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I have some ideas

1._ Jean is Clement grantson

1.1: Jean boos know about the hotel and want the customers to come

1.2: Jean is named after his grandfather brother  Jean Marin

1.3: the family of Clement work  white wine, (asterion mentioned that Jean Marin say that his wine was better than the hotel's wine

2._ the peacock is grandson of one of the workers that left their passport

2.1: the feather in the basement are of his grandfather 

2.2 he say that his grandfather know of the hotel

3._ Al last 4 of the 12 olimpians are whit asterion

3.1 ades is old commander of asterion even train together

3.2: Hermes allow communication whit the real world even to asterion

3.3 I believe that is Dionisio the one that grant the healing wine to asterion forbidding  Argos to drink it 

3.4 the hoses of hearth (I don't remember her name) her Shire empowered the hotel ( asterion shelter)

I know my English isn't the best, sorry for that

Gracias por responder y disculpen las molestias.

Thank you for answer me and sorry for the inconveniences

That song is beautifully

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me he estado preguntando si ha una forma de escuchar (o descargar) la cancion que toca asterion con su lyra

I were wandering if there are a way to hear (or download) the song that asterion play whit his lyre

Thank for your answer, now I understood better the situation.

And Jean is the other one  in the bus station in the prologue isn't him?

Maybe  is me the only one who feels this, but I must ask if there will be any arc of redemption for argos in a pious save?, because when signing the contract he gave me the impression that he has been trapped in that place as much as asterion and (although not  They torture him) It must be hard to get a living on that desert for so long, so much as to rush to meet the new master on his first day and risk being deceived by him with a contract

(sorry my english, I'm still practicing it)

i am afraid that this error is going to hapen in the nex release which android vercion is recomendet for play this game ?

(Forguive my english is not my main languaje)