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It works fine.  I'm not sure why some folks can't install it and others can.

You can find the download links on the most recent "Update ####" post >>

It'll be in a public build eventually.  Probably next month.

Coach Grifter, Chester and Spencer (Spencer's won't be public till later this month though).

No.  They aren't found because they don't exist yet ;3

No, and Richard's route is currently Patreon only.  It's not public yet.

I'm always happy when people like Maria so much, but she's too pure for us... Hahaha

You talk as if I don't have 3 more routes to finish (with one just now starting!) ;3

Oops.  I had so much trouble with.... everything yesterday, I guess something went wrong there and some lucky folks get the galleries for that update x3

MAC And PC are up.  Still having issues with android.  The builds are oddly large, and I can't upload them until Itch allows me to.

Huh, the files showed as being uploaded, but the files aren't there.  Looks like I have to reupload them.

Android Version is still MIA, but MAC and PC versions are up.  Check the DevLog for more info~

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Hey guys, the update is... coming!  My computer did a full reset while I was getting stuff ready, so it's taking me a little extra time to get things posted.

His final day will be added on the 16th this month.

The schedule I posted in the dev log says that, at that time, that was my -Patreon- schedule, not my public schedule.  Public updates are still 16th.

You don't.  I have to fix that, since it's just a missing background.

There isn't.  I have plans for... alternate things, but there is nothing in-route for that right now.

They exist for $5 patrons on my Patreon page.

I forget this background is still a thing, bahaha.  It was one of the first things I added in the game, and I just... have yet to replace it.

This is my Patreon schedule, not a public one.

Bugged how?

All is well with us!  Thanks for checking in =3  Power is on, water is on, and the sun is out in full force!

Thanks so much for sharing this here!  I was dreading coming back to see a slew of "Did he forget the update?!" messages.  This saved me a lot of trouble, so thank you~

Hah, this is great!  It looks like it turned out pretty great to me ;3  I haven't made the dish in a while, but seeing this makes me want it again!

There are just links on Patreon for you guys :)  I don't have any integration between itch and EA with Patreon just yet.  

Woops, my bad, haha.  Shows how much attention I was paying as I rushed through that today.

Nothing like that just yet.  I won't have a final product like that until the project is closer to its final stages (I rely on the constant support of Patreon to keep adding art in).

I've been over this time and time and time and time again.  It's -never- going back to that.  If you want CMs art, go support him on Patreon.

I do plan on putting it on Steam when it's complete or close to completion :)

Those are accessible to $10 Patreon+ supporters.

I'll be updating on the 16th this month~  It's just next month's update will only have one day to it, since I am taking the second half of December off.

Hah, well I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much!

It has MAC support.  I just forgot to check the MAC box for the file x3

Yes, Dyne lives in the the United states, so while he updates on the 16th in his timezone, it's possible that it will be the 17th in other places x3

Thanks, thanks!  I appreciate it.

Hahaha, well, I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it as much as you have!  Thank you so much for giving it a shot =3

I'm pretty sure I mentioned not believing everything you read. Instead, you chose to fan the flames of discourse.

In regards to the post linked and the character in that post, read this instead where someone actually TALKED about it with him instead -

As for something he might have said... like 6 years ago?  How long ago was gamer gate?  The only 'proof' I've ever seen is something about him saying he didn't feel oppressed as a queer game dev.

Take what these other people have to say with a grain of salt. Some people will twist the words of others to suit their own agenda of just being angry for the sake of being angry.

There's a message about that at the top of the main page.

Even I had forgotten what it was, haha