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Myyyy bed.


Myyy drawer.


Youuuu mine too.


Myyyy kittyyy missing you.

I was trying to figure out how many affection points I could get from each part along the story. I can say I've played from the start until the end of the 10 chapter dozen and dozen times and choose the negative option ending the story only to check how many affection I could get or lose in each part of it.

I just took a break from it to not get... to not play so many times that could break my brain. lol and that I can't do that magic but I be a entire day doing it. Lol... I could hope at least to dream with some of the character from the story as I dreamed with the bear from Morenatsu years ago. Heheh

I was still trying to get the Kase end. Kase stop me and talk with me before they kidnap me but in the end he do not show to say that love me. I just end alone. Not sure if that I miss something or another bug?

I got the raptor(? I forgot the specie) end and the end ... not end but scene with they both. I loved most of it more that the alone Drackey scene. I loved the raptor scene too.

and better I go sleep hehe just morning here.

=^.~= closes himself feline eyes and purrs until sleep.

A(I do not remember what it is for), S(kip), D(backlog) and F(ull screen).

I don't know if have other commands but those appear after the 1st or during the second day.

A(I do not remember what it is for), S(kip), D(backlog) and F(ull screen).

I don't know if have other commands but those appear after the 1st or during the second day.

People have the right to not like something. Truly that I do not like much the game too just feel like it is missing something.

But Also I can say that people are what they talk about others.

I think you are right. Those kind of annoying mentally sick people should be pushed out of internet.

They need mental help.

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I think it creator abandoned Itch a long ago and...

I just clicked crazily until get 32 arrow right.

The story ends soon after it in the next scene.

Rio de Janeiro, July 28 2022


After get the plushies once they disappear next time playing the browser version.

Fish Kiss

Plushie store



I was reading this story, I didn't like the vore parts but well. I like the characters and love the protagonist becase it look like my cat that passed away in 2011.

Kind of reading the story was like I was having the company of him with me again and he used to bite me sometimes.

I got negative 50 with the green kitty. Lol I never get more than 11 sometimes 9 with the stallion no matter how much I try to be with him.

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I was just thinking. Could be nice if we could talk with people that we find in the map and maybe... call them to hangout in the deeps of the city. =^.~=

and maybe be able to check the affection you have in the game while playing it!

I am curious in the Kase 1st date. The second option to choose what to do. The second option of it give two affection point to Corsica and the 1st option give nothing to Kase when we enconrage his other talents, is that right? 

That is a interesting story.

I like the theme but not really the way the story happen.

But since the hole story routes are not finished yet I will need to read it more times in the future.

Hope my wash-machine survive to it. *fills his wash-machine with his undies.*

What about a special rainbow attack if I get only the guys? *Giggles and mews.* =^.~=

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Well, there is no where written that it have a Mac file there or even android. Normally have written under the pursache button in the bottom where it is showed which files are in the game.

BUT TRUE, I just saw in Steam if have compatible version with Mac and Linux! That is weird.

But well, I was able to play his other game called Komorebi in Android using a app called JoiPlay, but it only work so so (slowwww)  in Android 9, because JoiPlay do not work good in Android 11. If you have a Android device. 

But I end just buying a small notebook tablet with Windows only to play those novel games. Not everything work good in that app and some games not even work in it since it is limited to Ren'Py and some RPG Maker games.

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Look like you there really loves it since I saw it been added to three collections. XD

I should not think too much about it. Sometimes I get confuse and change the games and novels from a collection to another after I start to play it.

I just have so many collection and those are so filled that I always need to spend a time organizing the collections.

Lol yes, since it is a terror story. I cried a lot playing Echo.


Normally people can copy saves from the Android/Data folder. Unless it using Android 11.

I didn't played it but there is somewhere the saves use to be.

I just copy and save in another folder so copy back after reinstall if need.

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I tried to update it front the 0.24 to this one in Android 11. But it don't want install.

!!! Solved. I had to delete the old version to install the new!!!

Good to know that.

The kind stranger is the one I saw in the 1st part giving me a.. pamphlet and in the sheriff part?

I think I got 49 with Corsi.. the shark girl the 1st time I played it but I was trying get some of the guys. Lol

Think it was updated to dates give more points so I am playing it all again. lol

Rio de Janeiro, June 1st 2022


I am not him but I think he lauched Shadowlands some time ago, no?

I am just rereading it again and again. To get all scenes and new scenes!!! At least I got two in this last update.

Mewing more,


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I am playing it using JoiPlay in Android. But I feel like it is slow now.

It work better in Android 9, JoiPlay is terrível in Android 11. Not sure in Android 10, I keep avoiding update to It.

But I feel like I am missing something.

Just remember you have to save the shark before all of this. I think or say good bye for Thane in the worse way possible.. I .. cried when that happened with me.

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A  meu laptop os saves ficam numa pasta dentro da pasta de usuário.

Quando fui transferir o jogo tive que por os arquivos nessa pasta no meu laptop.

Aquela do sistema no drive C, Usuarios, nome do usuario, AppData, Roaming, RenPy.

Rio de Janeiro, May 21st 2022


Lumiya (abandoned) and SpeedLight are viewers for Second Life in Android. Both are limited in 3D view of the Second Life world but I don't  remember why I commented about it (Have been using it to find a boyfriend. But guys just want my horn and/or tail). The desktop versions are very heavy.

JoiPlay is in Google Play Store and in their... Pantreon page?  I think they have even beta versions not in Google Store..

