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Now that we know that MC and Asterion will have romance together, how do you think they will confess to each other? I can't help but believe that our moo guy would bring up "Why is the master so kind to me" topic and MC would respond something like "Do you really want to know?" And Asterion would agree and MC would respond something like "Because I love you dummy!". But it's just my hopes and dreams... What are your opinions on this everyone?


it won't be like that in my opinion they are going to face some challenges for romance to happen after so many years of masters torturing


I think it's gonna be quite an emotional scene 
After all Asterion went all his life believing he wasn't deserving of love, so he might confront the MC like he did on build 0.4
At the moment there's not much of a romantic relationship going on, as the MC stated ''Im just doing whats just'' so i dont feel like the MC is developing romantic feelings just yet
On the other hand Asterion is comparing the MC to Phroneos, his friend, guard, and posibly lover. I can see Asterion falling in love with the MC and then beat himself up over it.


Makes sense to me! But hear me out: What if, JUST IF any of those two lovebirds ALREADY developed something? I believe it could be Asterion, with all that "holding your hand and not letting it go" after they first together meal and "re-e-eally long hug" before concert? It could be his hunger for human touch, but it's clearly not just platonic anymore, at least for me.