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This is an IF gem. I even feel this could be a Poirot episode 馃槉

Finally my most awaited IF is here again. Les goooo!

This made me discover a new feeling that I didn't know I needed, which is being powerful and threatening while also having nipple piercings 馃槼

Chapter 2?

Does it really ends at "Until it suddenly becomes too much and you let out a scream of your own." or was the link to the next passage forgotten?

It is really nice. If I may suggest, you should add more tags so it would be easier to find it. :)

The only thing bad about this is that now I have a permanent need for a Xelef in my life 馃様

I love Dad, he's such a cool guy

Phew, the description says it's 1 male RO, so I wasn't sure

I got a crush on Ki-Ha, just to realize that there's no romantic option 

I understand that Valos is supposed to be the main bae, but did Hershel had to be such perfect husband material? 馃槼

Such a flatterer. Thank YOU for fixing things fast. 

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I'm on Windows 10, I replayed to see if I got it to the end and the bugs that I found were:

  • When on the stairs section, jumping easily gets the character stuck on the steps or the space between the stairs and the platform. (The game and frame rate doesn't freeze; Restart needed)
  • Right before the first Minotaur encounter, is possible to shoot him on the edge of the screen, doing so breaks the sequence, which then crashes the game. (It just so happens that the player can freely shoots the gun even without the movement controllers.)
  • After the fly section, it's still possible to use the gun. Just by having the gun equipped, when the blowjob animation starts, the character graphics explode and the game crashes.

Indeed the fix works, but if I may say so, there are several bugs that either softlocks or crashes the game. I tried 4 times, and in all of them the bugs prevented me from finishing. But thank you nonetheless, I'll follow the development. :)

I'm having font issues. Even after this screen, all text is messed :(

It seems that Tora is handsome in every version

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I really liked the demo, but I can't help but notice that it's missing a Gay / LGBT / Bara tag, which make more difficult to find with the filters

I must say, playing the first build and now the latest update, that this VN is really going to places. It started a little slow, but now it's already a 'must play'. 馃憦

About the April Update:

Came for the husbandos, stayed for the philosophical questions.

A game where everyone is cute, horny and have some serious bi-energy. Needless to say, 5 stars.

[Jenna's route spoiler]

Man, Shadow Chase walking into the screen has traumatized me for life 馃槼

Me before playing the update: "It must be something small, it's not even on the dev log..."

Me playing the update:

It's 4pm, time to shitpost

I believe it's his possessive nature along with the lack of sense of humour that makes him aggressive or rude

My biggest regret was to do Razix route first, because I fell in love 馃グ and every time someone was mean to him on the others routes, my heart broke 馃槩. Now I'm sad regulans aren't real (I must've been on quarantine for too long). This is definitely a quality VN, folks.

It's a well made game, the UI although simple, match the style, there's a little more to it than the usual VN (as noted by pridedrawing, the project it's not so simple anymore) and there's usage of numeric values for relationship, which makes me wonder why is that not common, when it makes the game more enjoyable and transparent.

[Sorry if really seems like a Steam review]

I want to congratulate RanliLabz. The game has quality, I would say it's remarkable. 

The writing and decisions make their way so the player doesn't feel that their choices are worthless, even for the events that always need to happen. Surprisingly for a NSFW VN, sex here seems to make sense. Although some people get annoyed by the MC's naiveness and lack of intelligence, that works very well for the story progress and contribute for humour that is set from the beginning.

The '3D' scenes are well made and are consistent throughout the game. The concept of "content enabled/disabled" and "choose your sexuality path" are also very ambitious, but incredible. The references and sound/music usage are excellent. I can't imagine the work that is needed to get all of these together.

If the MC had body hair, I would frame this game and hang in my bedroom's wall, unfortunately, [spoiler alert] the opposite happens by the end, but hey, we can't have everything 炉\_( 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳)_/炉. Anyways, 5/5.