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Very interesting game, though it annoys me quite a bit at some points. 

Art: My first impression is it's a little bit too "innocent" and not mature art for a "bara" game. Through out the game, there is violent that I don't feel it blends very well with the art style. Though, to be honest, after completing the game, I'm in love with Amicus. He's so adorable, and maybe hot in a way...

Gameplay: the game is pretty linear without many option, so it feels more like a animated novel than a game. And this is where it annoys me a bit. There are so many choices that I would not agree with the main character and some point I was like "huh?". Though, it could all be in the parents's plan lol.

Plot: The plot is very political heavy and involve quite some drama. You would not guess how deep the plot is with the art at a first glance. I was furious, I was shocked, I was sad, I was disappointed, but I felt love from Amicus and that's all I need. 

Music: Quite good, I multitask and usually just low volume of the game, this is one of the few games that I actually use high volume because music and background noise is so soothing. 

CG: the game is plot heavy and there is not much CG scene, the CG is quite ok. The sex scene is quite short imo, though it was well written. 

TBH, this is not GOT plot heavy, but it is good enough that I can see it as a drama on netflix. The plot is rich, very potential and you can seriously make a season with all the missing piece of the puzzle. Now just hope some rich guy that is into furry and also happen to be a director play this game lol. Remember hunger game, bird box, are all manga ideas and was copied XD

Things I think could improve: I don't quite feel the love from Amicus to the main character is justified. There was a gap between they became close and be lovers. Then boom, Amicus cares too much about main character feelings. Like I don't see the transition from being close friend to being madly in love. There needs to be an event to trigger that. I assumed something important happened during the time skip, so I can buy that, but still.  After the main event towards the ending of the game, sure, I buy that they are deeply in love, but about mid game, I don't see that. 

I know it's quite impossible at this point to modify the option of the game, but I feel like though there could be so many possibilites if the main character act differently. I was hoping the MC could actually show that Earth actually knows more than them because quite frankly, they only depends on parents tech and doesn't even know how they work. Like the MC has some other important feature/skill that make him the chosen one, rather than the parents "plan" it. 

The game left me many thoughts after finishing it, so it's a good game.