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Epic fantasy FVN about a mature ram starting over one last time (NSFW) · By Cobalt Studio, Danero

Build 1: Year's Turn Feedback Thread!

A topic by Danero created Aug 10, 2022 Views: 1,053 Replies: 13
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Hi guys! Feel free to give us feedback on the first build here. We're still working on patching some things up and figuring out details but we're doing our best to deliver.

Any thoughts, suggestions, questions or anything else is welcome, don't be shy!


As a matter of tradition:


Great start~ UwU it's a lovely fresh take, using the olde ways, in the furry scene :3 I love the art, am eternally greatful for the animalistic genitalia, and have become immersed by the writing n_n can't wait to see who our love options will be~ [crosses fingers for burly hoof/wolf daddyO.O]

I just started playing and love it so far.

 But I do have a question...when we have choices do the colors indicate anything?

 And the fo!low up suggestion; if the colors matter I think you should let the players know.

  Thank you.


Colors represent choices with long-term consequences. The actual color is more or less arbitrary.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Great start of the story. I have a question though will the only romance interests be Tim and Alma? I find Boris and Marcus quite appealing, Boris specially.


Tim and Alma are the first two of what we might call “long-term relationships.” There will be other options as we go along.

As for Marcus and Boris specifically, that’s a bit of a spoiler now, innit? ;)

interesting... really interesting


great start keep up the good work


Acabei de terminar de ler a VN, gostei bastante, por favor continuem com o ótimo trabalho, aguardo ansioso a continuação!! Muito Obrigado!

Is there a fixed update schedule or patreon?


Our intention is to release the second build in mid-October, keeping a two month cycle. Real life is always a struggle for VN devs everywhere. :)

There’s no specific Anamnesis-only Patreon. If you’re feeling generous and would like to support our work, the easiest thing to do is subscribe to Danero’s, even if only for a month or two. But as of right now there’s no plans to make any Patreon-exclusive Anamnesis content.

This is interesting, I know is like literally one episode so far, but usually I can tell if I'm going to like something at the start (first impressions and all that).

And this is a concept that I've never interacted before... And, my good Developer, I'm really hyped for it. I've never played a game with an older protagonist, and it's really nice to see that. Also, I can't wait to see what adventures that our Elder Bisexual Ram is going to face. 


Thank you! We're really glad you're liking it so far :)

Build 2 is gonna be rather chill, but stuff will start picking up afterwards. Thatcher's in for a long, fun journey :>