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Wow! the world building is impressive and I love Reamus's thoughtful personality, Besure to post your game on FurryVisualNovel reddit to make people know more about your game! 

Everybody gangster till The end of their husbando route come out :')

Yes, but actually no.

Oh wow, just want to read positive review before playing but I got spoiler instead? :/

eh, I like him too but after finished Echo we all know this is not going to end well.

Intresting, can't wait to try it and Simon is really cute!

Oh wow, time goes by so fast. I'm so glad first demo will coming out soon ^^ 

Nice game and cute MC. cant wait for the next update hehe ^^

(Is this too late? sorry..) You need to choose Ignore to continue the Story

Looking great! can't wait for more update >w<

Good game I love your Pixel style! ^^

but I still confuse how to scroll back and hope I can save the game.