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yeah, wacky is meant as a compliment. I like wacky games. hehe :P

A bit hard to figure out at first, but still nice. I love the illustrations, though! They are cute.

Such a fun and lovely game, it's quite a creative idea.

 Here's my circle, which isn't that different from how I draw them usually:

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At first glance, I thought this was simply a cute multitasking game, but then I noticed that the enemies you kill in Shoot affect the blocks you get in Chute and I became pretty intrigued. Really well done, the artwork is also amazing! 

I just wish there was more incentive to switch the games. I found myself putting the piece in place in Chute then switching to Shoot until it fell and the next piece came, which didn't encourage a lot of switching. With that said, the game became more fun once I forced myself to switch back and forth often.

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Really felt the pressure with everyone just staring at me like that lol

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Pretty wacky dwarf game, I enjoyed the puzzles and the additive music was a very nice touch! 

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Interesting concept. This could be a great speedrunning game if the controls were made more stable because right now they feel loose and inconsistent. That doesn't mean I didn't have fun flinging myself around, the verticality of the second level was my favorite to play.

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Lovely and very cinematic presentation. The story was also pretty sweet. I specifically liked how your vision is obscured before you pick up the other eye. Cute game!

I kept trying to climb the child's bed with the cubes, but they were too finicky so I gave up on that and then I realized what I was supposed to do, that made me feel quite silly lol

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Fun game with satisfying controls, mastering the ship's movement felt nice. The only complaint I have is the placement of the restart button. But still, well done!

Very polished and unique gameplay.  My only gripe is that yellow and green lack a strong contrast between them, unlike the other colors. Still, it was pretty fun!

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Easily one of the most creative games in this Jam that I've tried. I'd love a full detective game with this mechanic! 

The beginning was a little confusing, and it took me a while to make my first connection because i kept trying to connect the group image with the person who didn't attend, so maybe a little nudge at the start would've been helpful, or maybe if you started out with less items. Everything after went pretty well, though.

The issues I've had are similar to what others have mentioned, the biggest one being the time limit, which I had to cheese by storing the watch in the folder. Doing that made the game way more enjoyable because I could crack the case at my own pace without feeling rushed and speed-reading the text. Speaking of text, I wish it was easier to read and had black outlines, as I found myself not paying attention to it most of the time. Also, some long texts end up being too big and going off screen after 4 lines. 

One idea I really liked is organizing the desk with the limited space you have, it added a fun layer to the game and it made me feel like a conspiracy theorist, so I see that as a plus rather than a negative. Although I do wish the desk was at least big enough so you could have enough space to look at everything connected at the end without having some evidence blocking others. Maybe a feature that lets the camera move around a larger area would help? I also found myself not really using the folder, mainly because you can't put things you've already connected inside, and I didn't want to put something that needed to be connected in there, because I didn't know what I would need and what I wouldn't.

Despite these complaints, I enjoyed my time with this a lot, I just wanna see it improved upon because I see a lot of potential. Thanks for the fun!

Golf 2.

Thank you! Designing the enemies with the others was a very fun process. 

A very unique idea. This can lead to so many interesting puzzles and levels, especially if the player starts out as different pieces each time. My only complaint with the level designs is that there's a lot of seemingly unnecessary walking with the pawn at the start of some stages. I get why, but if there were fewer long hallways to pass as a pawn it'd be more fun IMO. Either way, I'd love to see a full game out of this mechanic!

Golf 2.

These are nicely designed levels! Using spikes as platforms is pretty tricky as well. But like others have mentioned, the only thing missing is some indicator of where platforms appear. Great job, though!

Really intriguing concept. Unfortunately, one of the cords ended up bending on itself like this like this and it made it just a bit short from letting me reach the next plug. Still, I love this idea, and connecting things is quite satisfying! Lots of great potentials.

Really creative mechanic! I'd definitely wish to see it expanded upon, it seems to have potential.

Hey, it's pretty fun to play and control! I also liked the way you put the visuals together.
My only issue with the gameplay is that corners are way too safe and rarely would an asteroid spawn there. Perhaps having obstacles spawn closer to the player instead of randomly would force them to move around more and make it more challenging? Just a suggestion.

