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Rio de Janeiro,  July 22nd 2021


Mmm... I read it all 147 pages in one morning!!! I am so tired now. I need sleep. Zzzzz...



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Anyway I loved the new content.. Katrina comments. Heheh

Meep!! 7 am now!!! I need sleep!!! *Closes his eyes and travels to the dream world.*

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I am not really sure if the Physical  game part is to sell it real game in the real world. But I think it is like to sell it files and people print it in home. I never printed a board to play really or a game book. Like AD&D now D&D. But well you have to check it yourself.

Anyway exist Amazon (I have a adult comic in Kindle) and Ebay (I just got a U$5 discount coupon last day) too. I just don't like Amazon to much because they charge for a import tax for book to Brasil that do not exist. Books are one of the things free of import taxes in Brasil.

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Já jogou o Lustfull Desires? De la que o vermelhão vem.

A taverna da lança está bem frequentada.

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Just one more think. You know you can add the book for sell here in itch too, no?

I've seen comics, book, text and physical games.

Some pages to even have different stuff for sell in the same webpage here, in middle of free stuff.

I am just not sure about in Steam. Since people can get extras there like artboks and stuff. I think that is possible there too.

That is interesting. I still have some old rpg book game like that. A pity that not a adult story. I always wanted flirt the guard that was in the dungeon. Lol

That would save me from need extra save slots. I would need just take note in a piece of paper to back in my save points. Heheh

Yes that now kind scare me.

I have the old still installed so I took a screen shot and put in my tablet.

I can say that  art of him in the start of the story was what did me love this story. The wind on his fur and it all illuminated my mind in a so deep peaceful way. I will miss that here.

Oh meow!

A pity. I just finished the game in windows days ago avoiding save in the option parts..

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I read Echo. They just launch it complete version this April 1st 2021, between a year or two that I read it. I didn't read the last route yet.

That novel is so tense and scary that broke so e screams in my head during a week or two. @.@ Lol I am weak to terror stories.

Rio de Janeiro, July 2nd 2021


I think that kind of pools is just a risk to cut down profit.

You can make happy everybody that like Carlos and risk lose all others that like the other characters. Of course not exactly this way but some in this away. I am playing the tiger and panda routes since I downloaded the Santa Lucia 7 maybe the 9 or six. Heheh I don't remember. But some people may not want wait four months for a update or more.

True that I use to be anxious waiting longer updates that I started to update the novel each two or three months. Not that it matter, I have been reading like 10 to 20 Furry VNs in development at the same time. This is the one that I update more often (Just reading Amorous now. A pity its 9 routes are so short with lots of choices.).

A story is a story you write it the way you need even to avoid rewriting a lot in the future because someone did something that change all the story.

But well the novel is yours. So you do as you want and please. =^.~=



P.S.: I am enjoying to read the story in the mornings I lay down on my bed turn lights off and starts to read it. Sometimes I feel tense but I only felt scared once when those read eyes jumped from no where in the middle of the screen. I most woke up my mother with my scream. *lol* I like that because it do not make me feel very nervous. But I understand It is just the start of its story. Heheh That is one of the novels I am loving more even with all part I do like that is normal in a story to mix your feeling with differentl event.

Just remember this is yours story as well as to make your readers feel the feelings you want them to feel.

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You mean that look like he lose a lot of weight so because that his head look some more skeleticic?


Oh or Look like he trimmed his back head fur?

Faz tempo que não  jogo esse jogo. Queria uma estória  com o lobão  da floresta/parque. Tipo ensinar e ele a falar ler e escrever entre outras coisas. Heheh

O dolar não passou de um pouco mais do que 6 reais nessa pandemia. Você quis dizer 30 a 65 reais. Heheh Mais é carinho para um jogo.

I use to use JoiPlay to get some Win games working in Android. Not that all the ren'py ones work in that.

But since this have a android version, no need.


I've read in some other novels and games that since the game are in development it is possible that saves end not work after some updates.

True that I've seen that happen in many novels and games. No all saves stop to work or they sometimes move you to another part from the game or its story.

Didn't know that could be possible to fix those or maybe they just focus on that when the game have been finished since not going to have more changes in its story and code?.

I have same problem. But if you load from a save not in the moment you have to choose something it have been working fine.

But when you have the options to click the saves there never work. So I save before or after choose something and yes I end need back reading it again to load it before the question or option part.

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Just take care because the game 1.0.4 have a bug at least in my way I can't load saves during option scenes where you have to make choices. Before and after that they are loading fine here.

I think most characters have 3 dates, without count the Club one.

I had no problems to date they two at the same time.

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I find here in my way that saves do not work when in middle of the questions. If you save it before the question or after the save work where with me.

Windows 10 here.

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I find here in my way that saves do not work when in middle of the questions. If you save it before the question or after the save work. When you start the save in the moment of the options it show the background only nothing more in the screen, no dialog box or text, no options to choose or even the character in the background.

I use Windows 10 in a AMD Acer laptop but not the last version, just one before it with  8GB RAM * - ( and I tried to play it in full screen on my FullHD monitor but it show only the resolutions of the laptop not FullHD from my monitor. 

In full mode it stuck in the top to left side of it and I need turn that smaller to be able to move the windows to the monitor with better colours. But I could just turn the laptop screen off and see if that help. ) - * It just worked fine today when choosing  windows mode with 1920x1080 option but when set Fullscreen it zoom in the option menu hiding the Options and other buttons out off the screen if restart the game back to the laptop screen and be impossible to see the buttons of it. I had to disconnect the monitor and force close the game to get it back in 1366x768 to move to the monitor and readjust to full screen.

Yes, I played all dragon and lion route... I think. I got love achievement stuff and bird sex scene.

I count only 8 character to date. It is possible to date the DJ too? I may play with other two or three characters. Ok I saw that in the phone. I forgot the lion guy for a moment. *lol*

I find here in my way that saves do not work when in middle of the questions. If you save it before the question or after the save work. Is the same there?

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I find here in my way that saves do not work when in middle of the questions. If you save it before the question or after the save work.

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I find here in my way that saves do not work if you save in the questions. If you save it before the question or after the save work.

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I have the same here. At least I just didn't played much yet so I will have no problem to restart but not only all saves do not work that even if you save in the protologe that do not work too.

The only save I could use was the one in the room when you can cheek stuff around and call people.

But that game is so short that I wouldn't worry about that.

I beable to save games when not saving in the choose options of it. But when have a question the saves do no work.

I am not sure if that but when it show the credits of the game and you back to the club you still can back home and continue the dates from where you stopped. In case you choose the right options depends of the person you are meeting. At least in the version 1.03... I am downloading the 1.04 right now.

I got dragon and bird sex scenes. The 2st one was so easy to get. lol

*Lol* I just noticed I am playing the version 1.0.3 that I started to play few days ago. Downloading the new now.

I just tested it in JoiPlay, that run some games made in ren'py for Windows in Android.

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I think is someone else saying that, no?


For a moment though "Shadow Tails".


I was still playing the version 3.2 until now. Lol


Nice last time I tried to end with him I ended with only 4 points after his sex scene.

Nice that have more save options.


Peito bem peludo... miau.

I use that to play some novels from here.

Good! =^.^