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Thank you for playing!

Very interesting twist on the classic tic-tac-toe! It took a while to get used to the swapping mechanics but it's nicely done. Good job on the idea!

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Adorable game and great presentation! Although I think it takes too long to get enough dog treats to unlock the final dog, especially considering there's little variety in the endless running portion after the 2 minutes mark.

Other than that, great game~ 

I love how each level just kept getting more and more messed up. Fun idea, great job!

Ratingception. Love the meta take on the game jam's theme!

Finally, the moose simulator I've been dreaming of!

Simple, but very effective gameplay. It's really fun trying to speedrun through the levels as fast as possible once you learn their layout. Well done!

Funny (and cursed) take on the theme! The wonky physics reminds me of old school let's-play type games, it's pretty fun! I loved making the chairs spin like beyblades and fly all over the place, I am not sure how I got them to do it, but it definitely amused me.

Is the sandwich going to eat the chefs now?

Oh my god please add a 2-player mode, this would make for a very fun party game!

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Lovely concept! I enjoyed the characterization and dialog too, very creative twist on the theme. I'm usually bad at games where you control multiple characters at once, so the game got hard fast for me, however, having the teleport ability really helped me get further than I expected. Thank you for the fun!

Cute take on the cocnept! The best I could manage was five planes by accident, but my average tends to be 7-8 lost.

♫♪ I'm jamming to kidnapped grandma's music! ♫♪

Absolutely brilliant job and a great take on the jam's theme. The ability to review your footage afterward is the icing on the cake, bravo!

Being a good cameraman is hard...

The "snapping" mechanic is very fun. With some more visual feedback and perhaps a slower flight speed this would make for a very interesting platformer! I wish we got to do something more in regard to the theme, like having to fight Mario at the end, but I understand that the time wasn't very forgiving. Regardless, very fun game!

Curious idea. I think adding a way to indicate that the player is doing something right would be nice because i wasn't sure if my ads did anything. With that said, the idea is very creative and could be expanded upon, like trying to pick the most relevant ad for the user based on the pages they visit, or making the ads pop up at the most inconvenient time and so on.
With that said, the music is absolutely great and fitting for this game, good job!

I never felt so badass gardening before. What you managed to get done within 48 hours is seriously impressive, it's very well-polished and with satisfying gameplay too. This is easily my favorite game jam game so far from what I've played. Absolutely great job!

Loved how it feels to control the giant boss and the slam attacks, with some sound and particle effects this game could be extremely satisfying. 

wow this is somehow an even more addictive gameplay loop than clicker games! there's some really good oomph in here.

Super fun game and a creative idea! My only wish would be some way to telegraph where the player would go, or have a less slidey camera because sometimes the player would turn  so fast it would be extremely difficult to react in time. But it's still exciting none the less, well done!

We are really happy to hear that you enjoyed the game! As for the level editor, since the levels are written as text files, we could release an update that allows loading custom-level files (at the user's discretion) once the voting period for the game jam concludes.

Fun idea! I tried to challenge myself by attempting to play it without breaking the collision, but unfortunately even when going slow, it seems that the walls would eventually stop becoming solid. However, the game has a fun oomph to it, the spheres are satisfying to collect.

How come every PuzzleScript game I've played always has very good level design? I love the gimmick and the "heaviness" mechanic too. I still have a couple of levels to finish off but I love it when puzzle games get straight into the meat of a concept. Well done!

I liked the ambiance and the presentation. Although as others have mentioned, it was a bit hard to control the ball around the corners, but that wasn't a deal breaker for me. Still, very good job!

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Very creative way of implementing risk-vs-reward into a puzzle game. I always found myself getting too greedy and miscalculating how the enemies would move. I love how easy to pick up this game is, the polish is also impressive!

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Very lovely art style! It's unfortunate that the third level is impossible, but I can see the potential for some clever puzzles!

