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Okay. I thought to make an edit to my previous post. However it becomes too big, so I write another one.

The only thing I can imagine that can be not too hard to implement. Let the player sometimes answer to phrases in the simple dialogues, that don't have further consequences. For example, the drinking game got it really good. I don't know, if there will be consequences, yet, however I can imagine it's just a fun time, where the player can act as they please. Another option is the dialogue with the old man in the prologue, where you can say that you saw something supernatural, or that science can explain many things (yet again, maybe this choice has some consequences, and just missed them). But what I'm talking about: such choices can spice up the game and add depth to the MC without requiring an extensive rewrite or creating too many branching paths, just add a line here and there. And there are plenty of such moments in game. The recent I remember, is when you sitting with Asterion first night after the lounge opens, and he asks you "Have you ever looked at someone you know and seeing them like the first time", simple "Yes, I do know the feeling" or "No, I've never experienced it" with some one-line reaction from Asterion if latter is chosen (first option already have a great "What a precious thing" answer) can get the player more immersed and add to the roleplay experience of the game. And there are more dialogues where it can be implemented.

But it maybe not everyone's cup of tea. I understand, that some players prefer to have only important choices, so someone could be unhappy with the possibility of such "flavour" things.


At least once I'd seen Asterion get huffy after the drinking game.  I forget what choices I made to get there.

Not sure if that would get longer term consequences.

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Well, I just answered honestly, as me. It was quite innocent. :) However I assume, there can be consequences. But the main idea is to create some dialogue choices that are there just for the flavour of the game, and don't bear any long-term consequences, requiring to create spreadsheets, having track of dozens of possible branches, etc. :)