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Love the first build! :)


Use Joiplay

Try installing app in download folder, not by tapping install after it finished downloading.

Very fun and interesting story! Edgar is also a cutie.

Honest answer is None xd all of their game aee just like that. But Jenna's route is actually really good(or even the best one actually) you should try it! You even can progress in her route by just being best friend too by choosing 'Yes, Im gay' at the park. 

When in half of her route spooky stuffs happens but no jump scared :) 

hope you give her route a try and good luck!

Who know? I still build 0.1


Choose option to make her view the town as evil place, 'Agreed with her opinion about Leo, 'This town break people'

Paintfox mostly does wholesome arts so i'm really interest what he can do to bring out dark element to Arches :D

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"Who is Dave really is?"

At the beginning we learn that he is a kind-warmheart, honest, naïve person and probably the most lawful/good person of the entire game and while not being so smart like roswell he's posessed a great judge of character. However as the story progressing I start to noticed something felt off, his depression-arc is a bit long and repetitive and it's also weird when he pushed eveyone away while saying 'Hey, if you want to talk just talk to me, anything is fine' when spending time with route partner.

Dave is a genuinely good guy, so it really strange how he acted in bad timeline, I understand that the writer want to show us reader what Dave's personality will change in different timeline but his change is a bit overdone.

[[SPOILER in worse timeline]]

Before Dave reach worse timeline he is already sad and depressed, after someone death he starting to snap at everyone around him, his kind considered personality shift to delinquent and rude to his friend who still worried and care for him, now do you think a genuinely kind person like Dave will acted like that way to his friend? If I were Hoss I probably slap Dave already. I mean just because logically Dave should change based on what going on around him, doesn't mean that Dave should changed into completly different person, at least stay true to his character.

I think the most reasonable and make sense way is he supposed to change to be more quiet, meek, subdue, low self esteem to suit his nature. When Dave told Sal he's better be dead, his feeling is hated and Resentment but in reality he should be saying 'I wish not to see you again' then breakdown infront of Sal becasue his feeling should be 'fear, confused, sadness of seeing his friend killing another friends' 

I hope I can express what I meant to becasue I'm not a native so writing and putting word into sentence is very hard and I'm not good at grammar neither . _ .

In latest update highlighted letter are replace with normal colour text now.

Well, Chase is bi :/



Wait until you try Jenna route ;)


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There is an option to determined Jenna as lover or just gay bestfriend. (Choose 'I'm gay' when she asked) 

Just one uplifting ending,. Go for the Ram route. if you new to echo I recommend Carl route first then Leo -> TJ -> Flynn -> Jenna, and don't you dare play TJ or Jenna route first since it will reveal a huge plot! 

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Okay, as a Person who follow this game before Carl route done, I highly recommend route to play as 1.Carl 2.Leo 3.TJ 4.Flynn 5..Jenna

Why? Because if you jump straight into Jenna route it'll ruin some     'plot'. The important thing is a puzzle and hint has been reveal slowly in each route. Think of it as a CHAPTER.

OH and before you play Jenna route besure that you finished Echo route 65 first! ;) 

This is so hot uwu// I think I just invoke my dark desire.  

Yes, each route have a hint and lore to The Smoke Room/Route 65.

Will Dom have a route in future update? oooor will it be poly relationships with Alex? 

Because I won't share him with anyone >:)

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You have to think of question yourself. For example, 'Can I trust you' however, there are some question that will alter dialogue in main story a bit.

I think when MC thinking in his head it should not show MC's name. Because I got confused that MC are speaking or thinking in his head.

Anyway, great game! :)

Sir, please give us Tom's winking with blep face sprites ; w ; 

Still work in progress.

I simp for Tom.

That's deep... I like it!

Look how much I can cry!

I really want to give this game a try but after reading MC's react in game, I just can't keep myself to read the full sentence before rolling my eye whenever MC's dialogues come up. So, I end up skip most of his dialogues and take a break. Gotta waiting for future update if MC's attitude going to be change or not. Crying is fine but it's weird to see they get mouchy so fast and He said he not a kid but acting like early teen.

Gee, how many visual novel have you played.


I have one question! In future update, can we hide MC's portrait in dialoge?  

Amazing demo! and the fox got me hooked.

Aw man, I thought it gave a bonus point ._.

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Bruh, dude. You thought I don't do that? :/ 

I finally got it yesterday, Apperenly all I need to do is named coffe cup from the start as 'Hoss' lol

Ah yes, that's the thing I kept trying for year, but thank you anyway.

Playing this game for year and still can't figure out how to unlock Hoss's second CG, try looking for a hint online and on itch's comment section. Sooo please give me a hint :')