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So. I hope, I'm not to late. :)

  1. Just about anything I can imagine, as long as it happens in privacy and by mutual consent. However, I would like Asterion to get a more top-like, dominant role during NSFW scenes. It can be implemented during the straightforward choice before the scene, or by using mechanic, that will give Asterion some "dominant/submissive points" according to the player's choices before their relationships come to sex. But I really want Asterion to be a Master's master, even just sometimes. ;)
  2. Well, I can really see it as it already is: some accidental (or not so accidental) touch, some accidental peek, some compliments here and there. I'd prefer the first scene to be driven just by emotions and instincts, maybe after the talk and the kiss... I've had it in my life, and for me it's the best option: no teasing, no riling up, just kiss, and the next thing you know - you're already making love. Of course, it can become really kinky later, but the first time is always goes on emotions and instincts. Maybe a bottle or two of vine before would be a good start. :)
  3. I think, he's doing it already, and by all means, very well (pool scene is VERY exciting). MC needs just get out this "we're just business partners" stick out of his ass, and Asterion should have less of this "Master this, Master that", though he's getting rid of it as of chapter 16 (as far as I got yet).
  4. Good idea, I'd also like to Asterion see the MC naked, and appreciate it, maybe. See him not only as a friend, or Master, or "business partner", but as someone sexually appealing. Well, MC have already seen Asterion naked: at least during the first chapters (though it wasn't sexy, mind you) or during the changing room scene. The last one would imply that Asterion sees MC changing too, but it's not explicitly said. As far as I can tell, there is not much text, implying that Asterion looks at MC with some sexy thoughts. I assuming it's the lack of his experience in such things, but I currently can't really imagine them making sex without going by instinct or after thorough preparation: thought here, glance there... P and Storm are good example. :)
  5. Anything that would remind him of his previous traumas. So, any rough BDSM with Asterion as a sub is out of question, at least before MC and the minotaur can get more comfortable on a kinky side of love. Asterion being a dom is more imaginable, though I don't think he would be comfortable in hurting his Master and friend.
  6. Can't say. I'd prefer to see my Asterion as (finally) more dominant. And I'm not the guy who can seduce someone without feeling absolutely awkward. :D
  7. Well, he can really be more bold with physical contact, occasional teasing, maybe some witty but not sleazy comments (as we already know, he can be a tease and give witty comments if he's comfortable enough with MC, why don't go with it to a new level) . As for NSFW scenes, I can imagine Asterion being rough, though by nature, and not by his own choice, with long sweet pillow talks after.
  8. As I said above, rough sex, but not by will but by nature. Well, if you're going to rile up a minotaur, you should be ready, that after he lose his head and all his shyness, things could be rough. :) I think some light restraints and teasing suit him too, maybe he would enjoy it on both top and bottom side. I can imagine him showing off to and/or teasing MC in not-so-private spaces, like the pool's changing room, though he must be sure they won't be caught, especially by guests. I can imagine Asterion and MC making love in the morning, somehow neglecting their hotel duties, only to have to hurry afterwards and missing a breakfast, or something like this. I think he would enjoy kissing and some oral sex, being top or bottom (adding maximum cringy "honeyed tongue" comment after). :D And yes, I think if he's free enough of his doubts and fears, he could enjoy almost anything, as long as it is love, and not just lust for a sake of fuck. 

p.s. The two things I can not imagine Asterion doing: is going after fuck-some-meat-with-no-feeling, and deliberately inflicting pain on MC just for a sake of inflicting pain.