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Not mine, just found it at the furry_irl reddit, but thought it's relatable.


Minotaur Hotel community · Created a new topic Crazy idea?
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Okay, I recently re-watched 'Repo: The Genetic Opera'. Don't judge me, but I think it's one of the best rock/metal musicales. And I thought... Minotaur Hotel rock-musical? It's not a real idea, and I'm not ready to adapt the visual novel to the musical. I just started to learn vocal, and plan to buy a greek bouzuki (expensive stuff, these rare instruments). But imagine, something rock-ish, with Greek motives (a-la the Hades game soundtrack) with vocals... by the way, what's your opinion on how your favorite character could sound like? :)

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Well, while I'm sad to read this, I can totally understand. One thing I want to say: real life should always come first, especially when it's about your parents, here I can relate. So no worries, if someday you will want to return to your project, it would be great. If not then not. Best of luck to you.

p.s. Sorry if my message is somehow sounds inappropriate, English is not my native language.

Same issue in Safari on MacOS. Says certificate is revoked.

Belgium Blue by huntercobra22


I don't know about everyone, but I'm literally learning from him. :) Ability to be calm and collected in different situations, and ability to say the right words to the right person at the right time, that's what I'm lacking. So, he is a good person to learn from. :)

I tried to search it. Maybe there were other words... but, yet again. I just mention it :)

Okay, first of all, possible spoilers.

Second, I found a bug or a mismatch in the dialogue. I managed to complete the Internet project in Chapter 11, using Luke and Asterion in the R&D team, and Kota and the MC in the exploration team; MC's background - Humanitarian (+2 to contracts). In the previous chapter Luke and Asterion have been working on the project. Looks like this way it is possible to complete the project in the 11th Chapter. However during the breakfast scene in Chapter 12, the MC and Asterion talk about the project as if it is not completed yet.

It's a minor issue, however, I just leave it here to inform you. :)

On the dark desert highway
Cool wind my hair...

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Well, I just answered honestly, as me. It was quite innocent. :) However I assume, there can be consequences. But the main idea is to create some dialogue choices that are there just for the flavour of the game, and don't bear any long-term consequences, requiring to create spreadsheets, having track of dozens of possible branches, etc. :)

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Okay. I thought to make an edit to my previous post. However it becomes too big, so I write another one.

The only thing I can imagine that can be not too hard to implement. Let the player sometimes answer to phrases in the simple dialogues, that don't have further consequences. For example, the drinking game got it really good. I don't know, if there will be consequences, yet, however I can imagine it's just a fun time, where the player can act as they please. Another option is the dialogue with the old man in the prologue, where you can say that you saw something supernatural, or that science can explain many things (yet again, maybe this choice has some consequences, and just missed them). But what I'm talking about: such choices can spice up the game and add depth to the MC without requiring an extensive rewrite or creating too many branching paths, just add a line here and there. And there are plenty of such moments in game. The recent I remember, is when you sitting with Asterion first night after the lounge opens, and he asks you "Have you ever looked at someone you know and seeing them like the first time", simple "Yes, I do know the feeling" or "No, I've never experienced it" with some one-line reaction from Asterion if latter is chosen (first option already have a great "What a precious thing" answer) can get the player more immersed and add to the roleplay experience of the game. And there are more dialogues where it can be implemented.

But it maybe not everyone's cup of tea. I understand, that some players prefer to have only important choices, so someone could be unhappy with the possibility of such "flavour" things.

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Well, what I think is, that is your game. You create it, write it, tailor it, so I'm not in the place to demand something. :)

Let's be frank. You're making a huge complex game, with great characters, amazing world and  strong plot. You're doing it for free, not even asking for donations. You even allow us, players, to participate in its creation by crowdsourcing ideas. So, yes. I would love the main character to be more active, more talkative, I would love him to have more defined background and have different dialogue options that creates his background and/or have additional consequences in the future. But if it is too tedious to be implemented, then it is. It doesn't make the game worse.

More than that, I think any person with at least average imagination (and I consider myself having really mediocre imagination) can create headcanon for their MC, and while it cannot be explicitly articulated in the game, one can dream, right? :) And I often dream of possible situations and interactions between MC (or me personally for that matter) and Asterion.

