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I appreciate the hard work. This game is lovely~ <3 <3

unfortunately, a softlock occurs when stepping into the flesh zone's second screen after using the pet reset function :<

An impressive comic, with plenty of work done on it. I have to compliment both the dialogue, no errors, and the art, and the plot line.

In art, it looks sexy and interesting, and the potential ending might be uplifting from one perspective, but also sad, and this is of course just a fraction of how bad it can actually be.

implications aside, great work. Really

It is really a shame theres not more content from this author. Really love this kind of content and genre, it's not done very often. The cowification aspect I mean.

It definitely has potential. I think this could very easily rival Fenoxo's work on TITS if it had some spell checking, some deeper storylines, and of course Combat. Because really, a game needs to have Gameplay, yes?  Keep up the good work my dear

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This worked for me too! Thanks!!

Edit...and it breaks every time I head for the house. Yeah i'm assuming it keeps trying to call back ot the Pats menu and that bugs it.

what fixed it for me is opening up mail and then hitting the X of the mail messages.

Yaaaay this game is so well made!!!!

Maximum overhorny doesn't seem able to be used, and there are some blank text box pop ups. Unfortunate, but I like what you're doing. Hope you can fix things and tweak things so that you are not frustrated with your own mechanics.

Personally, the latchers are my favorite of the flesh trio. ^^;

Absolutely wonderful~ really, love it, so happy you're making this! <3

Only thing I could comment is the 'Flesh' dungeon does need more work, specifically with speed, if Rena was faster, I or any other player could 'control' which parasites are able to attach, or pry them off...Also I assume you'll follow Grove's setup where those forms have their own debuffs, and additional scenes related to the enemies and so on...But really, combat is FUN, the art is delightful, I can just praise this all day~ <3

Great job on this

If you're still working on this, then hey, props. I might check it out in a bit, keep up the good work.

A shame this does not seem to be worked on anymore. Oh well. Good bit of art, maybe someone will do a similar thing one day.

This game gets my praise for the character creation system alone...

This game is being actively worked on?!....5 stars, immediately.

wow I didn't think this was still being worked on! Glad to see it is and hope you're doing well.

Have known this artist on FA for a while, but had no idea he was working on this stuff. Life gets busy so hopefully he remembers to post something to soon.

Is this game dead? Just curious of it's status, and things like bugs, or other issues...I know sometimes the Itch site is abandoned even though development is continued on other sites, or discord, or a more formal release?

An intuitive map, a story mode with tutorial, a slow burn rise in difficulty....You guys are awesome!

Thank you for making a great game. The scenes are nice, but really, if the 'gameplay' itself isn't great, then I won't be reaching the scenes now will I? but you made it not a pain to go through! Thanks for being a great dev~

Amen. Very well said.

yeah I also noticed the uh funny troll endings. Idle ending was funny to come back to after my power went out and I went to see whats up xD

I'm also confused why theres no dev notes or update post, but if theres new stuff I'm happy <3

I just want to say 'thanks' for working on all of these great updates. The bug fixes, the character art, it's all very appreciated and very nice to see. You and the guy working on Renryuu, making what would be a somewhat quaint rpg with lewd story elements into something bigger, grander with each year...It's inspiring~

The only sad thing really for me, is that there will be an end to the current story. You can only drag on the acts so long about meeting the Queen. But hopefully you guys won't stop there. I want to see more~ i want to see who is next in the lineage of advantage and monster girl fun <3 So yeah, thanks again for the bug fixes, it's one small cobble stone that paves the road to a truly amazing game. Ok maybe amazing is a little heavy handed, lets go with titillating <3

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If you try to tell Galiano the truth about why you're here an Exception occurs.
and when trying to skip the details as well...

Very cute. I'm not against the animation of monsters and more...lets say lively artwork and combat, and content, but make sure not to overwork yourself, or focus on things when you want to do something else. Unlike most jobs, game design really relies on passion. Without passion, there can only be a grinding slog to produce content.

I have a lot of high hopes of this <3 also Happy Holidays!!

Awesome~ You do great work, and I hope it's all running smoothly for ya. Also, Happy holidays!!!

A wonderful game <3 very cute. Personally I prefer Bunny Hunter because the characters were absolutely adorable and made the scenes better. Love the work you put into these games, hope to see another rpg or similar styled game with a story <3 <3 .

Just wanna say great work on this and thanks for continuing to work on it <3 great game~

I almost hate you for making this visual novel so good it distracted me from everything else....

Almost....great job on this, really.

Just gotta leave a comment here,great work on this. Absolutely stellar effort put into the writing. All the commendations, all the five stars, and more than that, I'm glad you're going back and fixing issues too. It's all very polished so far

Love what you did with Foxy, but yeah the drain on the door slamming is so brutal x.x At least it's worth it when you let her in.

Looking forward to the balance update, keep up the great work, and God bless you~!

Pretty great job. Love the artist, love the poses. Nice work~

Not a huge fan of the horror genre, but you did a great job. Also..THANK YOU for the lack of jump scares. I hated that

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Really hope you're still working on this, it's just perfect~! Hope to see additions where more training and such is incorporated <3

(I'm a helpless, happy, obedient puppet!)

I just want to compliment the game creator, great updates, the music, the menu...everything is getting more and more polished. I have an old version of the game, 0.020 I think. and It's great, but now, coming back to it after maybe half a year or something, I'm just so impressed that you kept updating everything in general. Good job~!

Guessing a public update isn't in the works, at least not this year. That's fine. I'm glad you're doing well financially and in terms of development speed. It looks like you guys have made a lot of progress in the year. Eager to see what else might be released later on.

Wonderful update! <3 good job!!

Thanks! I appreciate it, I guess I spook easily since a file once had a trojan virus, so I try to double check things.

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So I just wanted to ask, why is the folder titled WindowsNotEditor?

Also why does it request permission under the name of Epic Games?

This looks like it could be a cool game to try out, but those two things kind of make me hesitant to start the game up. It's weird, but I understand if I'm just being paranoid.

Edit: I might just be paranoid after all, if it's just Unreal Engine...still a strange name for a folder, but okay. I was just being silly.

Wow. Well kudos for such a great piece of rogue-lite amazing combat. Keep up the good work! Already shared this with friends and definitely will let them know if you come up with an update <3

This is an absolutely fantastic game. A shame it does not look like it's still being worked on, but wow, great stuff for a very pixely old school rogue-lite. Absolutely quality work right here.