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Well, what I think is, that is your game. You create it, write it, tailor it, so I'm not in the place to demand something. :)

Let's be frank. You're making a huge complex game, with great characters, amazing world and  strong plot. You're doing it for free, not even asking for donations. You even allow us, players, to participate in its creation by crowdsourcing ideas. So, yes. I would love the main character to be more active, more talkative, I would love him to have more defined background and have different dialogue options that creates his background and/or have additional consequences in the future. But if it is too tedious to be implemented, then it is. It doesn't make the game worse.

More than that, I think any person with at least average imagination (and I consider myself having really mediocre imagination) can create headcanon for their MC, and while it cannot be explicitly articulated in the game, one can dream, right? :) And I often dream of possible situations and interactions between MC (or me personally for that matter) and Asterion.

Maybe one day there will be a 'remake', or sequel, or some Minotaur Hotel version 2.0, or something else. When you have more time and more possibilities, and if you ever want to go back to this world you created. Until then, the game is beautiful as it is.