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That's correct.  1.39 has the Spencer Day 17 and Darius Day 12 update.  1.37 added Daruis Day 11 and Grifter Day 21 (and Dozer Day 11 from the 1.36 update).  There should be a file titled "Changes" in the main game folder that I include some of the changes for each update as well :)

Day 16 is as far as Spencer's update goes in that version, so that is correct.  The Patreon version just got an update to run through day 17, and I'll update the public download to that version next month.

1 in the public version and 2 in the Patreon version so far ;3  More to come!

Hahaha, glad to hear that!

Check this out https://u18chan.com/board/u18c...  see if that helps.

Replied to kuulpb in Mushroom?

Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars.  The Mushroom Forest had a certain directional path to walk along, and that was part of it x3

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U U R U L (This is one of the things that alludes to Mario RPG).

At the moment, there are no special demos on itch, jsut on my Patreon page.  You've made me think of some things to possibly adjust for the future though!

Anyone that is pledged to me on Patreon, just check out the "Update" posts and read through that.  The instructions are all there :)

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Well, taking it to Dyne is a reference to the comic, since Dyne creates potions for the shop they work in (ti's just something for later).  IF you're missing the first guy on the list, he has to do with the Ouija board.  There's one thing in particular you're supposed to do with a board before you finish playing with it, and that's be sure you tell it Good Bye.

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The box won't.... open?

Hmm, it's not something I'm familiar with. I feel like someone did it the first time I put it out (but I honestly don't remember).

Thanks you very much! Just playing it and letting me know you like it does wonders for me, so thank you!

Ahh, thank you so much! Even just checking it out is completely appreciated!

Totally appreciate it! Glad to hear that you're enjoying it too :D

So, for the perfect ending, you need to have -all- the helpers unlocked, the "ultimate" potion and the mushroom piece when you go through the ending.

You mean you're wanting to buy extra copies? I'm not sure what you mean.

The saves to transfer just fine! From time to time though, if I add new variables (or if it's been a while since you started over from the beginning), you might have to start over fresh. It doesn't seem to come up as often as it used to anymore!

The stone tablet you find is a direct translation of the English alphabet read left to right starting at the top. (you can find it on Kirin's instragram if you didn't snag a screen shot of it) ;)

Created a new topic Quick Fix!

It has been brought to my attention that there is an issue with not all system having a certain font. I have updated the files, and for anyone that has purchased it and is having this issue, you can download the "segoesc.ttf" font and just place it into your game folder, and that should take care of that.

Sorry about any inconvenience!

Well, Bam and Azaghal are just cameo slots, so they won't be dateable, but I will be adding more characters in!

Thank you, thank you! It is getting a little closer to update his guide juuust a little more, I think.

Thank you so much! Glad you've enjoyed it. Do be sure to give Dozer a shot ;3 People seem to really be enjoying the way his character moves along.

Thank you again!

Neither of the IDEKA Specials were made to open on mobile phones, unless (like you requested) there is some special app to allow it.

Check back here on the 16th, and I should have it updated again (with the Day 20 for Coach too!).

And thank you so much ;--;

The music prolly didn't cut out on you. Most likely, it was just the lack of me keeping music there! (Music is the thing I'm doing the worst with atm!) Glad you're loving it enough to make a video. I'll have to check it out!

Firstly, thanks for the donation <3 It means a lot to me!

As for unlock things, currently, there isn't anything like that right now (if I'm understanding correctly). The only version that will have unlockables (like the gallery) will be a Deluxe version when it releases (or for the $10 Patrons).

Woops. Thanks for pointing that out! x3

Aww, thanks for much! So happy to see that you're really enjoying this stuff. (Coach is a total cutie, right? x3)

Ahaha, yes yes! There will be more music. I recently hooked up with someone to do some music for me, so it's something in the works. My job with the music has been pretty shoddy, but I hope it will get better! At first, I was tossing in music to get feedback about how it felt, then I just got... lazy with it. It really needs work, but I'm on it!

Hey there! At the moment, none of the routes are complete (there is still a lot to do!). I typically update 2 times a month for my Patreons (once in the middle of the month and once at the end), and I typically update the public version 1 time a month (middle). This month is an exception to these things though, due to moving to a new home. Next month, things should be normal again :D

Coach's route still has around 10+ days left in it, depending on where I take his story, so there's still plenty more to come with him.

Thank you :D

Awesome to hear! Thank you so much for even just considering it :D So happy to hear that you are enjoying it, so thank you!

Awesome to hear! :D

It really depends on how long it's been since you started his route fresh. Normally, an error like that means a new variable was added in, and it won't initiate until you restart the route as a new game.

Thanks so much! Glad you are enjoying this :3

It's the most recent public update, despite what the file might say ;3

Thank you! The android version, despite its name, is still the most recent public build. The Day 20 Coach update will prolly roll around... middle of next month for the public I hope (I was just approved for leasing a home in another state, so this month is hectic for me and updates!).

I understand what you mean there! So happy that you did enjoy what you played though :D

I really don't have any way to estimate a completion time for it. 1 route is nearing completion, but there are still 4 others to do (and I'd even like to add a couple more guys!), but... we'll have to see how things go!

Thank you :D None of the routes are finished yet. Some are getting closer, buuut, they aren't quite there :)

Thanks thanks! I'll be updating the public demo again soon!