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I always been a fan of this kind of remote island setting, Looking forward for more! :) 

The grandpa's route aka Scribble, The MC will also join the summoner shard.

Aiden's route will get a rework, probably after the forth route is done.

Tate and Granpa's (Scribbles) route, Tate route is now available fpr patreon and will be release for public in a week or two.

It's okay to take care of yourself, I wish you the best of luck! 


Interesting story and I'm looking forward for more to comes, especially the 'light' thing. 

Holymoly, a DOM Protagonist?? This must be a dream.


Whoa, the animation CG is so good!


Dallan's route already on mobile my dude.

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Great first build! I'm looking for more to come and Cory.. chef kiss.

Hello! I have a question, is MC a human or anthro? 

Man, reading characters interactions is like walking in mine field, they're ready to snap all the time.

The mystery and character's backstory is super intriguing and I'm dying to lern more.

The best thing about fast romance is I don't have to wait for 3 years update for MC and love interest to touch hand uwu

Finished the first build and having a great read! :)

Good first demo! I love the background and sprites, didn't know what to think about the story yet since there will be much more to be told, I'll keep an eye out for the updates :)

To access Klaus's route you have to get a jacket from Rune or Devon in day 1 and go after Klaus. Then process to hang out with him if you have a chance then choose to sleep in Bjorn's room and pick follow Klaus into the forest.

Promising first build! the idea of being a lust demon influence the others characters is also refreshing

Very great first build, I enjoy character's personality and all the cute guy. Only thing I think need to change is the fox boys eyes colour, it should be the same since they said no one can tell them apart.(I mean their eye colour is dead giveaway)



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Yup, definitely wait for next year.


If you are a psychological horrors fans then go for it!

Very enjoyable read! I love MC's silly monolgue and looking forward for more to come.

Will there be android version?

This game is so interesting, good character introduction. Hope to see more to come! 

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My eye bleeds from reading Glenn's RED text 😂

Try install the apk file with XPAK Installer in Playstore. 

It like every routes combine together lol 

Each routes will have their own good and bad ending :)

Interea took 2 months for 1 build. So, maybe Khemia will be on hiatus for a year or 2 years.

Let's be real. This vn probably not going to be updated for YEAR (until Interea is finish) and it sad because this one is my favorite :)

Jeffrey new expressions looking good! but his hair is a bit too long, kinda remind me of Ran from detective conan.

: O

I can now rest peacefully.

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If I remember correctly, 1.Sit with Mikko -> 2.Go look for the key(then get jacket from Bjorn) -> 3.Go to the forest(Klaus) and follow him deeper(Nightmare) -> 4.stay with Bjorn in telescope session -> 5.Ask to sleep in Bjorn room -> 6. Follow Klaus  

Hope this help!


You need to ask Bejorn(The bear) to sleep in his room, later on you will have a option to follow Klaus.

Lake is Pogger.

I'm simping for JC