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Yeah, Fanart is just fine!  (I'd just ask folks not to use them in fetish stuff x3).  My art and such in game aren't to be used elsewhere though, unless the person has my permission.

If you're running an antivirus program, it's possible that it's killing the files, and you need to tell it to allow EA through.

Started the art transition with a new artist last year.  Just haven't fully changed it in code

I only update the public version on the 16th, so when I do that update, it'll be 1.79 and 1.77.

Unfortunately, there isn't a build that works on iPads.

If you're a Patron, you'll go to the "Posts" tabs on Patreon, go to post titled "Update 1.78" and read the post.  The download link is there.

Guys or Gals or Neither, it doesn't matter.  I'm happy to have so many different kind of people enjoying the work I do :)  I'm happy to see it all!

Actually, if you choose to not name the MC, his canon name and birthday are put in ;3

Thanks!  I'm deleting the posts now.  It took all over 30 seconds to delete the code that made those faces appear.

Then post some of images here, and I'll delete the post after I've checked it out.

Thanks so much!  I'm really happy to hear that stuff =3  The BF is definitely getting better too!  I actually didn't realize I had copied any of the stuff to my DevLog >.>

A lot of folks really want that song, so I've considered posting it on YouTube and to my shop, just so people can have it already.

That Cop is also my artist's character, Officer Ger = CaptainGerBear x3

The only couple of times people have seen it and mentioned it to me thought it was funny.  Honestly, I forgot you could get that ending, since it's been there since I started the project, and you have to make poor choices to get it.   It'll be changed eventually though, cause it was just a placeholder while I was learning how to code things, and I didn't know what to do there (maybe it's how Richard's route is triggered).

This isn't an RP game.  If you want to experience other characters, just play their routes.  I was bad about character interaction in the early days, but I've improved that in later days and will rewrite stuff later to better improve that.

And your comment about graphics makes no sense.

Haha, it happens.  You're definitely not the only one.

Home page states that bugs from the public version don't have to be reported.

When I first redid that scene, I didn't have underwear at the time, soooo, he was just a ken doll.

I appreciate that!  I just don't plan on doing any kind of translating until routes are completed though, since I'll be revising stuff!

Well thank you for your concern!  I definitely try to take my breaks, cause yeah, it can definitely be taxing at times.

It's one of my favorites!

I do plan on selling it, once I have a complete soundtrack!

It was custom created by StoffertheWolf for EA.  I have yet to post it anywhere online.


Please stop posting these here.  I actaully have a note on the front page saying errors don't have to be reported from the public version, and all it's doing is flooding the comment section here.  I appreciate you wanting to help, but you need not worry about these kinds of things.

I do love those faces >.>

As for the Darius bet, I had to fix it a while back.  At one point, it was broken, but it's always been possible to either win or lose.

You can see that here >>

None of these are made for iPhone.  Apple makes iOS releases a pain, so I can't do those currently.


The image gallery is for $10 patrons only.

You did x3  I updated early due to the short month!

Thanks so much.  Glad you're enjoying it!

Thank you!  

More will come, so keep an eye eye for it ;3  Thank you!

Thank you so much!  Glad to hear it~

Of course!  Traditional art is always great to see :)  I'm happy to hear that you've enjoyed it so much to want to do that!

Possibly >>

Game won’t start “Cannot Execute .exe Missing”.

Some people have reported this as an issue, and it seems to be caused by antivirus software deleting the .exe file.  You just have to configure your software to allow the game through.

It does!

It's corrected with update 1.73, so the next public update will have the fix in it.

Public demo is updated on the 16th of each month.

Just an image bug that I haven't fixed yet, it seems.

There are two interactions with him.  Three if you count the one that has no images and is only text.