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Merchandise would be nice! Maybe some buttons or shirts... Plushies would also be cool too, Get a chance to cuddle the moo irl. It may be a lot to compile or work with but a concept art book or even a collection of short comics might be cute too.

Happy New Year Minohteam and stay healthy! Thank you for making this wonderful, gripping, and sweet story, I can't wait to see what happens next for the big guy.

P.s. Festive Asterion looks great, especially since he's looking so confident

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Just finished playing 0.4, I'll try to post without spoiling anything, but here's a spoiler warning just in case

I've got to say, the writing and story just gets better! Asterion's trust issues and trauma make me want to hug the moo tight, you've all done excellent work in putting his thoughts into words. It's interesting seeing and playing with someone so relatable, it almost feels like by helping Asterion, i'm helping myself. It's heartwarming to see him come out of his shell, even for a little bit. Regarding a certain event between the MC and Asterion, there was never a question. I can't remember the last time i agreed to something so quickly.
The new music is alluring as well, hearing the new pieces set the mood for both apprehensive and somber instances. 
As for P and Storm,  I'm enjoying them, but like all new things, especially with what transpired previously, it feels like a calm before the storm. (Sorry for the pun)
Please keep up the good work, Minoteam! 

p.s. Argos is uninvited to the band.

As someone who read lots of stories, I can say without a doubt that this game puts me in my feelings so quickly it makes my head spin. I don't think I've ever related to a character or projected myself so heavily before this game. It both breaks my heart and gives me hope, so you are definitely not alone in the feels lol

Any game that can get you thinking like this one does is worthy of all the praise in the world, it's hard to portray such relatable characters but they've hit the nail on the head, imo

Any chance we can get a little merry band together with the guests? Asterion has his lyre, and Argos his flute.
While i wholly understand if there is no reconciliation between the two, admittedly it would be fun to see some changes for the better. Either way, keep up the excellent work mino team!

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this, I don't usually look at forums.

To start, I just want to say that this novel is absolutely phenomenal! I don't usually play visual novels and i'll admit when i clicked on this one i was looking for a lewd game but I'm glad that I managed to come across this particular tale. The last time a story moved me in this way, I was accepting my sexuality. Asterion's story and healing process that we get to watch and guide him through helped make me more introspective and find my own mental and emotional scars. I can't bring myself to be harmful to the poor moo, not intentionally anyways and I feel like the representation of his trauma is stunning and heartbreaking. 
I've only managed to get one playthrough but i think a nice bonding moment between the MC and Asterion would be Asterion teaching the MC how to play the lyre either with his or by making one through the hotel.  As someone who was inspired to pick up music again thanks to this novel, I just feel like it would be a nice touch.

Just a thought, but whether it happens or not, I can tell this story is going to be amazing, even if i am apprehensive about future updates. This one ended so happily, I can't help but feel like the trials ahead are gonna be real rough. Still, anxiously awaiting the next update! Keep up the good work!