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Where does Smash go from Ultimate? Branching out into furry vns of course

I think the problem I have with the MC is that, even though it's fine to have him be patient, intelligent and generally knowledgeable, after some time he comes across as too perfect. He always knows exactly what to say at the exact right time and never makes any missteps, at times he sounds more like a highly trained therapist than a nobody who's been travelling for an unknown amount of time (which makes the prospect of romance with Asterion a tad awkward too, am I his lover or his therapist?). For example, take the scene where Asterion is trying to convince the MC to stop giving him hope for a better future and start treating him more like the prisoner he is. It's a very difficult situation to be in, if it were me I'd probably lose my cool and snap at him. But the MC manages to handle the situation in the best way conceivably possible.

Rather than customizing his character entirely, I'd like more options for him to not necessarily say the right things at the right time, let him be a little more imperfect, tread on peoples toes occasionally.  I deceived Asterion into wearing the loincloth, it wasn't the right thing to do. Make more options like this, even going down the romantic route.

Chonky moo

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I did think Altan was something of an optimistic outcome of how a Mongolian father would react to having a gay son. Nothing wrong with a bit of optimism and hope in a dreary world though. And indeed, the game is not finished yet, hmm...

So I just finished Khenbish's route. Before this build I went with Themba, and never tried out Khenbish at all, so it was good to see him with a  fresh perspective. He's quickly become one of my favourite characters. He has a heart of gold, I wanted him to grow as a person and I guess you could say he's a real "protagonist". Having said that, I felt his route had a real melancholy to it, and was a little anticlimactic maybe? He begins the route feeling lonely, confused and carrying lots of weight on his shoulders, by the end he's less confused, less burdened, but still lonely. I felt sad for him during the drinking game because it's evident he really wants to drink to these questions. Even his scene with Tuan felt sad because, important as it was for his growth, it was still a fictional account of an intimacy he wishes he had. I wanted the end of his route to be a little more hopeful towards his relationship status, I really hope he can find someone to call his own, I liked the idea that one guy had about shipping Khenbish with Storm. 

Finally, I'm curious as to the kind of research that went into making this route. I read somewhere the devs had a friend from Mongolia whom they used as a point of reference for Khenbish and his story, is that true? I know very little about how homosexuality is perceived in Monoglia and this route had me curious to learn more.

One more thing, I still don't understand all the memes where Khenbish says "horny". He didn't say that when I played, did I miss some key dialogue?

I love that pensive, off-screen glance that he does

Bitch imma cow

Is it Greta-o-clock already?

POV: You've finally found a way to free Asterion from the labyrinth, and you're about to go explore the world with him 

He's a beloved cultural icon for a reason

Asterion Googling himself


Was hoping someone would make the first one

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Hey guys, just played the game for the first time and got to the end of the build, wanted to share my thoughts (forgive me if I touch on stuff already discussed to death by the community since I'm new here). I went along the main route so a lot of what I talk about is exclusively regarding that route.

First of all, this is actually my first VN (excluding Doki Doki Literature Club which is more of a parody VN). I first noticed it when browsing Nanoff's twitter (I really got into the Boomer/Zoomer/Miles shorts), and was a little skeptical of it since VNs aren't normally my thing. I tried it out anyway, expecting something frivolous and comical, and needless to say I was not prepared for the journey ahead. I came for sexy cows, but I became completely enraptured by the multi-generational storytelling, rich characters and the hypnotic musical scores. 

My main takeaway from Minotaur Hotel is that it's a story about breaking shackles, both contract-related and mental. It's a compelling experience, watching Asterions upward climb out of his own pit of despair and slowly but surely turn from a skeletal wretch to a man. I'll admit that after signing the lead-ring contract and making Asterion say my name rather than master sent me into a flood of tears (and again after helping him mourn over the fallout of Clements actions). Being able to break through to him after watching him struggle through an entire chapters worth of depression feels incredibly liberating. It probably goes without saying, but he's my favourite character.

The hinterlands 3 segment I found both engrossing and jarring at the same time. As I progressed, I wanted to get back to the main plot thread, then after more progression still I found I wanted P and Storms storyline to take precedent. I loved both of these characters, the way Storm, despite being mistreated his entire life, manages to show humanity towards P. And how P in turn, despite seemingly failing at his life's goal and dragging around Storm on his wild goose chase, is able to show humanity toward Storm. I also liked the surreal, noir-ish quality this story thread had. It made me think of Twin Peaks (detective work in a small remote area with strange things happening, sound familiar?). Contrary to a lot of fan-art I've seen, I can't see them as a couple. They're more like a mentor and a student.

If I had to list a few cons, I think the stories portrayal of physical and psychological abuse seems rather optimistic (in regards to the main route). Even though the story was so compelling I found I could ignore it, it's a bit of a stretch to assume that someone who's undergone centuries of torture (including beheading whilst forced to stay conscious, ground into a bloody pulp, left in a cold room emaciated and half-faced, etc) would be able to mentally build themselves back again to the point of holding coherent conversations with others or forming relationships (although in Asterions case, since he's far older than any human, it might not be appropriate to directly align his experiences with that of a short-live being). I don't expect all of Asterions trauma to be gone by chapter 18, but it's a little surprising how happy he becomes given all that he's been through. This is something I can accept though, given how much I want him to be happy. 

I was also a little confused about the nature of the lead-ring contract. If I recall correctly the contract was drafted to ensure Asterions protection from any abuse the MC might inflict when Kota and Luke are not present. The only clause the contract has is that Asterion cannot enter the valley. However the labyrinths master doesn't need the valley to inflict harm upon Asterion. Clement was able to ruin Asterion completely seemingly without need of the valley, and if Asterion wanted to prevent the MC becoming another Clement then shouldn't there have been more clauses drafted to account for non-valley related methods of abuse? 

Despite the aforementioned comments, I had a great time all in all. This was an incredible piece of storytelling, and I'm happy to wait as long as it takes for the devs to polish the remainder of the content to the best standard it can be. (Oh, one more very minor nitpick, I think Asterion should face forward for his close-up sprite when kissing you, rather than being at a 3/4 angle, I think it'd be hotter that way).