Seeing the red dot approach me on the mini-map is pure panic haha. Well done!

Cute concept! I think the balance would benefit more if the boredom meter was based on all your stats instead of just health and if it started in the middle, that way it won't be very luck-reliant to not get boredom points on the first turn. Still a cool game!

Love the art style and presentation, and there were some creative ideas with the level design so far.

Unfortunately, I got stuck on Autumn 1. I don't know if I'm misunderstanding the rules, but I cannot see how the little guy will press the button on the far left and then manage to reach the exit one tile to the right, because they do not move right at all except at the start. Any hints?

Neat concept! I was a bit confused about how it worked at first but once I got the hang of it I had fun with  it quite a lot. I feel the puzzle concept would work really well with more cards and rules, too.

It's fun trying to visualize how the pieces would end up. Unfortunately, I was really bad at doing it. At least I managed to rack up a few points. Maybe a way to make it less difficult is to potentially draw ghost blocks where a piece would end up whenever you hover on them, but that may take away the challenge completely. Either way, I like it!

Oh no, my T-Spins.

Surprisingly challenging, I never realized how much I relied on have like "I" pieces in tetris before. It's a fun game and a pretty funny concept!

My obsession with seeing numbers go up has turned into seeing numbers go down. The cookies are no more.


Drew this for my bf's birthday, we both love this game hehe

This is so adorable! I love the aesthetics and the wholesome little story. c:

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great concept! With some polish, it could be a fully-fledged puzzle game, and the aesthetics/environment are lovely. c:

Also, since you mentioned it in another comment: I think the advice I can give you is that when you want to teach the player something without text, it's best to start out with a very limited movement space to highlight only what you want someone to focus on.

I'd also suggest not having the camera rotated at a 45 angle, as that makes it harder to remember which button takes moves me in which direction.

Either way, thanks for the fun. Well done! 

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I'm a sucker for Zach-like games and I enjoy optimizing the heck out of them even when I'm really bad at it. I dig this concept quite a lot and I would like to see it expanded upon,  such as more tools/mathematical operations, heck, maybe different die types (D4, D8, etc...) could be involved. Imagine the optimization complexity this could lead to!

One thing I would've liked though is for the input/output to be more visually distinct, I've laid out the conveyors multiple times in levels only to realize I've done them in reverse (mainly because I subconsciously assumed things would move left-to-right).

Another major issue I've noticed is that dice sometimes get stuck for no reason when they should be moving. I can't always replicate it because it happens at random and is very inconsistent. It was most evident in the finale so I had to wait a lot most of my die couldn't move across the pipeline.

I took an image of a time my dide got stuck, the two snake-eyes die on the upper layer of the conveyor belts never moved, but the ones that reach the far right side do. Keep in mind that this was very inconsistent, and the places they get stuck at were different each time I reset the simulation, so I don't think I missed something in the ruleset?

I don't want to sound like I'm only complaining, I just really enjoyed the concept and I would really love to see more stuff done with it. Amazing job. <3

Very juicy! The bouncy player controls are fun even when they end up killing you after being getting combo'd by the bullets. Great job on the idea and execution. 3-pips are the best weapon.

The only bug I ran into was accidentally clipping through a wall and being stuck there, I was still able to shoot so I managed to get a high score around 6k until the enemies became too much and I died anyway. I ain't complaining, I just found the swarming waterfall of enemies amusing to look at when that happened. lol

Just like the previous commenter, I could not progress far. Sadly the game takes me back to the menu if I press the left or down arrow key, and crashes if I went right and up. Hope to see a fixed version after the jam to try it out!

I love how that Capybara looks, it's charming!
The idea of spawning gameplay elements based on a dice roll is unique.  I'd suggest maybe letting the player decide when to spawn the elements to give them more agency over it? I like the fact that you can pick up a die before it lands to prevent the result, but that ability is a bit powerful once you realize which element each pip corresponds to. Still, very cute experience! Good job!