Maybe one day there will be a 'remake', or sequel, or some Minotaur Hotel version 2.0, or something else. When you have more time and more possibilities, and if you ever want to go back to this world you created. Until then, the game is beautiful as it is. 

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Okay, I'm totally aware that MC in such VNs should be only a vessel for the player to pour their personality in. But I have another inquisitive question/suggestion. :)

So, what we know about MC:
1. He had travel a lot.
2. He has some place, that he calls home, though it is mentioned only once. It's the place where he rests between meeting the old man and going to the hotel.
3. He has no friends or family to speak about. At least, once we have an internet access in the hotel, he's not trying contact anyone from his 'past life'.
4. He never tries to travel outside the hotel, be it to visit someone worth visiting or just trying to get some mementos from his home. It is not forbidden by the rules, as far as Master Jean have a possibility to go outside and participate in a war, and, sadly, be killed there.
5. He never mentions anyone or anything from his 'past life' in his talks with Asterion or other guests/employees of the hotel.

So yet again, I understand that 'hollow' MC is a vessel to pour yourself into for deeper immersion in the game.

However I must ask the question, if MC is not me, and I just guide him, same as the narrator is not just 'a voice describing what's going on', but someone else's words, be it Athena (god have mercy on my soul, I would despise her seeing and commenting everything I do) or some other entities... well, if me and MC are different entities, shouldn't he be as grateful as Asterion, for receiving a purpose and close friends?

Let's imagine MC without the player's guidance? It's a lost soul without a place to call home, without friends, and close relatives? He is educated in one field or another, but he just travels, taking odd jobs here and there. So, what we have here is:
1. MC's personality past/character is intentionally left ambiguous, letting the player to speak with available actions and words of MC, and when actions and words are not enough, figure everything out by themselves, even if it means screaming into the cold screen. :)
2. MC is underdeveloped, and deserves more options, to tell Asterion and/or Kota and Luke about his past, maybe express the same feeling of getting some purpose and goal in life, when meets Asterion.

Okay, summarising: I understand if MC is an empty vessel for the player to put himself in for immersion, but I find it somehow lacking of being able to express some well deserved gratitude to Asterion and other characters, talk about the past (every previous Master had their past), and maybe find more meeting points between MC and other characters. If it is the original design of Minoh team, I bow before their will and solemnly swear to play the game as it is at least a hundred times until I check every possibility and every choice, except for hurting Asterion (no one can drag me to this path!), however if it is something that could be thought of and implemented, I hope it's not a bad idea. No pressure. At all. :D

edit 1: p.s. Sorry if this topic duplicates some old one, I tried to search by "MC", "background" and "past" and didn't find anything similar.

edit 2: p.p.s. I remember that there is a drinking game, where MC can share some lewd (and not so lewd) insights from his past, but that is still not enough, especially, if we don't know, will choices in the drinking game have some consequences, in... ahem... more private relationships with Asterion. :)

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1. True. But I still find it hard to connect the old man's words and Zeus' personality.

2. Because he can. Maybe he just wanted a smoke, and traveled the most common way for him. :)

3. I described it to my answer to MechaRhino above. In short, when he gave you the phone to enter your phone number for him to find another traveller for the hotel, he was kind, sharp and on your side. He was even avuncular with you and Asterion about having a possible bond of more than partnership and/or friendship. Next he's showing up in the hotel during the opening night, planning something sinister against Asterion himself (according to Argos' words), and later trying to kill Argos in cold blood. I wouldn't say that this is a slow change in character, going senile gradually.

Yet again, I can be wrong, I'm more than sure that I'm wrong, I just trying to provide another viewpoint, given the clues I see. :)

edit: The one thing I'm sure of, is that Hermes' changes in personality is not a natural (for gods) things.

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I would say, that it is not. Before the notorious scene with P, Argos clearly says that there is something wrong with Hermes, he's planning something bad, and even sent Argos to the hotel. After that Hermes is trying to kill Argos in cold blood with amount of witnesses around. So either he's a good in pretending (because he was seemed mostly as a nice and decent character before these events), which is hardly in line with the idea, that he's already senile. Senile people aren't good at playing elaborate roles of good persons, while planning something bad. Or he's really already senile, and that is happened sometimes between he left the hotel in his full mind (after you gave him your phone number) and before he returned. And that is a really short time span of weeks or even days.

