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looking forward to the new build when it's ready to drop, love the new design for Kota, I'm sorta curious how you'd develop the wolf side story though since you can't really understand eachother. I do have a question though, since the game will have more side content without progressing the main story will that mean we have some more days added to previous chapters? Or will it be the same amount of time? I understand the design of not being able to do everything in one playthrough, but if more side content is added without more time to do them it could leave a sour taste in players mouths

We won't be adding more days this time. We are aware the time management doesn't feel perfect now but we think it will feel a lot better as the game progresses and more days are added along with the new chapters.

For now the way to access the new side content will be loading a previous save. Not perfect, I know, but this is relatively temporary in the grand scheme of things.

no worries, thanks for the speedy response ^^ have a wonderful holiday