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Check my profile if you want find more games.

I do not use to say people to check my profile but since look like you are looking for more games.

Furry list are the games, the other two are Novels and comics.

P.S.: Have a command to turn lists public.

Art and game style remind me of an old Zelda game I had for SNES. I loved when Link get cursed and be transformed in a rabbit.

Look like a interesting game.

How get Game over scene scene?

I lost battle to Logan very bad wolf in two ways,

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A pity.

This look interesting.

Could be a interesting game or novel.

Remind me of my game boy color.

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I noticed typing the game name do not show it in the search list.

I added novel and later furry. Still nothing.

So I noticed... it isn't  the webpage name and the name of the game isn't in the list of tags.

Maybe it is because I didn't login in my old tablet. But I had to type Stormsinger to find your account and the game page.

Ohhh..., that panda dream is kind like the one I had today. But in different pose. Weird I just played it today after.

To be true, I couldn't see who embraced me while laid. So after roll up over him I could see his face that later changed to one that had the left eye shooted with a white towel/tissue covering the bleeding, so it changed to a blond guy with short long hair after blinked and ended with someone I know, who I had a platonic passion for..

I never lost my saves. I just copy to be sure I won't lost it and paste back on the new folder the last update created. If need.

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Santa Lucia 10

Curious that my Android tablet want update to 10. 

I have android 9 in my tablet and it work fine. I am worried about if this will work in Android 10.

Maybe I could test it in my old one with Android 4.03.

. . . And it down work in my Acer A200.

I have android 9 in my tablet. I am worried about if this will work in Android 10. My Android tablet want update to 10. 

This is a good question. I think about take all equipment off.

Glasses too!? *I can't see nothing now.*

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It work fine here. ..*cries* I will miss that blue rear.. error... I mean tail.

Now my tablet want update to Android 10.

I would love to had something like that for android.  When I started to learn HTML decade ago. Now I need relearn it all but look like a interesting program.

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*Spoiler? Maybe...*

Someone could get a camera for a photo after the rhino left the station. Heheh

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My collection list reached 100 but I moved one game to the list only of furry games. So the novels, comic and text list down to 99 again. I think.

Nice that this one is compatible with android.

Maybe I should do another list only with Novels playable in android.

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*breathes deep trying to get some air*

Good I can see some light now!

* spoiler ? *

After few weeks under a car now I can breath!

Air! Yes, air!



I post a pic in a message below. It must show the complete screen you have to find to download the file. If a icon in the end in the right part of it where you can download it.

You may see a way to find it. It say you can't  see the file but you can download it. Using the arrow icon next the register button.

Maybe you could use a computer to download it and transfer to your device. I am using a tablet here after all.

I post a pic in a message below. It must show the complete screen you have to find to download the file. If a icon in the end in the right part of it where you can download it.

You may see a way to find it. It say you can't  see the file but you can download it. Using the arrow icon next the register button.

Maybe you could use a computer to download it and transfer to your device. I am using a tablet here after all.

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Rio de Janeiro,  July 21st 2020

I think people just find confuse to download using Dropbox.

1st time I had difficult to find where to download it.

I had to choose that I didn't want use the dropbox app.

So later it show a screen where give many options. To use the account, register, download to your account or direct link to download.

Since I am not used with Dropbox, I always click in the wrong options by accident at 1st. Hahah

Later I go to the right way page to page until find the download icon.

Of not that... I have not idea.

Must be this page.



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I had to use a bluetooth keyboard to be able to add name. Even it stopped to crash while adding names to saves. 

It probably  not recognize the samsung android keyboard well.

I had to use a bluetooth keyboard to add my name.

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In the start have the option.

I would love to have a big digilion here to help me with it.

While I do not find one I will wait one into my dreams.

I will try it next time playing. If not work maybe I will try use another tablet a old one with android 4.

Are you able to put your name in the game?

I have android 9 here and it never let me do it. Even crash when Itry do it in the save screen.

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Rio de Janeiro, July 9th 2020

I am playing it in a Samsung device SM-T510 with Android 9.

But... It don't let me put a name in the character.

It just don't show a option to continue and when I try do it in the save screen it crash.



I like the ram's route too but I don't like its end. Not a sad end but not happy too.

It have 3 ends and in my opnion explain a lot of the story.

Yes, TJ's end kick me down. Flynn's route is more spice but have a end that may confuse your mind in a very bad way.

