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Finally finished my first actual fanart of the game.. Argos has not left my mind ever since That scene. Thank you devs for this wonderful story!!

here's the twitter link btw


Seems like I have a new wallpaper for my phone.


Oh, I'm truly honored~

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my heart skips a beat! This is so good! But the link won't send me to your page. What's your username?

Edit- nvm found it ❤

thank you sm!! and thanks for the heads up on the link too, lol

This is superb!!


Jesus christ, amazing work!

It makes me really happy that a character like Argos, who isn't exactly a popular species furries are usually drawn to, gets fanart like this. Thank you so much. 


No thank you so much!! I guess it's just because I like scalies a lot, but I absolutely loved his design from the first moment he appeared. Both that and all of his expressions are so lively. And that's without counting how much I like him as a character too.