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Just finished playing 0.4, I'll try to post without spoiling anything, but here's a spoiler warning just in case

I've got to say, the writing and story just gets better! Asterion's trust issues and trauma make me want to hug the moo tight, you've all done excellent work in putting his thoughts into words. It's interesting seeing and playing with someone so relatable, it almost feels like by helping Asterion, i'm helping myself. It's heartwarming to see him come out of his shell, even for a little bit. Regarding a certain event between the MC and Asterion, there was never a question. I can't remember the last time i agreed to something so quickly.
The new music is alluring as well, hearing the new pieces set the mood for both apprehensive and somber instances. 
As for P and Storm,  I'm enjoying them, but like all new things, especially with what transpired previously, it feels like a calm before the storm. (Sorry for the pun)
Please keep up the good work, Minoteam! 

p.s. Argos is uninvited to the band.