'm torn between Rune and Lake, they're both so sweet!

Poor Shoichi. Even after getting him and his mother to reunite he's still having such a hard time. I didn't like how Yuuichi seemed to be getting second thoughts about him either, after being okay with him being "pushy" (though it was just more forward, really) now he's changing his mind? 

I really hope Shoichi gets a happy ending with the man he loves.

Absolutely fantastic so far! Can't wait to see where you take the story next. Ranok is very amusing and supportive, need to see more of him!