I hope I convey my thoughts good enough. But just in case. Previously we saw Hermes is when he promised to guide another traveller to the hotel, playing strictly and sharp on the MC's side, and even giving a speech of how much MC would delight him, if something bigger than partnership would happen between MC and Asterion, showing his affection to both MC and Asterion. The later he even compares with his child. Next we see him in the hotel during the opening night acting strange, avoiding MC, and even plotting something sinister against Asterion himself, according to Argos' words. Which is hardly consistent with the character. That's why I think it's some outside influence.

Thanks. I would definitely enjoy it. Though I enjoy almost every character in the game (even Greta, god have mercy on my soul). :) Additional thing that I love about your game, is that it is multicultural, so to say. It's always nice to have such perspective on people from different countries, even if some of them are mystical. BTW, I still didn't check Themba and Khenbish. I should do it on the next walkthrough. :)

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> Back when we started the game we had no way of knowing just how bad things would get in the following years... Hell, to me the burning of Notre Dame came out of left field, I wasn't expecting anything of the sort to happen, let alone a pandemic and now a war between Russia and Ukraine.

True, however I would gladly change being a citizen of the country waging an unjust war for another lockdown. :) It's not that bad as it can be though, so let's hope, that things starts to get better from now on, and not like this.


> But I suppose that only makes our choice to work on this game more justified, because we wanted to create a story that would be like a friend to people, that would help them heal.

That's also true, the game is just beautiful, interesting, and, should I say, really cosy, like a 'close friend' cosy. Though I would never complete the "bad master" route, I just can't hurt Asterion at all. :)

> So reading what you wrote tells me we are on the right track.

Hell yeah. :D 
By the way, I saw an USSR international passport in the game, when MC checks the hotel's front desk safe. Do you plan to add a Russian character? I understand, that it's a bad time to talk about anything Russian, though I would certainly enjoy such character even if they play only a small part in the plot, as Greta and Ismael.

> I'd be happy to hear your work, too! I always check all the discussion here so you can be sure I take a look at everything that gets posted.

We all have to start somewhere (sometimes, again and again). It's better be now, than in a couple of years, even if the world around is coming apart at the seams.

> And I hope getting your nose pierced didn't hurt too much!

Thanks. :) Not much, but hurts even now, though it's kind of pain I love.

> I think you'll like what we have in store. It's more of the good stuff. It will bring joy.

Oh, trust me, I will. :)

p.s. The the comic strip is from: here.

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> Well Zeus certainly travelled a lot to get all those people pregnant lmao.

True, however it is not like he had no home: Olympus is his home. And the old man tells that he has no place to call home. If he's telling the truth of course. :) I understand, that it can be Zeus, especially with the talk about his abusive father. Cronus is known for eating his kids. :) But I'm just arguing for the sake of providing another viewpoint. ;)

> On another note, it's a very minor detail but after your talk with the old man you exit the cafeteria and there is only a single person in the station. We don't get any details about this person other than he smokes, Jean (Hermes) is also shown to smoke when meeting Luke.

Yet again true, but how can we know that the old man is still in the cafe after we exit it. :) Hermes is already known to be able to transfer himself instantly to different locations: on the opening night he did it twice, first time in the lounge, and second time when he teleported from the infirmary. Maybe he can change disguise that easily too.

> I think the idea is that Zeus is pretty out of it, and by chapter 18 Hermes is also a bit depented.

Yes. However isn't it a bit quick for Hermes? He was perfectly normal, strong and fast-witted, when he gave MC his cellphone to type the phone number. Such quick degradation (weeks or days, when he lived hundred of years) should be due to some outside influence.

Okay. I'm not sure that I should post this, but consider it my love letter. :) Possible spoilers, but not much.

