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The visual novel has so much potential! I loved the story and Rudolph however, it was really short. lol, I wish the main character had a gender/male. I am guessing the main character would be human? I feel like that would fit the story imo. Do you have a patreon?

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By far the best vn I have ever played! The animation is perfect. Relatable characters, the first vn to give me a cartoon vibe,  Maccon is so hot. Imo I recommend adding a screen shot of him on here. I noticed he isn't on here like the other characters. Just so people  that are thinking about playing this master peace. They can see all the characters.  Keep up the good work!

 The mc reminds me of Joffrey from game of thrones. Even after that when the mc and Amicus get close. he is still an ass hole. Yes He got abducted but Amicus treated him well. The things Amicus has put up with. The mc could have got himself killed a lot. He has caused Amicus a lot of problems because he is a negative brat.

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Idk if anyone feels the same way but, I feel like the mc could use a  personality rework. A lot of times I feel like he is to negative, rude and a hypocrite to the point where Amicus is in a toxic relationship. Sometimes Idk what he sees in the mc. It makes this vn a lot less enjoyable.

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Could you add human as a playable race?

I can't wait for Kahulan  to be a romance option!

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That wouldn't be fair just because you don't want it that's not how it works. Most people want a relationship with Kahulan because it's fiction and he is hot.  It's clear you are not ok with it. This will be a option so if you don't want it. it is not forcing you.

Will Tank be a romance option? I think he is so hot. He is my favorite character. He kinda reminds me of road hog.  

Is the dragon going be a romance option? I have a feeling he is going to be my favorite character.

I agree, we need a dragon boyfriend! 

I loved the update. One thing I would like to see is the bond with Asterion and the mc effecting the story.  Also when they get closer, Asterion starts to get a back bone and has a protective side over the mc. 

I wish he was the first goal. Imo he is the most interesting character.

Will Zach be a romance option? I really like his character. 

Can we get one of him with nothing on? lol

Kalinlsn's dad isn't a dad. he is a ''daddy''. lol I would love see a romance option for him.

I found out about this game when he first started. Not having m/m really sucks. I was hoping one day we would at least get a little here and there but probably wont....

That is unfortunate, I really liked what I played. The world is beautiful and unique. I loved the character creation probably the best I have seen in a breeding game.  I would give it 10/10....I fell in love with the game... I wish there was m/m.  As a gay player, I wont be able to play but I Wish you the best of luck!

At first he said he would like in the link below. He pretty much gave his gay supporters the middle finger. He doesn't wanna do it now. 

Will Jaws be a romance option? I fell love in with his character.