I am not really worry about it. As I said. I was only encouraging him since Major/Minor was already added to Google Play... Maybe even before the pandemic. But that was free there since the beta version, not sure why. I had only one bug and probabily solved now and I think didn't work in my old phones with Android 4. Now with Android 12 and 13 around it don't matter much.

I prefer Android 10 since JoiPlay don't like Android 11. I have to use it in old mode and the screen get smaller with it. Android 11 don't let record in tablet sounds too. I think.

I bought a smaller tablet since I thought my old one with 10" was a little heavy to hold for so many hours.



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Rio de Janeiro,  May 17th 2022


Just let you know I know about it because I expected you was going to say it. Heheh I see you talking about it all around Itch but... Is WOF created using reply?

I know some Steam programs and games can be copied and work as DRM games.

I was just encouraging to do it. I mean to add it to Google Play Store.

I used Lumiya sometimes in Android to use Second Life and now testing SpeedLight.



Thank you, but I know about JoiPlay. I was curious because Google use to give discont coupons time to time for Google Play store. I use those to buy apps and games time to time.

In Steam I just buy and sell cards for it. But true that their present selling system let it more slow now since I have to wait a long time to resell it. Anyway developers earn money each time a card is sold.

I was just curious about if he was going to launch a version to be bought in there. 

Rio de Janeiro, March 19th 2022


I have been telling people I know in Second Life about when I saw your game M/M in Android the 1st time.

Last night I saw it for free in Steam.

I was curious if you have future plans to make a Android version of it. Not expecting it going to be free. Heheh Just thinking about it.




P.S.: Sometimes I got coupons with discount in Google Play.

Oh! That work in my old phone with Android 4.4.2.

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I've heard that they just going to start to use Chinese payment methods.  But I just read about it in a online news paper.

I never bought nothing from there and I gave up from PayPal long ago since it take a lot of money received. Once a friend gave me a present and part of it just went away in taxes since we in different countries. 

I knew a furry black dragon from Russia but last time we chat was in 2016. Even if I asked him about it now. Would be weird find him only to ask it even if I have been worried about him there.

As I said. I am not worried if it. Because I use it in my 8" tablet with Android 8 Go with 1GB RAM too. So I thought it was a bug since I see 6 in the tablet. My saves are on the page 27. Heheh I think.

But I was surprised that it work in my very old phone and happy that it still useful for something.

But since even Google stopped to support it. Most apps in Google Play Store have no more updates.

So I just backup all apps of it in my computer.

I used my old phone most to surf on web. That why I got it with big screen in 2015.

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To be true. Have a little problem. But I think it is because the phone isn't widescreen, but since it is 6" I loved it. I see only 4 saves per page and can't see the arrow to advance to more save pages.

I am not worried with it because I have it in other newer device. After I changed the phone battery. I installed it there only to check what work in it.

I half break the power button of the phone while doing it. It still work just feels weird to use. Lol

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I downloads it before the update. Lol 5 hours ago. 

But I am happy that it start in my phone with Android 4.4.2 that I resurected days ago..

Until now one of two novel that opened in it.

Nice, Hope I wouldn't need do things against the shark girl. To not end with her again. Heheh

Meow. A pity I can't play rhino and caresses his big horn!

Interesting remind me of Wildlife not that I played it but I read about.

I was kind alerting people to not try the used ones. But by what you typed they all already gone.

For those who received the email today in January 2022. 

All 10 codes below 4TMDQHEYGFJ0HUV5Q65XHSX including this one. They've already been used.

The last 11 codes from the email have already been used.

From the e-mail. I have no idea about the codes above.

Rio de Janeiro, January 14th 2022


I dreamed with Ronch today.

We was running from some hunters that wanted to catch him. We walked into a build and down some stairs. I am some confuse about what I remember about that part I think we both stopped and he talked about he want marry me before get catch and I accepted it.

So I run down to the entrance of the build when two hunter get in and walked to the stairs I just was behind they both and like I knew them I said I was going to marry and when they asked about I said with who.

So after I was in the other side of the build wen some robot and small robot tank get in the other side I did something to those.. or we ambush it when it get down the stairs on the other side.

So after we was in some other side of the build me sat with the two hunter and a man with a book asking me who was going to be the godmothers for the wedding since the two hunters become our godfathers in the wedding.

We was in a room with many people seat in the room seats like in a school when teacher tall about group work a yellow orange dragon guy I know in Second Life come to my side and share passwords wit me to get in online to work with him. So after it Ronch sat in the other side and I just hide with my hand the page with my passwords to him do not see it.

Some after I was getting in a build to care of the wedding stuff. I think it was kind luxurious place with red carpet in. So Ronch appeared and kicked my legs and rear with his huge leg and went away. Sound like he was angry with me.

And after and last part I was in a party from the king with the princess of the kingdom!? where I was giving excuses to the princess that I found love and was not going to marry with her when the king talked with me I just figured out I did a mistake and I was going to marry with the yellow orange dragon and not with Ronch who asked me to marry.

It works fine in JoiPlay if you not using a Android 11. In that case you have to active the last option in it Config about use old version. You have to enable it in the main config at least different configs to different games not working here. I had to do it to play BlackGate too.

It works fine in JoiPlay if you not using a Android 11. In that case you have to active the last option in it Config about use old version. You have to enable it in the main config at least different configs to different games not working here. I had to do it to play BlackGate too.