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1. When you write the story, do you imagine yourself as an observer or a creator? As in, do you just observe how the story progress or you decide what will happen? 2. If we have romance scene in the future, when you read what you write, do you think of yourself as the MC or Asterion or just an obserever?

3. Are you worried that by introducing so many characters, you won't have enough plot for them and people will not be able to focus on all of them? Or if some will become irrelavent? 

4. Do you plan to add interactive CGs in the future for romance scenes? 



When Hyosuke mentioned about the scar, he totally change his attitude with you and he wants to flirt immediately. So I assume the prophecy about the scar must not be bad. Like he's trying to persuade you to come to his side. So I expect the prophecy to be some special bond between them romantically? Like one sided love? Or they will kill some evil being together? Or MC will help him solve his problem? 

Now he lost one eye and I believe he hates us now? Urgh, too many quesitons! Please stop creating more knots and untie some for us haha

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The art was amazing, music was also good. I really like the pace of the story, slow but steady. First CG was hella nice! Love it. The game is very promising and I'm looking forward to next build.

Two things that I hope could change:

-Option to rewind or read history log. Sometimes I misclick and cannot go back to read or rechoose an option

-The head position of Diego when he is shirtless is kinda off. It made his neck look longer than normal. 

Another random request from me, since you mentioned that MC remember how Diego smells like when he first walk in the house. I assume musk will be a topic? I'm a huge fan of musk, so I'm excited to see more of it in the future :D

Ok, I think we would see more relationship progress between MC and Asterion (hopefully). I hope the hotel management system would be fun. 

About idea,..., I... I want to sniff the bull and worship his body. It was too good of a chance to pass. 

In short, this is a great game.

Art: Art is unique, it's detailed, but not the typical Anime/Bara furry type. Though there is a lot of empty sprites. The CG is off in Leon route compared to the other 2? I'm not sure if it's change of art style or sth. I was not fond of the art initially cause I got used to typical Bara style, but it grows on me as I developped feeling towards the characters.

Story: Story was amazing. Plot is deep. 3 different playable date, and they all have different path. Though, I'm not sure how the other 2 playout if you choose one path. Like will you just ignore the other 2 and the only character you are playing with will determine the outcome? I hope not as it will damage the "universe logic". Say for example, the best scenario with Ramos route is to recruit an army. Then at the end of other route, say Leon, we should be safe to assume that he accomplished that task as well. Like they all should unite and they have contribute to the success of their ultimate plan. But that is just my opinion.

Characters: They are all interesting and have quite a good background. Though, I am hoping to see more on Ramos, he was introduced with little connection to the MC. And currently, I still didn't feel the connection between them. It was more of Ramos took care of MC. MC needs to do something to earn Ramos's love. Though, personally, I love the kinks in his route the most (oh well, personal reason haha). All other 2 characters have also interesting story as well.

Gameplay: Typical gameplay for VN. 

Music: Good choice of music and sound effect. 

UI: Very good UI, totally one of the best looking UI

I love everything about this game so far. 

So far the art is beautiful, the plot is interesting, though I was hoping to see some magic showcase or magic explosion showcase. 

Not sure if these are all characters that will be in this game because this world is big and I think we can have more characters too. *Mostly because all the potential date do not perk my interest (too old, too young) lol XD.

Excited to see more as the future unfold. Not sure which direction are you going, but I feel like the plot is a little bit too serious and could use some fun? Not like joke fun, but just something easy, bright, hopeful. But if the theme is fantasy serious then i understand

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Very interesting game, though it annoys me quite a bit at some points. 

Art: My first impression is it's a little bit too "innocent" and not mature art for a "bara" game. Through out the game, there is violent that I don't feel it blends very well with the art style. Though, to be honest, after completing the game, I'm in love with Amicus. He's so adorable, and maybe hot in a way...

Gameplay: the game is pretty linear without many option, so it feels more like a animated novel than a game. And this is where it annoys me a bit. There are so many choices that I would not agree with the main character and some point I was like "huh?". Though, it could all be in the parents's plan lol.

Plot: The plot is very political heavy and involve quite some drama. You would not guess how deep the plot is with the art at a first glance. I was furious, I was shocked, I was sad, I was disappointed, but I felt love from Amicus and that's all I need. 

Music: Quite good, I multitask and usually just low volume of the game, this is one of the few games that I actually use high volume because music and background noise is so soothing. 

CG: the game is plot heavy and there is not much CG scene, the CG is quite ok. The sex scene is quite short imo, though it was well written. 

TBH, this is not GOT plot heavy, but it is good enough that I can see it as a drama on netflix. The plot is rich, very potential and you can seriously make a season with all the missing piece of the puzzle. Now just hope some rich guy that is into furry and also happen to be a director play this game lol. Remember hunger game, bird box, are all manga ideas and was copied XD

Things I think could improve: I don't quite feel the love from Amicus to the main character is justified. There was a gap between they became close and be lovers. Then boom, Amicus cares too much about main character feelings. Like I don't see the transition from being close friend to being madly in love. There needs to be an event to trigger that. I assumed something important happened during the time skip, so I can buy that, but still.  After the main event towards the ending of the game, sure, I buy that they are deeply in love, but about mid game, I don't see that. 

I know it's quite impossible at this point to modify the option of the game, but I feel like though there could be so many possibilites if the main character act differently. I was hoping the MC could actually show that Earth actually knows more than them because quite frankly, they only depends on parents tech and doesn't even know how they work. Like the MC has some other important feature/skill that make him the chosen one, rather than the parents "plan" it. 

The game left me many thoughts after finishing it, so it's a good game. 

I have to registered to leave a comment here and I have never done anything like that for any VN before.

I saw this game being recommended on reddit as a "favorite" from someone. I looked at the art and was not buying that recommendation (one of my biggest mistake of judging a book by its cover). I appologize for that. The art initially was just a little bit cartoonish for me and I thought this was a short game with quick typical sex story. I was absolutely wrong.

This game has so many styles/gameplay/story that it makes me feel like it's a five different games in one. Each route has a totally different story, yet they are still relavent to each other. You are living in a five paralell universe. One of the plus sign of this game for me is that once you date someone, the story is about you and that character mostly. So your emotion won't be wreck when you already completed someone's else story (you don't feel guilty of cheating basically lol).

The writing is excellent, you make it so personal, I can believe that it is me that is in the story, and that's really rare for me. I saw my jaw drop in Darius's route due to unexpected discovery, I felt my blood boil in Coach's route after seeing the unexpected event at school. The story is so real because it's not just about sex, it's how you get to know each character, you have so many good friends to back you up.

The only suggestion I have is that I know in every route, everyone has their own problem. And I feel I want to help all of them (but with the parallel universe theory, things could have been resolved by itself if the main character was not involved with them lol). If that's the case, one sentence of mentioning that their issue was resolved would make me happy. If not, I think a secret route in which Eric doesn't have a love interest, but just want to help everyone with their problem. And maybe in the end, everyone thanks him and .... an orgy happen? I kid, I kid. But yeah, I would like to see everone's problem was resolved because the story is so real and it just dwells on me.

Thank you for making such a great game.