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Some people have an issue with their anti-virus deleting parts of the download.  Check with that to see if it's causing issues.

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The FAQ says the -solution- is a keyboard app.  That's the only answer I've seen for that problem.  SOmeone else has offered an idea on how to fix it, so it'll be implemented in a future update, hopefully.

THanks so much!  I've considered more beyond Richard, but we'll see how that goes.

Not sure what would be causing that.  It would be on my end, since I don't host the actual download.

Deleting this comment, since I've stated I don't need people reporting errors from the public builds (and it takes up a lot of space).  Erros like this are generally corrected in the next update, as the public builds are two behind already.  

Arrgh, yeah.  That'll be fixed in the next update.  D key refreshes the game, and it wasn't brought to my attention until recently.

I do plan on launching the OST later on.

Addressed in the FAQ.

They are with the 1.64 notes.  Or, you can open the "Game" folder, and right there, I have a file called "Changes" that lists the changes also.

It's a custom song done by StoffertheWolf on twitter.  Currently, it isn't available for download on its own.  IT will be in the future when I launch the OST though!

Thank you!

I've considered making some extra content -after- the routes are done, so we'll see how that goes ;3

I'm happy to see that the project has had a positive impact and that you are enjoying what we are doing.  Thank you so much fo sharing!

Thank you!

DevLog has been updated now for more information.

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Harold's story isn't over at all.  It'll be pretty clear when I end a route ;3

As for sexual stuff, I can only put in one thing at a time, so we'll have to wait and see how that stuff plays out.

My FAQ answers the Richard question.

With the drama, I have plans for both of those bits of information either.  It's not so much as missed chances, but more waiting for the right time.

Glad you're enjoying everything though ;3  I have a ton more work to do still!

I update on the 16th of every month ;3

No, I don't.

It's just an image error.  You can click ignore until it eventually passes, otherwise, it's something that'll be correct in future updates.

Check the DevLog.  All the details about the update are there.

THank you so much though!  All support for the project is appreciated :)

As it stands right now, once you're on a route with someone, there isn't any kind of deviations from that.  I've thought about adding that in later, but right now, it doesn't exist.

If you're having a hard time entering an answer, some people have to use external keyboard apps to do this.

Thanks so much!  I'm really proud of what I've done so far.

Working on it! :D

Andrew is straight.

Darius has one adult scene in his route already, and I'm sure I'll do another for him ;3

This is one of those conflicting posts.  On one side, I'm pleased that I can inflict such emotions through what I write, but on the other side, I don't want folks feeling bad either >.>  A lot of what I write comes from real life experiences and whatnot, so don't lose hope! 

Thanks so much for that =3  A lot of the music is listed on the credits page currently, since I'm using mostly Royalty Free stuff, but I have music in production as well, which will be available for download later on as an OST.

Thanks a bunch for the support =3

Thanks so much for your support!  I don't think I'll ever make a discord myself, since I just don't have time for anything like that.  As for Fanart, you can send me links via Twitter, FurAffinity or email me at!

I will once Darius has his pirate costume.

Click ignore until it's gone, otherwise, it's something that will be fixed during the next update.

I don't really understand what you're talking about.  My updates have been on schedule x3  Update 1.59 got an early update here  because of huge issues with 1.58.  I only update the public version on once a month, so most updates here will be around 30~ days apart.  I update Patreon 2 times a month still.

No.  Bam isn't my character.

Well, thank you so much for that!  I hope things start to look up for you, and I appreciate your support, in any way.  I'm happy to hear that you've enjoyed it so much =3

Thank you so much for that!  I'm happy you're enjoying what we're doing =3

Azaghal is a cameo character and does no belong to me.

What bug?  Coach's rework had only gone so far, as of 1.60, if you're talking about art.

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THe most common mistake people make is by not waiting for the three minutes on the steak, and flipping it right away.  (You don't REALLY wait 3 minutes, you just wait for three messages)

I will keep working on it ;3

Uhh, yes?  None have been added yet, so there is no need to change that right now.

The music that he's taught was composed just for me, by StofferTheWolf .  Later on, I do plan on releasing an OST for it (there is more custom music being produced for me too!).

No routes have truly ended just yet either.  Everyone will know when a route comes to an end for sure though.