First I played Minotaur Hotel in summer of 2021, I presume, or it was 2020. I was bored and just looked for some NSFW furry novel to spend time playing. I found that furry VNs often give me some energy and strength to go through my life. While I found the game lacking usual NSFW-content (it's not the downside though), I found the idea, writing, and characters more than attractive. But I came to an end of the game (as far as I remember, it was ended on the Asterion concert back then), and I didn't play it since then. I liked it, and considered the game unusual, if I compare it to other furry VNs. Looking back, I think it touched some strings in my soul, but I didn't understand it back then.

About a week ago I played it again. I've grown tired of watching my little cosy world being shattered to pieces (Russian invasion in Ukraine, and all the shit that happens after in both countries), and decided to indulge myself in so much needed escapism. I downloaded the game again. Next thing I know, I'm in love. With the game, with characters, with Asterion in particular. I played it nonstop, like some kind of AAA game, exploring every choice and outcome, I can find, laughing and crying (literally), though I always thought about myself as a low-emotional person.

I looked in the mirror, and found a 30+ overweight guy, who was completely lost in depression since the end of February. And that is after I paid for personal trainer, and have almost never hit the gym after. I started to work on my self again. I wrote a song lyric, and I haven't written anything 'artistic' since 2018. As you can imagine, it is about Minotaur Hotel. If I muster enough courage, I'll post it in the Fan Content thread. I changed wallpapers on all my devices from non-committal sea/beach/blue skies 'wish I were there' wallpapers to the art with Asterion playing his lyre. And... I pierced my nose yesterday. Not that I'm not the fan of piercing, I have several additional holes in my face, but when I thought about it previously, I've thought about another piercing in my brow, and 'sometimes when'. But, when I saw Asterion with his nose ring, I understood: that is what I want, and I want it now. :)

So. Anyway, I don't know how you guys do that, it's some sort of magic, I'm sure. But I hereby vow in my eternal love for this visual novel. I find it ironical, that's the main purpose of the hotel is to find someone who's lost in life and give them home and purpose, and how it works in real life. Don't know about home and purpose, but I know I feel alive again thanks to you and your game. :)

p.s. Don't know the proper tag for these ramblings, so I'll set it to Off-topic.
p.p.s. For everyone who thinks 'what's wrong with this guy', I just had to write here what was lingering in my mind for a week now. Otherwise I'm perfectly normal-ish and fun-ish person. ;)
p.p.p.s. Sorry if it was too much.

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I also thought, that the old man should be Zeus, however, I just started replaying the game, and he's talking that he was a traveller in his younger age, and never settled down. So, assuming he's telling the truth, it's hardly Zeus: not the travelling god. :)

However crazy assumption: old man is Hermes. Let's just imagine, that's how he looks. And his 'Jean' look is just a disguise, or he transforms depending on his, let's say, sanity. Also, if I remember correctly, Hermes also started babbling in some unknown language in the infirmary, and also had shaking hands, and spilled coffee everywhere. So... maybe my assumption is not so crazy. :)

edit: Okay, I played through the whole prologue, and the more I read the less that idea seemed to be ridiculous...

I don't mind replaying the game at all. Moreover, this game I would love to play until I remember every word by heart. You created not just a great game, but the world I want to live in, so... :)

I'm just trying to find that fine line for the first play through, where I'm happy with all my choices and their consequences, and didn't miss too much of the content. :)

First of all, possible spoilers.

Hey guys. Looks like a found a minor (but an immersion-breaking) bug. After you build a bar and enjoyed your drink with Asterion, he keeps the same clothes (speedo and Hawaiian shirt in my case) for the rest of the day. It would be already weird for Asterion to go on the hotel business in such attire, however in my case it happened on the day when a dialogue with Kota is held before the Hades statue. I should say, while I enjoy seeing my Asterion in swimming attire, I still find it hardly suitable for this scene. :) If I remember correctly, after the pool scene there was an option to dress as before, maybe such option should be added here too. It's not some big issue of course, but I can remember some scenes, where such clothing can ruin the immersion even more. :)

Thanks for the help. I'm kinda new to, so it took me some time, to figure out, where the forum search and other stuff there. :)

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So. I hope, I'm not to late. :)

