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I don't know what you're talking about, but spreading misinformation will do nothing but harm the project, myself and my artist.

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There are guides available on Patreon for the $5+ support tiers.

Asking here won't help, as the last day isn't public yet (unless of course you're downloading it from somewhere else).

Goodness, what a comment.  It's so great to see that you came around and really enjoyed the project and what is done so far.  I'm glad that my writing can cause such a range of emotions too, haha.  That must mean I'm doing something right!

In regards to problems, one thing to keep in mind is that some problems might not occur in other routes.  Like Coach's relapse into a heavy depression.  It doesn't occur without the MC, so it's not something I could say was resolved, since it doesn't happen without the MC on his route.  It's a tricky thing to play with!

Glad to hear it, thank you!

Maybe you're thinking of a different game, because there are just as many expressions (with a wider variety even) with GerBear's art.  Perhaps you just aren't paying attention to it :)  Some of the older days still need work, so that's a possibility too.

Darius is a top.  That doesn't mean he's not willing to give other things a shot.

Actually, quitting is the good ending. 
Neutral ending is him putting your relationship on hold.
Bad ending is him just breaking up with you.


Check the FAQ for only the known solution for this issue.

From the FAQ posted on the main page.

Is “INSERT CHARACTER OTHER THAN RICHARD” going to have a route or be dateable?

Side-characters and cameo characters (such as Bam, Azaghal, Carson, Dr. Tora,Reggie,Tai, Boulder or Grant) will never be dateable routes.  I do not own those characters, and will not be putting funding towards having more art done of them. The primary focus is towards my main cast of characters.

Actually, when I first made the $10 tier on Patreon, I put a a build up here with the image gallery to let people know what kind of perks they get for supporting on Patreon.  The image gallery with be a part of the final build of the game, but that will not be free either (unless supporting on Patreon).

From the FAQ posted on the main page.

I can’t install/start the game.

Some people have had issues installing the game on PC or getting it to run (file can’t execute).  One thing to check is to see if your virus protection software is blocking it and to allow it through.  Another thing to check would be to make sure your download is complete. Try deleting the file and downloading it again.

Ahh, thank you so much!  Always happy to see Dozer as someone's favorite ;3

Hahaha, that was part of my April Fools update, and I might just leave it there for good.  



There is no alternative, haha.  That's what he says on the best outcome ;3

Don't judge him.

Very slowly, haha.  I haven't done a housekeeping update in a while, but I plan on completely replacing all the assets in another route the next housekeeping I do (which will be soon).

I'm really glad to hear that the project has been able to help you out and that you feel the way you do about it.  It's one of the most satisfying things about the project to me, knowing that it has helped some folks.  Thank you!

Haha, glad to hear that.  Thank you!

Ahhh, thank you so much for the kind words!

Some backgrounds don't actually exist, or the code hasn't been updated to reflect the background existing now.

It doesn't find backgrounds that don't exist yet.  There are still BGs that need art done for them.

Haha, well thank you for that!

One day, I'll get that updated x3

Haha, glad to hear it.  A handful of folks have been amused by this.

Who knows why it flipped, but I can still see it :)  It's really a fantastic picture!  I'm always happy to see art of that wonderful woman <3  Thank you!

That's not right.  It's not set up for being played in a browser, so it should have a download to play normally.  It's possible it's something wrong with the Itch app.

Completing one story at a time will not speed up the process at which the final game is completed.  I'd still work at the same rate as I do now.

The whole project is still a WIP, and there are plenty of errors to still e corrected.  I've actually asked on the main page that people refrain from posting errors here :)

I tested it myself and got no errors.  I have had messages in the past with similar issues, and it had something to do with the default keyboards used on Android phones.  Sometimes, downloading a keyboard app seems to fix this.

I think it's a problem with a recent renpy update, and it's one of those issues I wasn't aware since...  it hasn't come up till now.  I'll be checking it out after I finish my update for Dozer.

Are you getting results for typing other words like "cards" or "money" ?

How can you say that I should give you the option to dislike someone when I don't have a valid reason for doing so?

On PC, there's nothing you have to do.  Delete the old build and launch the new one (it won't bother your saves).  For android, if it doesn't just update the app, delete the old one and install the new one.

Check the FAQ.

Why is that?