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This does, in fact, helps me! Time to replay da game >:3

It all started when I came around this post. Ever since I've been wondering, where (what chapters, as I am afraid to miss it) and how (what actions should be taken and chosen) can we hug & pet the precious bull guy? Please, I require answers

Near the end of 0.4 build, when MC and Asterion make a deal so MC wouldn't send Asterion to the valley, Luke jokes "And now you may kiss the bride", as MC and Asterion exchanged artifacts made by contract. Could it be foreshadowing? Will we get to see MC and Asterion actually marrying each other?

Makes sense to me! But hear me out: What if, JUST IF any of those two lovebirds ALREADY developed something? I believe it could be Asterion, with all that "holding your hand and not letting it go" after they first together meal and "re-e-eally long hug" before concert? It could be his hunger for human touch, but it's clearly not just platonic anymore, at least for me.

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Now that we know that MC and Asterion will have romance together, how do you think they will confess to each other? I can't help but believe that our moo guy would bring up "Why is the master so kind to me" topic and MC would respond something like "Do you really want to know?" And Asterion would agree and MC would respond something like "Because I love you dummy!". But it's just my hopes and dreams... What are your opinions on this everyone?

I finished playing the 0.4 build and DAMN I'll sell my soul to the devil for this game to grow and be finished. The characters ( especially Asterion ) are so well written I- In the moment where [spoiler] Asterion was questioning why MC is so kind to him I already made an entire novel in my head about MC bursting in Asterion's room and shouting "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU DUMBASS"... Hmmm, maybe I should write a fanfic about it I can't wait for new chapters, and if dev team ever reads this, I want them to know: I FRICKING LOVE YOUR GAME!

Ah, what a pleasant news to hear. And since you replied, I want to thank everyone behind this wonderful game! Can't wait for new updates! Also, do you guys have a patreon or something where we can donate?

A little bit late, but this question won't leave my mind: Will it be possible for a player to build a romantic relationship with Asterion in future build?