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I don't currently have an active discord.

You actually choose to hang with Coach on Day 2, and after you leave his classroom, you'll encounter Dwayne outside the school before heading home.

I certainly don't plan on exploring that in this world x3

Well, these dragonkin don't breathe fire, but he can use fire magic, so...

I think you'll enjoy him then!

It will be possible, yes ;3

...there's nothing to download x3

Oooh, that's a good question.  Thank you!

Some of this stuff, you'll find out for sure ;3  Some good things to know!

I wouldn't say they are romantic paths, but they are folks that I plan on adding some... fun with.

Man, I don't even know what to say.  IT sounds like things have been a bit wild for you, to say the least, but I'm glad to see that the project has done so much for you too.  Thank you for taking the time out to share this, and I hope things start going your way!

My silly self forgot to save the page when I added in the update, so they never posted x3

You can't.

Glad to hear it :D

Haha, thank you!

Awww, well, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

The -final- version will be free to Patrons, and it will be purchasable on Itch.  There will come a point where I stop updating the public version as well.  The full routes will end up going into public updates (and maybe the epilogue) but any kind of 'Bonus' days I do will be Patreon only and part of the final version.

I talk about this in the Dev log.  It'll be fixed in the next update.

Uuuhh, there might be a portion of time between Day 11 and sometime later that I still haven't gone through to update facial expressions.

Hahaha, yes, skipping through can have some... odd results there.

The version number is always on the main page and the development log.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean with 'Launch'.  Is that through the app?  If so, I wasn't aware if did that myself

Aahhh, well, thank you!  I'm glad to see you've enjoyed it all so much and that it could induce such emotions!  Thank you for the kind words~

I keep forgetting to update that one.

Currently, no.  I won't do anything like that until it gets closer to 100% completiion

It's hard to say, to be honest.

I'm starting on Coach's epilogue soon, actually.

I plan to make more for sure :)  Dwayne absolutely gives those Himbo vibes too x3  It's great

The FAQ has some possible solutions to android troubles in it.  Beyond those, I'm not sure what else could be done.

There's some info about this in the dev log. It'll be fixed in the following update~

There's some info about this in the dev log. It'll be fixed in the following update~

Glad you're enjoying what you've played so far though!

Chester does make a cameo in the House of Beef, yes ;3

We will not be, but you can always check out See No Evil by CaptainGerBear to learn more about him.

They are not currently posted anywhere.

I think I've seen mixed results with this.  I've had someone people mention before that they couldn't, but I'd swear some people said they could x3

There's a pinned post on my Patreon page that has a link to all of the guides in it :)


TBH, I forgot these were active still.  Guides are for Patrons only now, so as of now, these links shouldn't work any longer.

Just hang out with Coach on Day 2.  It'll lead to Dwayne.

Hah, he did get his color during his last update!  (I did go with a light yellow, kinda... banana cream color).

I never really considered giving the MC a color though!  I wonder if I could give the player a choice there... kind personalize it a little more for them x3  It's something for me to think about!

Thank you for sticking around for so long!  I'm happy to know that you've liked it!