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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I don't usually look at forums.

To start, I just want to say that this novel is absolutely phenomenal! I don't usually play visual novels and i'll admit when i clicked on this one i was looking for a lewd game but I'm glad that I managed to come across this particular tale. The last time a story moved me in this way, I was accepting my sexuality. Asterion's story and healing process that we get to watch and guide him through helped make me more introspective and find my own mental and emotional scars. I can't bring myself to be harmful to the poor moo, not intentionally anyways and I feel like the representation of his trauma is stunning and heartbreaking. 
I've only managed to get one playthrough but i think a nice bonding moment between the MC and Asterion would be Asterion teaching the MC how to play the lyre either with his or by making one through the hotel.  As someone who was inspired to pick up music again thanks to this novel, I just feel like it would be a nice touch.

Just a thought, but whether it happens or not, I can tell this story is going to be amazing, even if i am apprehensive about future updates. This one ended so happily, I can't help but feel like the trials ahead are gonna be real rough. Still, anxiously awaiting the next update! Keep up the good work!