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Build 0.6 Discussion Sticky

A topic by Minoh Workshop created 32 days ago Views: 1,039 Replies: 13
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That's right, we're back! You can find more info about our plans here, but the basic gist of it is that Build 0.6 will be about expanding the story's side content. We will post more concrete news soon but we plan on releasing it by February at the latest.

Feel free to discuss theories and ideas here. And you can also post memes/shitposts/whatever too, it's all good. Have fun!

I'm excited to see who's routes will be fleshed out first because I really adore every character and seeing more from them makes it even better. I love Kota's design and the little touch on the robes design really hits you with that idea of water. I can understand people would want to jump in more Asterian story, but i like the slowed pace for us to explore everyone else too. As MC I like to think of the whole crew as very close friends. The entire Devlog was good news one after the other.

nice, i've read the devlog and the one thing that i'm still wondering about is how the side routes are going to be implemented. we didn't have enough days to explore all the side ccontent in one go in 0.5, now with 0.6 i'm assuming we would have to go back to chapter 13 to get access to the new content. and wether there should be more days of just R&D or if we are going to make use of just the days that were available already.


To access the new side content you'll have to load a previous save file, yeah.

We know things seem tight time-wise in the game. Some of that is purposeful on our part — there is not going to be enough time to do everything, so players should reflect on what they want to prioritize and what they'd like to see. This means everyone will have their own very unique journey through the game.

At the same time, I'm also aware this issue is exacerbated by the relatively small number of in-game management days. What I can say is that as we add more main story chapters this will start feeling better.


Yes, i was aware of the multiplaythrough idea and have prepared save files accordingly. Still, you should consider possible work arounds for this. A save skip to when the new content becomes available would be very user friendly, but i imagine that would be awful to program in. However, considering we have a global save system with the achievements, then may be completing a character route should give a reward for it, perhaps just a flavor thing about the specific character, or a permanent buff for that character stats on a new game plus kinda deal, like Asterion's purple color. I suppose you might have already discussed some of these on the development side of things, but hopefully it doesn't hurt to have some repeated suggestions as feedback.


I like the idea that "as the hotel becomes more complete, and as the staff grows, you find yourself with more time to get the things done you want to do." That's a good touch of ludonarrative convergence.

looking forward to the new build when it's ready to drop, love the new design for Kota, I'm sorta curious how you'd develop the wolf side story though since you can't really understand eachother. I do have a question though, since the game will have more side content without progressing the main story will that mean we have some more days added to previous chapters? Or will it be the same amount of time? I understand the design of not being able to do everything in one playthrough, but if more side content is added without more time to do them it could leave a sour taste in players mouths


We won't be adding more days this time. We are aware the time management doesn't feel perfect now but we think it will feel a lot better as the game progresses and more days are added along with the new chapters.

For now the way to access the new side content will be loading a previous save. Not perfect, I know, but this is relatively temporary in the grand scheme of things.

no worries, thanks for the speedy response ^^ have a wonderful holiday

I wonder if there will be new music tracks.


I'm so happy to see more content coming soon and that this vn is getting the attention it deserves! It seems not long ago it was hard to even find it when I was searching by title but now its on the first page of lots of the lgbtq and romance tags, only within the vn category but still! Exciting! If I can make a suggestion, or really just share a hope, I'd really like to see some branching paths for Pedro and Oscars relationship. Not in this update obviously, but while the crush sideplot is cute, I found that I really enjoyed the more paternal tone the relationship took in the non-crush route and I really hope that there will be an option to expand upon that in future chapters. Pedro is trying so hard to break the cycle of abuse and be a better person than his father and I want to see that have its chance to really bloom now that he's finally found the validation and financial stability he needed and see Oscar gather his own hand picked family unit around himself and get that familial love he's needed for so long. I just want more found family in my Hotel damn it! Yes there's plenty in there already but come on, there's room for more!


We are definitely going to explore that!

There's some stuff to Pedro and Oscar's relation that I'm not sure it all came across as well as I wished. Namely, even if Oscar doesn't have a crush on Pedro the two of them still cherish each other. Regardless of your choices, Pedro and Oscar mean a lot to each other and I want to make that more clear going forward.

A lot of stuff is going to happen, and player choices affect how it goes (for example, while Oscar will always join the hotel's staff not everyone will be able to recruit Pedro) but a constant across all iterations is that the two of them retain their bond no matter what and  the thread of found family will become more prominent, including with how they relate to other characters.

We are still throwing ideas around, but one of them is that even if Pedro is not recruited as staff and even if they have a familiar relationship he'd keep visiting the hotel to spend time with Oscar, and they might go as far as going out during the weekends. Most likely we will also explore a bit more of their relation, whatever it may be, during the next main story chapters. You'll probably like what we have in store, as we will touch on it even more than we did so far.

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Got a mid flu-illness idea, what if the MC got something very minor like a cold but Asterion gets overly protective acting like it's a serious illness and forces the MC to stay in bed while he tries to do your job  of organising everyone jobs for a few days causing some light-hearted comedy to take place in the MCs sudden confinement

Nothing short of hyped for this sort of thing. Admittedly an idea has been in my mind that I am sure has crossed your guys' as well. Along with the selection of origins to pick from, like art student and all, I think a neat one that could be added (if at all, since its right at the beginning and would alter a lot of writing in the game) could be something like Chef. Main character has travelled around enough it seems to maybe have a wide and ranged taste of cuisines. Lets him be a cook to some of his friends and offers up some really cute, neat potential scenes.

Regardless.  So ready to see this story continue further down the line. MC led me to Killigan's Treasure too, both are such gems to have right now.