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I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! Yes, we're slowly starting to work on a lore section that would explain magic more in detail alongside some other in-universe things. We're still very much in the early setup of the story and got a lot more to look forward to!

Yes, Thatcher's opinion of Tim does differ on the route you choose. Without spoiling much, you can notice that Thatcher definitely has some... baggage he's dealing with that affects his choices.

Thank you! We're really glad you're liking it so far :)

Build 2 is gonna be rather chill, but stuff will start picking up afterwards. Thatcher's in for a long, fun journey :> 

Hi guys! Feel free to give us feedback on the first build here. We're still working on patching some things up and figuring out details but we're doing our best to deliver.

Any thoughts, suggestions, questions or anything else is welcome, don't be shy!

I'm really glad to hear you've enjoyed it! We've got another project coming out very soon :)

Thank you! We very much appreciate the kind words <3

Thank you very much! We're aiming to hopefully release the first build of our next project by the end of July, very excited to share it with you all :) The 'parts' are there to stay for sure.

Minoanon showed me and I went bonkers for 5 minutes hahaha

it's amazing. the two husbands <3

Your art is so damn good man omg

What if Asterion had a horsecock?

Time to dump my stuff in here!

That works more than well enough. Thank you! 

Do you plan to expand upon the contract MC and Asterion made about not sending him to the valley? Right now, it seems to me its main purpose is a show of trust and MC's dedication to treat Asterion well, sort of like a marital vow, you could say(just with actual very harsh consequences). I imagine it could potentially make for some very tense moments in the future though, so I wonder if it comes up as a major point of conflict again.