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It'll be removed, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Those scenes only took a little piece of code to fix (I just hadn't thought of that), so it took almost none of my time to do.  They were just misaligned is all.  When I do rework them with new images and such, I'll leave those to housekeeping updates, since they will take up a lot of time to do.

I used to do 2 days per update, but I've also started making my updates longer as the routes progress.  I went from 600-700 lines of code to 1200-1500 per route update.  If I shortened the days, I could do two per update, but there'd be less going on.

I was in the middle of uploading new versions.

Some android devices require an external keyboard app to function properly, and I don't know what causes that.

How can I bottom/top for “insert character”?

As of right now, Spencer is the only character that has both roles implemented in one scene.  Everyone else has only one role to play right now and more will be implemented later. It takes a lot of time and resources to do one scene, so flipping the scene from being a top or bottom to the other will take extra time.

Check the FAQ.

They talk about it during Chester's route.

No idea yet! There's a lot I want to do.

This one was not made for mobile.

Thanks so much! DArius has been a lot of fun (and a bit of a pain) to work with.  He's really changed a lot since I started with him.

Bahaha, that's a really cute idea.  Thanks for the idea, so we'll see how things go from here ;3

Thank you.

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Thanks for your input.

I haven't finished anyone's route yet.

She'll have her own sprite one of these days.  I already have concept art for her.

It's been pointed out in several comments.  These images don't exist, hence they cannot be found.

That one song in particular is an original done just for EA  Another song he plays is from the BenSound website called Piano Moment >

You can go after Coach, Spencer, Darius, Dozer and Chester.

Those images just don't exist yet, so it seems your stuff is working fine!

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Did you extract the ZIP file first?  After you extract it, there is a file in the very top folder called Extracurricular Activities.exe.  If it's not there, delete your file and download it again.  -  Make sure you downloaded the correct version for whatever system you're using also.

The gallery is a Patreon only perk.

On mobile, the build of the game is different than previous builds due to an update with the Ren'Py client.  It creates a new app instead of updating the old one, which causes the save files to not load.

No, I said his Dance Studio photo on Day 4 was updated, not his background. 

That's all you can do until I run the next update.  ODd that you're getting that error though, since I don't recall that happening.

Perhaps your download was incomplete.  Delete it and try again to see if that helps.

On android, yes.  I updated my RenPy client recently, and when I did that, it started building the APK files in a new way, resulting in this happening.  Not sure if you can hook your phone up to a computer and move the old save files around though.

Haha, well thank you.  I wanted something that could be enjoyed by pretty much anyone (and my artist for it is strictly SFW!).

I won't start his route until I finish at least one of the other routes ;3

Glad to hear you're loving it!  Thank you for giving it a play =3

It won't be secret.  It'll happen x3

Thanks so much!  Glad you're having a good time with him!

No, he won't be.  Cameo characters will not be dateable.

He's been in the game since February.  Lots of stuff happened that you'll just have to read through the comments to catch up, if you so choose, but right now, to change the human would require you to alter all of the art yourself or just experience a lot of odd dialogue placements due to no character being on screen.

Haha, well thank you so much!  I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

I'm sorry that you feel like the time and effort we put into this isn't worth a few dollars.

I plan on having the gallery in the completed Deluxe version.

You might have to contact Itch support.  That's not something within my control, since it's something on your end or theirs.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it!  Darius has certainly been an interesting one to write (albeit a pain at times), but he's really proving to be a fan-favorite here lately.

Thank you.  I'm glad you're enjoying!

I will not create and run a Discord server for it.  I have enough on my plate as it is x3

Check the FAQ.  It might be in regards to your virus program.