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I am curious, why iOS download show 900MB + download if the ones here are around 200MB?

That remind me that I become disappointed with Sam when Bennet hear they talkbad about Russel.

His gestures are kind out of the  way yes. Surprise face heheh look scared face. I used to want date Sam when I started to read the story it was as short as when he appear 1st time helping with Bennet luggage. Just you could carry me to your room? Heheh

His new sprine not catch my attention after the updates.


So you should avoid stories like Echo.

While reading it I become very disturbed for weeks it is really a deep terror story.

With a lot of sadness and moments or horror with bad ends.

Even the "good ends" are like bad ends.

Trembling in fear,


P.S. I only didn't read the route of the girl in Echo.

Back to Santa Lucia. I have been reading Carlos and Brian routes.

Now thinking about the part of the fortune teller,  maybe going to have options, if those are not already added to the story, which chooses can change the end of the story doing the dog save or not save someone. In case that part was used to tell us a tip of the future with good options doing him help and bad options do him be bad. Maybe. Maybe I should read that part again.

I would like a sex scene with Chris. But is ok if he is asexual.

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This is easy!

If that happened Kanes route would just... ends without start?

About Zack, the author must love him to much to kill him. Heheh

But if in serious way. Probably if that happen he may suffer some accident or die when he discover the serial killer, since....


He is the one investigating the murders in the story.

Since the story is around 70% done I think. I don't expect some other character replacing  him in the story. That naturally use thappen by someone close to a character continuing the investigation.

(A last though I had is about the lion. Thinking about the girl that people think he raped could be one of the murders, since the girls just disappeared from everywhere I think. In this case he pretending he is innocent in the raping when in the real he killed her.)

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I think the protagonist is the serial killer having dual personality and its nightmares are part of blured dream memories he remember of when his other side is controlling his body or his other side trying to get ride of him in his head to take control in those dream fights.

At least some of them.

In worse case the end since that a terror story would be...

He killing the protagonist boyfriend in the end of the story and when he back to his normally personality the protagonist remember what happened suicide to put a end in the murders.

Maybe reading Echo really fucked my mind to much.

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Happy New Yiff!
If reward include a dinner with Mr. Dragon. I am down for it.
( • · •)
/    づ♡ Give my heart for him.

Esse tipo de anúncio é só para chamar atenção. se fosse 13 horas talvez. Mas 30 min.

After been saved.

"Meow, Azorin my hero, wanna marry me?"


Canceled in less than a day?

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Not sure if this just something of my imagination but I feel like I remember you starting Blossom in same way kind of demo. Starting a little way and depending of what happened you decided to continue working and developing it. I think I remember some it in some comment with a city map pic illustrating it.

If I am not just imagining it thought that maybe that could happen with the other stories in some future.

I am curious. This the only novel in development now or you there working in the other stories too?

I would love one of Sal but real size.

At leat I can dream. Heheh

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It used to have unlimited saves years ago after the version 0.24 I think..

I stopped to read Password after that since I lost access to my newer saves after that and never had mood to manually renamed those all to back in the moment I last played it.

But It had only 2 lines per page, 6 slots. I have 150 saves anyway that long ago. 

I probably need rename more than 100 files if I wanted back to have access to it all.


Tem um rino de outra estória que adora uma diversão a três ou a quatro. Mas não peguei nenhuma cena destas ainda.

Mews curious.

Do you speak more than one language or using a translator?


Mews happy and lays on his bed!

That always happen with me when I copy the saves to a new device, in all renpy novels. Add save  crashes.

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I didn't expect it. Have other developer that update his story each one or two years.

Just mean I think that is one thing that attract more readers.

But well I loved to read Strokkur.

Well, other option people sometimes make pools to know what readers want.

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Nova Friburgo, October 9th 2023


I just read this story because it didn't had it. Since I could just knock the next door to find a human. 8p

But if saying they are turned off in the reviews. It mean 9000 people played the game and like it. And less than 100 didn't like it?

Just a think.

If to give my option, The problem if could call it problem is.

Not matter what you do if you keep doing sprite sex it will always go down.

