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I have to registered to leave a comment here and I have never done anything like that for any VN before.

I saw this game being recommended on reddit as a "favorite" from someone. I looked at the art and was not buying that recommendation (one of my biggest mistake of judging a book by its cover). I appologize for that. The art initially was just a little bit cartoonish for me and I thought this was a short game with quick typical sex story. I was absolutely wrong.

This game has so many styles/gameplay/story that it makes me feel like it's a five different games in one. Each route has a totally different story, yet they are still relavent to each other. You are living in a five paralell universe. One of the plus sign of this game for me is that once you date someone, the story is about you and that character mostly. So your emotion won't be wreck when you already completed someone's else story (you don't feel guilty of cheating basically lol).

The writing is excellent, you make it so personal, I can believe that it is me that is in the story, and that's really rare for me. I saw my jaw drop in Darius's route due to unexpected discovery, I felt my blood boil in Coach's route after seeing the unexpected event at school. The story is so real because it's not just about sex, it's how you get to know each character, you have so many good friends to back you up.

The only suggestion I have is that I know in every route, everyone has their own problem. And I feel I want to help all of them (but with the parallel universe theory, things could have been resolved by itself if the main character was not involved with them lol). If that's the case, one sentence of mentioning that their issue was resolved would make me happy. If not, I think a secret route in which Eric doesn't have a love interest, but just want to help everyone with their problem. And maybe in the end, everyone thanks him and .... an orgy happen? I kid, I kid. But yeah, I would like to see everone's problem was resolved because the story is so real and it just dwells on me.

Thank you for making such a great game.

Goodness, what a comment.  It's so great to see that you came around and really enjoyed the project and what is done so far.  I'm glad that my writing can cause such a range of emotions too, haha.  That must mean I'm doing something right!

In regards to problems, one thing to keep in mind is that some problems might not occur in other routes.  Like Coach's relapse into a heavy depression.  It doesn't occur without the MC, so it's not something I could say was resolved, since it doesn't happen without the MC on his route.  It's a tricky thing to play with!