  1. Just about anything I can imagine, as long as it happens in privacy and by mutual consent. However, I would like Asterion to get a more top-like, dominant role during NSFW scenes. It can be implemented during the straightforward choice before the scene, or by using mechanic, that will give Asterion some "dominant/submissive points" according to the player's choices before their relationships come to sex. But I really want Asterion to be a Master's master, even just sometimes. ;)
  2. Well, I can really see it as it already is: some accidental (or not so accidental) touch, some accidental peek, some compliments here and there. I'd prefer the first scene to be driven just by emotions and instincts, maybe after the talk and the kiss... I've had it in my life, and for me it's the best option: no teasing, no riling up, just kiss, and the next thing you know - you're already making love. Of course, it can become really kinky later, but the first time is always goes on emotions and instincts. Maybe a bottle or two of vine before would be a good start. :)
  3. I think, he's doing it already, and by all means, very well (pool scene is VERY exciting). MC needs just get out this "we're just business partners" stick out of his ass, and Asterion should have less of this "Master this, Master that", though he's getting rid of it as of chapter 16 (as far as I got yet).
  4. Good idea, I'd also like to Asterion see the MC naked, and appreciate it, maybe. See him not only as a friend, or Master, or "business partner", but as someone sexually appealing. Well, MC have already seen Asterion naked: at least during the first chapters (though it wasn't sexy, mind you) or during the changing room scene. The last one would imply that Asterion sees MC changing too, but it's not explicitly said. As far as I can tell, there is not much text, implying that Asterion looks at MC with some sexy thoughts. I assuming it's the lack of his experience in such things, but I currently can't really imagine them making sex without going by instinct or after thorough preparation: thought here, glance there... P and Storm are good example. :)
  5. Anything that would remind him of his previous traumas. So, any rough BDSM with Asterion as a sub is out of question, at least before MC and the minotaur can get more comfortable on a kinky side of love. Asterion being a dom is more imaginable, though I don't think he would be comfortable in hurting his Master and friend.
  6. Can't say. I'd prefer to see my Asterion as (finally) more dominant. And I'm not the guy who can seduce someone without feeling absolutely awkward. :D
  7. Well, he can really be more bold with physical contact, occasional teasing, maybe some witty but not sleazy comments (as we already know, he can be a tease and give witty comments if he's comfortable enough with MC, why don't go with it to a new level) . As for NSFW scenes, I can imagine Asterion being rough, though by nature, and not by his own choice, with long sweet pillow talks after.
  8. As I said above, rough sex, but not by will but by nature. Well, if you're going to rile up a minotaur, you should be ready, that after he lose his head and all his shyness, things could be rough. :) I think some light restraints and teasing suit him too, maybe he would enjoy it on both top and bottom side. I can imagine him showing off to and/or teasing MC in not-so-private spaces, like the pool's changing room, though he must be sure they won't be caught, especially by guests. I can imagine Asterion and MC making love in the morning, somehow neglecting their hotel duties, only to have to hurry afterwards and missing a breakfast, or something like this. I think he would enjoy kissing and some oral sex, being top or bottom (adding maximum cringy "honeyed tongue" comment after). :D And yes, I think if he's free enough of his doubts and fears, he could enjoy almost anything, as long as it is love, and not just lust for a sake of fuck. 

p.s. The two things I can not imagine Asterion doing: is going after fuck-some-meat-with-no-feeling, and deliberately inflicting pain on MC just for a sake of inflicting pain.

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Hey everyone. First of all, if you missed the tag, spoilers, including game mechanics I understood! Don't read further if you don't want to be spoiled defiled or something similar. :)

So, I got to Hinterlands 3 the first time. As far as I can tell, there are 2 quests spanning 3 days each (6 days for both quests can be brought down to 5 days, if visiting the Flooded Town after visiting both the Colonel's House and Salt Plains). And there is a bunch of places you can visit to grow P's affection to Storm. I tried doing both quests and just getting Storm better clothes, but was not satisfied where it leaves both characters. I tried going full-out on building relationships with Storm, but I can't rid of that itch, that I MUST remove the Hinterland curse. And I tried doing only the Skinned Tapir quest, and going full-out for relationships with Storm after. As far as I can tell, getting 4 full-day activities with Storm is enough to get him to fall in love with P, and 3 more days is needed to complete one of two quests. While I think, that all this "bury remains" quest by Nini is bullshit: I presume she's trying to mislead P to not to lift the curse to "live forever". I prefer the Tapir quest, because it lifts the curse, however I feel P is mistreated by the Tapir God, and never finds closure over his grandfather sins. So my question: is there is a way to complete both quests, while maxing-out relationship between P and Storm? Or any other good and/or useful stuff I missed there? I visited the church and heard the nun talking about missing child, however I couldn't find anything about him yet.

