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Download links are down until he has finished the coming update

Amazing promo video

Just out of curiosity, when you say bad ends, do you mean lewd NSFW "bad ends"?

This new art work is INCREDIBLE.

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Torterra has always been my favorite grass starter. Maybe you can add him as some sort of gardener, a doctor, or a royal paladin? All the current characters look really hot btw!

I definitely know that feeling when you want to write fun, horny smut but you're trying to write a mature, serious story that it just won't fit in. I hope your new project goes well

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Raul and the sverocat are my favorite because of how possessive they are. Hope we can see them more in future content!

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Is the shy bull secretly a rough, dominating top in bed?

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Will Asterion get to experience playing video games like Hades?  I'm always interested in seeing how an old man like Asterion reacts to the world that evolved without him

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So a game called Paladins released an American eagle themed skin to celebrate 4th of July, and I can't help but be reminded of another American griffin

Asterion makes me want to buy him a Nintendo Switch and see how he reacts to playing Animal Crossing

I'm glad Alen wasn't used as the father-figure trope that gets killed to inspire the protagonist to go on his journey, but instead is romance route for those with a daddy fetish.