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Chapter 12 Internet discussion with Asterion?

A topic by Craft created 13 days ago Views: 106 Replies: 2
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Okay, first of all, possible spoilers.

Second, I found a bug or a mismatch in the dialogue. I managed to complete the Internet project in Chapter 11, using Luke and Asterion in the R&D team, and Kota and the MC in the exploration team; MC's background - Humanitarian (+2 to contracts). In the previous chapter Luke and Asterion have been working on the project. Looks like this way it is possible to complete the project in the 11th Chapter. However during the breakfast scene in Chapter 12, the MC and Asterion talk about the project as if it is not completed yet.

It's a minor issue, however, I just leave it here to inform you. :)

This has been brought up so many times now.

I was kind of expecting this to be about the babel coin thing.

I tried to search it. Maybe there were other words... but, yet again. I just mention it :)