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I highly suspect it might be your Operating System. Renpy is known to not work 100% on that. Renpy 8 uses Python 3 for example and that just straight up doesn't work at all on Win7. Although. Minotaur Hotel's latest build was made with Renpy 7, so it might not be the reason.

Have you tried running it as admin, by the way?

Usually the program just runs after you unzip the downloadable file.

Can you say something more about you machine? OS, RAM, etc?

The moment I heard Mirko Boroni's Mutamento I knew it had to be the game's main theme. It's the perfect blend of sadness, nostalgia, but a desire to keep going, to see things through. 

I hope to evoke that same mix of emotions with Four Seasons Apart.

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that, given I was a bit worried about not giving readers enough to grab onto.

At last, a worthy subject!

So, the Asterion we meet over the course of the game has a human dong, but that might not mean that was his default in life. I believe it is, though, given the stipulation the minotaur must retain his basic shape, the pp might be included in that. 

But I do wonder if he might give it some thought after accidentally seeing Storm's downstairs configuration.

As for Mythicals as a whole, I doubt there's a rule as Kota and Luke hace animalistic penises while Khenbish and Themba have humanoid ones.

There are many reason's you could be interested in reading the Ruthless Route.

1. There are many revelations that are too far from the main story. It's possible some of them might not even appear in the main game.

2. While you do have to hurt Asterion (and it sucks, it absolutely sucks), the Ruthless route is not entirely about that. You don't get to spend too long abusing Asterion before a certain shift happens and the real meat of the story becomes clear.

3. It's pretty short in comparison to the rest of the game, so even if it does hurt, it goes by quickly. It provides an unique conclusion to the MinoH storyline that actually ties some loose ends (albeit in a strange way).

That said, I don't think it's an obligatory experience. It's really good writing and art-wise, but (depending on which ending) you might get some uncomfortable or even triggering scenes, so I wouldn't judge anyone for not going for it. 

I do recommend it though, it's peak Minotaur Hotel content.

Extremely cursed! Great job!

Hello. I'm going through the game right now and I highly recommend you do something about the flashing lights post haste. My eyes suffer from photophobia and I'm susceptible enough that I had to look away from the screen for a couple of seconds, so I cannot imagine what would happen to a player with a more serious condition.

You could put out a tiny update with a warning, a toggle in the Prefs menu or simply removing the flashes. Again, I suggest you address it soon.

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Same issue here. The application doesn't respond to neither of my gamepads at all.

Never mind it just did, oops.

Trabalhar nessa tradução me deixou viciado nessa música aqui. Muito boa. Traducir este VN me dejó adicto a esta canción. Muy chido.

Working on the translation for this made me addicted to this track. So freaking good.

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

This makes me very happy and I thank you very much for your comment! I'm honored that my thirsty story about exploring a hot bullman's body has a tangible in someone's life.

You can find the save files in the appdata file

Just put "%APPDATA%" on the searchbar of your windows and copy the "Renpy" file there. Then, on the new PC go to the same appdata file and paste the Renpy file.


Well, I got really into Furry Visual Novels in the second half of 2019—especially Minotaur Hotel—and learned my enjoyment of reading through that. On Christmas 2020, I wrote my first text: a Minotaur Hotel Christmas Fanfic. After that I wrote many short stories. Then later, I made my projects here on I still write short stories on SoFurry and FA, but I plan to make a Visual novel of my own soon.

Thank you for taking the time to write this! It means a lot to hear people enjoyed the series.

We got a lead, boys!

Not yet! We still haven't seen all that is to see in this amazing game.

Besides we haven't even shagged the Minotaur yet.

It is really good, but could really do without the "cartoon lines" effect on the BG images. It mostly looks silly or bad

Hi! Yes there's no "application" to run. You can either run from the page itself or download the .zip, extract it, and then run index.html file.

Sorry I don't think I have enough content in mind for a continuation. Although I have some ideas:

- Asterion and the MC facetime everyday for a handful of days, after that they intentionally stop doing so to make Asterion more comfortable with the idea of distance
- The MC comes back to the Hotel safe and sound and with various gifts from his country for the staff
- The MC buys an authentic Cretan Lyra for Asterion and they vow to learn how to play it together

You made me realize I didn't put a description in my uploads lol.

"Obligations call the Master out of the Hotel for a while, but the heart of his lover might be too anxious handle the distance."

New fanfic! A shortie that I hope you'll enjoy!

No es posible instalar como un APK. Extrae el .zip y inicia "index.html". Pero recomiendo que juegues por la pagina sin hacer download.

Not breeding but if you wanna see Nemo tackle a Minotaur

Asterion's outfit is determined by the player background you pick at the start of the game. Other options appear through R&D and story progression.

I recommend you do these updates in the form of devlogs. It helps your followers see them, but also improves the odds of your game been seen on searches

What about.... fanfiction you can play?

Get Anír Soma here on!

The game's great so far! Excellent job on all audiovisual departments.

The game does fall short  on the some of the design choices however. Like being unable to dodge through foes but then having to dodge through an enemy (body part) during the boss battle. Also, the lack of explanation on somethings like the casting system is baffling, I had to check it on the pause menu (aka break the flow of my game) to see how it was done. Also the font choice is the oddest thing; it's a cool font, but I had difficulty reading at many points (especially in the heat of the moment). The cost of stamina for things like sprinting and dodging is also concerning; but I understand such balancing issues are part of the process.

Overall, it's good game with potential, but needs some anti-frustration techniques in its design.

I feel like this is a good start even if some of it is lacking.

The biggest asset are the visuals. The art is quite good even though it clearly lacks some expressions for now, all those that are there currently are very well made. The unique BGs, although not matching too well with the character sprites, give off a dreamy vibe that helps with the project's uniqueness. Real kudos to the artist.

Unfortunately, the shoddiest part is the writing. It's amateurish at best and just overall unengaging.  The amount of typos and lack of understanding of English writing really damper it further. The interactions are too direct so far, everything way "to the point."

Overall, this VN has potential, but attention, as it is, should go to the writing and editing.

Hello, thank you for giving the game a try! The unicorn cover/banner at the very beginning has been turned off on mobile, that's why it won't show up. The reason being I couldn't make it appear without breaking the formatting or having the character decently visible.

As for the stretching issues, do you mind sending a screencap? I'm working on some improvements for mobile at the moment, dealing with that would be good.

Thanks again.

Thank you! All fixed. The broken image was a syntax problem with the downloadable version. The changes will be applied in v1.1.