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THanks so much!  Glad you've enjoyed it :)

There isn't an update this month >> https://www.patreon.com/posts/clarification-14257574 <<

There's no update this month >>  https://www.patreon.com/posts/clarification-14257574  <<

For people wondering why there isn't an update, please see this post >> https://www.patreon.com/posts/clarification-14257574  << .

Patreon and Itch are two separate entities.  If you pledge VIA Patreon, go to my main page on Patreon, go to the POSTS tab and you'll find the posts that lead to links there. 

So, I really suggest starting off with a good plot/story to go along with, since...  you can't even start without that!  Next, you'll want to decide how you're going to handle art.  A visual novel can't really exist without visuals either.  Once you get those two things handled, then I'd look into programming through Ren'Py (it's free and easy to use).

Thank you, thank you :D  Spencer is such a good boy, it's hard to resist him~  So glad that you're enjoying him.

I think Darius is okay..  I don't remember what day his last one was in the public update, but I think he's okay :)

As for the day when I first created it?  Man, I think it was September in 2015 when I started on Patreon, meaning I started working on it August 2015 or so!

Ahhh, thank you so much :)  So happy to hear that you're really enjoying what I'm doing!

Thanks thanks ;3  Sounds like Chester is really into you then, if he said that!

It is unfortunate, but it cannot be avoided v__v

HEhe, well thank you!  I felt like I needed to put something there, and it went together nicely, I think x3

Thanks!  There are guides.  You can find them here >>  https://www.patreon.com/posts/guide-updates-11871696

Richard will get his route later on :D

You would get access to that, yes :)   Pretty much, if you pledged any time during this month, you'd still have access to that last update, and if your pledged cleared for October, you'd also have access to the IDEKA project I am working on with CursedMarked.

The clarify, I plan on having 2 versions of the final product :)  One will be free, which is basically going to be like the version I offer here on itch.io (you'll get the full story and all the basic stuff), and I plan on having a deluxe version as well, that will have a small fee to it, but it will include some extra content, like the image gallery, music gallery and maybe some special scenes (I don't have all of those details planned atm).

Yes, it will be!  This is a side project on Patreon, and it'll be update about like how my other one is updated.  We'll update the public version again soon.

You -must- restart his route from the start, otherwise, this will happen.

I have a lot more music now than when I started, so I really just need to go back to previous days and start adding in music, little at a time.

Harolds book is another one of those areas I have to work in too.  It's in serious need of an update, but I've been more focused on progressing the character's stories.

The gallery is not in the android version, and probably won't be until final builds.  It's only something ro the higher tier Patrons right now.  As for scrolling in the credits, I didn't know about that.  Thanks for pointing it out!  I'll have to see what I can do about that.

I'm not sure I get what you mean about the saving.  You can save whenever you want, and I think it even autosaves before a choice is made (I recall someone saying that before).

Thank you for all the feedback :D

Coach, Spencer and Chester, as of this last update.

As for the guides, I can't say, since I'm not sure when I'll update them again.

You can, if you make the right choices ;)

Aaaahhh, thank you so much for the support :)

From time to time, you have to start over (Like on Chester's update, you -have- to), but typically, your save files carry over without a fuss.  IF you try to delete the older versions though, make sure you find your save folder and copy it first.

Ahh, I knew there was something I forgot!  Thanks for pointing that out x3

Aww, well thank you!  Spencer is totally a great guy <3

Ahaha, well thank you for checking it out.  I'm glad you've enjoyed it!  We'll just have to wait and see what Coach wnats to do, when that time comes ;3

Hmmm, he might, if he appears~  We'll have to see how that goes!

There won't be any type of growth beyond what would normally occur with a person feeling bulkier after an intense workout or feeling a bit bloated/fuller after eating a huge meal. ;3  It's not a direction I plan on going.

That he is.

He will!  I just gotta finish up one of the other guys before I start on his~

Thank you so much :)

Thank you!

That's poor design on my part x3  You can click on places like the bed or computer, but I don't give any kind of indication on that (something to fix!)

Thanks so much ;3  All the support I get is welcome, no matter what kind it is!  It helps me so much, and I appreciate it :)  I think everyone will be super excited for the next chester update to his public too!  That should be... 16th of next month!

Muchas gracias!  :D

Actually decided to test the Darius stuff on my phone, and it works just fine on my phone (for the newest updates I've done), so it should be working just fine when I update again!

Ahaha, the friend that sketched out the BG just threw that poster on the wall for fun (I forgot to erase it until at least AFTER the con).

The cooking stuff should work via taps with my last update, but if it's not working, I'll have to check it out and try to figure out why that is.

Thank you!

He's finally making people feel something!

Well thank you!  Monetary support isn't everything to me.  Any kind of support is totally appreciated.

There is not "best" search at this moment.  I haven't actually made any of that relevant to the story yet.

As for guides, you can find them here > https://www.patreon.com/posts/guide-updates-11871696

You're welcome!  And thank you too ;3

Hehehe, glad you enjoyed it!