It is a terror Novel. Remember it, Don't  expect happy good ends. Maybe have one that .,. I don't like it too but it is a good end for some people.

I prefer the ram route. It say more of the story.

TJ and Flynn routes most buried my soul. Flynn route have some interesting point of narrative changes but... It is a confuse  end.

One end.

In middle of 7.

It is a end but I don't  consider a good end. At least not a good happy good end.

Anyway it is a terror story, not really need a happy end.


People expect Chase end with the wolf. After all in some ends he be a journalist other he gave up and or it not even talk about it.

And all sad ends are so sad/bad that the feeling suppress the feeling that a no sad end could give.


I only stopped to feel deep weird after see the Carl route. Because I understood most of the story there.

Someone played Breath of Fire? Hahah. Lol

At least I loved the 1st SNES game where had a wolf wedding.

So purple... Heheh remind me of a Figment plushie I have.

Look like "follow" colours to fit the logo and game theme.

It is nice to see some work in the game design.

Meow =^.~=

*The cat closes his eyes purring.*

I didn't play it yet but it reminded me of a dream where a orc asked me in marry. I end lost in the forest into a gnomes village losing my conscious and woke up in his tent been intro to his grandparents.

Rio de Janeiro, July 3rd 2020

I am not into too but...

If think about realism. Not everyone gonna tell it just after meet someone that do never saw before.

Not that it is good or bad but it can give that surprise and you choose the bad end ... maybe ... or the good end.

Not that it is going to be like Echo with all bad sad ends. I cried a lot playing it ... and started to like the evil otter. (8 minutes of... oh nevermind... heheh)

Maybe... I had two friend guys that use girl and cunt characters in Second Life. I used to tell them. "So If you feel it. Why you don't go and look for a surgery and be... We not going to end together. But you may be happy with yourself. And that is what matter. You not need to fit my bed desires to be my friend after all".

Well, just think that a interesting story could be of you support a friend you love to be what that friend want to be. Not really need to they both end together. How knows we could even help the friens find a love in place of  find a love for himself.



P.S.: Maybe after very long friendship I could feel different and change my mind... that happened before after years of friendship. I mean feelings... I am talking to much... I need sleep... hehehe.. Nifht night (really morning here).

Like gorillas and monkeys question. I like gorillas but not monkeys, About felines I only like big one as lions, tiger, panthers,  mountain lions?, leopards...

My heart was from only one little cat that is in my icon. The only one I loved.

Rare times he come visit my dreams.

I think you would prefer ask him in marry next time, no? Heheh

Just weird. It reminded me of a bull guy with same name that I l.... .

Better I forget it. It hadn't a good end.

Mmm... I was going to ask how to watch the video but after force the game close and reopening I saw it.

It doesn't started at 1st when creating a new game.

It remind me decade ago when I learn Flash. Later Adobe bought the program and made it become so confuse to work with it. Now I do not even remember how to use it.

Rio de Janeiro, July 2nd 2020

I never had problems in my Samsumg tablet with Android 9.

But I replayed the game from star to check for new text or content last time. Skipping text, yes.

Just curious what version you use.



P.S.: Why I few like I saw my ex down here? \/ \/ This world is to small...

I just use Google translator point and click.

I used another app. But I findout it use google translator too.

I can say that I am happy that it is using the original art.

I love that more.

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The bear had two ends but the some changes. The best had two adult scenes and the worse... I don't like to remember it. It is so sinister.

The dragon route had 6 ends... some comicaly crazy.

Most routes had two ends. But the cat had a best end with ... something only its route show at the end before you get in the bus back home and some after if you find something out in the cat's room.

But well. I mean about the very 1st version I played few years ago.

(2 edits)

Had the raccoon route in the very 1st version. But it disappeared in the second 1st version and had a new route with the friend of the bear. The wolf/dog that fight with him. I didn't played its route.

Have a very short end with the tiger in the middle of the bear route. In a single day and without adult art.

Only the lion and the dog had not routes at all. But had new moments with both in the 2nd version of the 1st version... v.0.35 - v.0.5 I think.

I am not sure about the revisited version. I didn't play it yet,



P.S.: I had a dream with the bear while playing his route that long ago.

Rio de Janeiro, June 15th 2020


I was anxiously waiting for it and extra happy now, since it is more croc story.

And so hungry too. Maybe I should go down and steal some food. Heheh