Thank you very much!  Animating the mimics was pretty fun, I'm glad you like them. :)

Pretty cool gimmick, seems to have potentail for interesting platforming. It can be a bit janky at times and I would've prefered seeing a path arrow but other than that it's neat!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for playing!

golf 2

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You nailed the atmosphere perfectly and I was quite immersed in the game. I just love the eerie "You're alone (?)" vibes. Although I wish it stuck with the mysterious approach of things being slightly off rather than adding supernatural human element at the end, but it was still nicely crafted nonetheless!

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Such a heartwarming experience. Despite its short length, it still managed to bring a tear into my eye. Bravo!

Fun experience! The 2nd area reminded me a lot of Spirited Away and No Face, you nailed the atmosphere in there! The spider part was quite intense too. 

Beautiful game! It was quite a relaxing experience and I really loved the way you pick the options and clues. 

I did end up soft-locking the game by accident, though. I dropped the key while in front of the "shelf" with the wooden board and the wire line, and after messing around I pushed the shelf on the key, making it impossible to get the key back unless I reloaded. 

Another complaint I have is that the game is too bright that I can barely see things that aren't on the edge of my vision , I'm not sure if it's the game, or my screen. But I happened to drop the wooden board somewhere  while exploring  and looking for it when it I needed it was a tad tedious.

With that being said, it was fun solving the clues and playing hide-and-seek with the fox. Thanks for the game!

The mechanics are very creative, great game!

On the bright side, the little Boomers die as heroes. :P

I'm super happy that you found the game fun~! Thank you so much for playing!  ♥

Loved it! The sprites look very cool and the gameplay is fun. I just wish the monsters bosses telegraphed their attacks for a longer period of time to make it easier to react to the first time around. Other than that, it's such a neat concept!

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All 10 coins collected!

I really enjoyed the concept, but like the others have pointed out, the lack of a tutorial makes this game really hard to get into. It took me a while to even figure out you could change the bullets. Also, a button to reset the bullets rather than having to wait til 1000 would've been pretty nice. I did enjoy figuring out ways to use each type, and I ended up needing them all for my journey. Thanks for the fun!

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105 Boomers, that's the least amount I've seen for someone's first try! Most of my friends got around 120.  Congratulations!

As for exploding, I could add an option to enable or disable a circle around the player to make the blast radius visible to allow more accuracy. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Thank you very much for your constructive feedback! I'm going to address the problems you mentioned:

- Level: I do admit, I should've closed that gap at the top because it's very misleading. But I did have three people play the game, they got stuck on that level for a short time wondering what to do, but they all figured it out by the end, so I thought it wasn't too bad. I'm going to get more people to test next time.

 What you have to do here is take advantage of the spawning mechanic, because when you blow yourself up, another boomer falls down right back at the start. You can then pass the gates if you time your mid-air jump correctly. The original Boomer may have died, but it's the results that matter, and the sacrifices will never be forgotten. ;_;7

Here's a walkthrough I made earlier today, you could use it if you need a small nudge in the right direction: ! :)

- The E button: Now that I think about it, the only reason this feature exists is because I felt it's too sudden to instantly go to the next level right after touching the gate. It has no good functionality. I might have to remove it.

- Esc Key: How didn't I come up with that! I kept accidentally closing the game  while testing myself, too. xP

- Credits: The menu was the last thing I added to the game and I was afraid I'd run out of time, that's why it's pretty messy. 

Again, thank you a lot for playing and giving feedback! I'm going to fix the issues and polish the game a little more in a post-jam update soon!

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I find the idea pretty good! There were a few collision bugs here and there and the health bar could go in the negatives without the player dying. Flying around with the cat ability is pretty fun!

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The game is pretty chill and the music fits well with the art style! The menu is neatly polished and easy to navigate. 

One small complaint, though, my eyes started hurting a little because of the blocks at the bottom and the top once they started moving faster, they got too distracting, perhaps it would be better if they were invisible.

Interesting game!  I couldn't read the language at the beginning so it took me a long time to figure out the controls and what to do. The pixel art looks very neat, though!

I really liked the concept! I wish the ball moved faster, though. Also, the buttons at the pause menu do nothing. Other than that, it's enjoyable!

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I'm not a big fan of tower defense games but this caught my attention. I liked how one must constantly change the aim of the towers and manage multiple of them at once, that's something I haven't seen in other TD games. Cool game!

Ayyy, thanks! I'm very pleased to hear that!

Thank you so much, I'm very flattered! :D

Absolutely adorable. The visuals were pleasant and it was very satisfying to cut the paper. I was smiling all the way through! <3