Normally other furry novels have art make special only to the special scenes not only sex ones.

The story still kind short but I do not think I saw I single art in the novel that is made only to show those moments.


Anyway this story not mine to choose what do of not to do.



P.S.: I know one that add those full screen arts in middle of the story each month but that a very porn novel story. XD


Golduck deve ta com inveja desse pato.

I like him too. But if I had a boyfriend Iwould left him if he let me sleeping alone in the couch in place of hugged with him all night.

I really wanted more of him too, but kind expected the slow progress. I would love just time pass and get read to day 30 with him as I reached with the tiger.

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Since I love Gabe. I only reach that end now.


Got me a little inspired that I wrote a weird poem.

Look like a letter. 

 ... Meow ...

Sorry Gabe,

For ignore beauty shark,

Letting alone, 

In desert beach,

Surround by sea,

Filled in company,

Of warm sand,

On soft flippers,

Looking for,

With all its heard,

A love company,

Then by express mail,

Sent him a present,

To keep company,

In its lovely heart.

Isso é uma afirmação?

Nova Friburgo,  9 de Setembro de 2023


Eu costumo usar esse link para verificar o que sigo no Itch.

Geralmente fica no topo do website na link feed.

Alguma estórias escritas para Windows em Renpy, funcionam no Android usando o Joiplay.



P.S.: Geralmente isso acontece quando tiram uma página do ar, já vi isso quando alguns jogos que foram removidos pelos desenvolvedores mas nunca no feed. Mas para falar a verdade. Eu também não me lembro de ter visto essa página no vídeo, dessa forma no Itch. Mas geralmente eu abro minha coleção e clico no feed ou nas mensagens.

Nova Friburgo, August 23rd 2023


Just imagining if maybe a story about the wolf and the tiger past, going come out in a future.




I had imagined it, but since even the 1st battle in the start of the game against the head skull monster, have some win reward. I though maybe he could add something to it, even if later. Since this one with that bull was kind easy compareted to the one agaisnt the skull monters. I had to save the fight much more times and log back until I doged its attacks. Agaisting the bull I just had to have some bath to get extra 1.8 recorver.

Hehehe With that it end more easier since... I was on level 20.


Nova Friburgo,  August 19th 2023


Just curious. I won the fight agaisnt it but still it say I lose.

That is normal?



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Nova Friburgo, 2 de Agosto de 2023


Foi bem interessantes essa estória.  Me lembra de um rapaz de carro aplicativo aqui onde estou que me recomendou uma sauna por aqui. Logo que cheguei na cidade.



Nova Friburgo, July 30th 2023


That backgroud remind a fight against a sister and some skull head guy invading my room in the night.

I would prefer that was the other two but well..

It is nice to see it.

Just curious that game going to have a connection with the other story The Secrets or it is a completely new game story?



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Nova Friburgo, July 13rd 2023


*Jumps and dances in the rhythm of the music.*

A pity my computer stopped to work last night.

Now I just want to log in SL and dance until quake the dance floor. XD

I love to dance around clubs when have good music.



Nova Friburgo, June 25th 2023


Two weeks away from a computer, four days before my birthday and when I turn my windows tablet on. Meow!

But well take care to not bankrupt. I have been planing a travel around the world in maybe 2027 to meet all my furred friends. I probabily going to bankrupt in middle of it. XD



P.S.: Hope all be good there. But to have things I want I use to save money in all always possible for days, weeks, months, years... decades? and double of what I want to buy. If something go wrong or break I will have extra to repair it or continue.

P.S.: Loves to read the Borrows and find the original too.

The story is short but could have a save option. I had to skip 3 times to reach where I had stopped. But loved the story.

Nice, I used to play the browser version here and back to play it week ago.

Noticing the difference in play the story. I though I had more freedom before in other way I see more events now.

Anyway I just started to play it last week. So I can't be sure about it and I am enjoying the game too.

*Mews and cries.* I want save him.

If seen that bull guy. I would just ask him in marry. =^.^=

*Trilicks* I give you my kitty triforce power!

I could say I had a professor in college decade and half ago and I would love that he same happened with me. =^.~=