While I understand, that Minotaur Hotel is about management as much as about story and relationships, I find time constraints really strict. I hope it will change with the final release, or at least there will be an option to remove time limits, maybe after the first playthrough. Maybe even for some "true" ending. When it goes to visual novels, I'd like to explore every possible option and get the best possible outcome without needing to replay the game dozens of times. But that's just a shoutout to Minoh Team. :)

Okay, guys. I already praised Minotaur Hotel about a year ago. But I took liberty to play it again to see the new content. And I'm hooked on it again. I spare you repetition of my previous praises to you, but I just want you to know, that I'd left everything and everyone in my life for a chance to be in this hotel. You know, the furry visual novels keeps me going in my life for a couple of years now. "I want to be like him, I want to do this, I want to feel that, I want to see this, I want to be there", all that stuff... Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. But Minotaur Hotel is something else. The first VN I want to experience IRL in its fullest. Though I understand that this is a fantasy, but the man can dream, right? At least, it revives my long lost dream to open a small hotel of my own. :)

But I, just by chance (I don't understand how the R&D in the game work), invented the infinity pool... and stumbled across the most beautiful scene of the game, I think. Refreshing and light-hearted. This makes me longing for something similar in my life.

Anyway, I want to thank the Minoh team for their selfless work. And waiting for the new update. ;)

p.s. Just in case, sorry for my English, not my native language. :)

Done. Though the question about pirating VNs had me doubting. Won't lie to you, I sometimes pirate games, VNs including, just to be able to play it, even if I can't afford it right now. Though every game I pirated and played, I bought after, even if I wouldn't play it anymore. It does not justify me, but that's how it is.

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Just finished playing it first time, and... damn that was great. Need some time to calm down now, so sorry if I would sound too emotional. First of all, I saw a game earlier, but didn't got caught by a description or screenshots. Yesterday at 9 P.M. I thought I'd give it a try for an hour or two, and... well... it's 6 A.M. now and I'm writing this in a very agitated state. First of all there could be minor SPOILERS, so watch out.

So... every visual novel, like the name itself implies, consists of two parts: visuals and writing. And while visuals are... let's say, rough for now (though I like character sprites and CGs), the writing is just great. It was the rare case, I didn't want to hit 'Skip' button to fast forward through meaningless dialogues or author's ramblings to some more interesting content. The story itself is awesome and absorbing, even though I'm not a fan of Ancient Greek mythology.

Characters are interesting and fleshed-out. Though some of them make me want to run away screaming (I'm looking at you, Greta), others are good enough to cope with their personal quirks. I really like Argos and how my perception of him turned from 'some smug snake' to 'I hate this snake' and to 'I love this snake'.

R&D, Exploration and Argos 'cheating attempts' are interesting additional elements, though the first two need 'free days', without the pressure of the plot, to be explored fully. And the last one is exploitable through the save/load scam. :)

Asterion. He's just adorable. And I don't know if it's another example of great writing, or just my perception, but from the first meeting in this damned cold room, I already knew that I would never hurt him or let anyone or anything hurt him. Which leads to the only real flaw of the current version of the game, I can see...

Replayability. If you don't want to be a complete jerk villain and hurt Asterion in any way you can imagine, the only things left for replay are different MC backgrounds and different lounge setups. I personally would like to see more diversity in the 'nice guy route' , maybe additional scenes depending of your 'level of niceness'. Don't get me wrong, I played the game only once and yet to explore other possibilities and choices, but it seems to me, that the 'bad guy route' currently has more variety. Maybe I'm wrong in this assumption.

Well... that's my kind-of-review. I definitely enjoyed the game and look forward for future releases. :)

And sorry for any mistakes. English is not my native language.

p.s. It was fun to see Soviet international passport. With no mistakes in Russian. ;)