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I mean Greta always looked a bit off to say the least. But this just takes it to a whole new level! It's like Greta's Basics!😂

It's funny, even if it gjves me a slight headache.😉

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I love the game! Looking forward to the next releases! I hope our handsome wolfie is doing fine and is feeling well🐺❤

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It's amazing to hear that the 0.4 update is here! Cannot wait to play it! And looking forward to the 0.5 release! In one of the images Asterion looks at a tablet? Technology has come a long way even in places where it barely started to apper and become popular! This world is moving at a fast pace and not everyone seems to be able to be keeping up with the changes that are constantly being made! Love the new update!♥️

Why is he so cute????

I wish to know the same thing. If the cruel master route updates, i won't even think about opting for it.

First of all, i love the game! You maighy have not seen my feedback that was a book long, but i got to a point where i eas addicted the this game, especially the minotaur. I think it's a psychological thing and i am still trying to process everything that happened two month ago.

All right. So, i would like to know whether or not there is a new interaction system or an at least an inprovement to the current one. Also, i've seen some R&D uncertainties. In addition, i heard that the update is going to be a major one. This is something that everyone hopes is true. Thst would be it for now. If i have any more questions i'll edit this comment. Thank you very much for making this game. It helped me become a better person and what's more it made me be more conscious of the decisions that i make and the situations that i end up in. Thank you again. Looking forward to the 0.4 build release.

I am not exaggerating when i'm saying that i was for one week addicted to Asterion! It was him that i  was thinking about and i was so sad that he didn't exist. So i am going to wait until Build 0.4 to continue the game. I am excited for the future of this game indeed. And yes, i would try not to cry, but feel deep inside, the sadnees that came with the wrong choices!

This is as cute as it can get!🐂

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i know right? Greta's questions made me feel irritated and uncomfortanle, even if i tried to get over it repeatedly. At least she was helpful.