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In short, this is a great game.

Art: Art is unique, it's detailed, but not the typical Anime/Bara furry type. Though there is a lot of empty sprites. The CG is off in Leon route compared to the other 2? I'm not sure if it's change of art style or sth. I was not fond of the art initially cause I got used to typical Bara style, but it grows on me as I developped feeling towards the characters.

Story: Story was amazing. Plot is deep. 3 different playable date, and they all have different path. Though, I'm not sure how the other 2 playout if you choose one path. Like will you just ignore the other 2 and the only character you are playing with will determine the outcome? I hope not as it will damage the "universe logic". Say for example, the best scenario with Ramos route is to recruit an army. Then at the end of other route, say Leon, we should be safe to assume that he accomplished that task as well. Like they all should unite and they have contribute to the success of their ultimate plan. But that is just my opinion.

Characters: They are all interesting and have quite a good background. Though, I am hoping to see more on Ramos, he was introduced with little connection to the MC. And currently, I still didn't feel the connection between them. It was more of Ramos took care of MC. MC needs to do something to earn Ramos's love. Though, personally, I love the kinks in his route the most (oh well, personal reason haha). All other 2 characters have also interesting story as well.

Gameplay: Typical gameplay for VN. 

Music: Good choice of music and sound effect. 

UI: Very good UI, totally one of the best looking UI

I love everything about this game so far. 


THX for the praise of the UI - I worked only for webdesign-UIs so far, it is my first one for a game. x3