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a furry wrestling sign me up 

ok thanks

how do i start Dwayne's route

dose anyone have save file for the fight after the QTE where luke is saved 

i have never been good at QTE's that are fast and i realy want  to see waht happens you can you help me

ok will try that

(1 edit)

how do i survive the rooftop fight with the monsters after falling off of shelter how long do i have to hold on remane clam untill help comes

i know this will be good any thing from the echo project is goooooood

i like to think they had sex in my head cannon they did

Just finished playing it and like it look foward to playing the next update

i like his new look he looks wiser

they are not working in my game the main characters  are not selectable as only a small corner is selected and the rest look huge in game I am using them in rpg maker mv they are for rpg maker mv right

how do you get the kolbolds to have fun wiht you they just set with wolfboy having a hard onand i cant seam to get them to do anything

ok it just seem be like an ending to me as a it is high point

is chapter 18 the last chapter or will there be more just wandring 

when is this going to be updated i like waht i have played and want to see waht happens

they are in an epilog in echo just two ghost hunters who go to echo

ok thanks for the info 

how many endings dose this game have ? 

played it and i like what i saw the story looks to be very interesting and i look forward to where it goes

cool i loved Adastra 

no download link cant download it and Chester is one of my favs in the game to i am into a lot of the same things he is so i can conect with him


i ment this version the 1.10 update on it

do have to buy it agine to get the new virsion 

I like what i have seen love storm i think i know who his father is but i will keep that to myslef cant wait for the the next update

love the idea of magic still exists in the world keep up the good work

chester is my favorite me and him would get along fine as we both are into the same things hell i even desing rpg games on the p

i want it be out soon but also want it to be not rushed as if you rush something it can hurt the story

just wondering how many paths are finished in the game just Harrods or there others

that would be interesting  to see a

I hope to see get to have fun with the snake even perhaps a 3 way with  the mc and Asterion

loved the table top rpg part as I have played that type of game in the past