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well, now that is really exciting, cant wait to see this update will bring

this was a nice update, got to know Derrick a little better now.

btw, i now notice, why Derrick is the only one with yellow sclera?

also, werewolf tea? that did bring interesting ideas.

done, and done!

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That was so good, this update felt like a hot coup of hot chocolate in a cold day. (After the scare with the doctor...(also, damn that cat only in his underwear looked REALLY fine, lucky Yuka)) 

Well, the way they were sleeping was mad cute too...

And now I'm like, I know the place is harsh, but I still stand by my thoughts of staying. Tbh I wouldn't care of being stranded in mars if the company there was like this.

This was an really interesting start. 

Smaller spoilers ahead...

I laught at the anime scene of the MC falling on top of Derrick, but soft big belly as a cushon? sigh me the fuck in! 

Also, damn, Otto was certainly being very spicy on that lockerroom. He does indeed have a big co... Heart! Yes, heart.

I undersand Kael, i would be livid if a random dude dropped my favorite guitar. (I dont have a guitar, but I understand the feeling)

oh, Roberto will have a route in the future? nice.

I have a question though, are shoes optional in this world? it is a really nice concept. 

wow, that was heavy on plot.

first, I wold never be able to forgive myself if I choose that NSFW on the study... I know bt this point I did some... humm.. questionable things, but even I have a line. 

also, damn 

spoiler ahead

Another astral shift? AGAIN?! in the same day? 

 I would love to go back to my easy life of having sex with everyone that is even mildly interested instead of multidimentional travel (and almost dying,) thank you sir. 

and DAMN, i did wait to this one to read the previous update, and didn't expect that our first step on our villain saga to be there, it was really... intense and honestly a little terrifying. 

Also, I have to say I can not wait put my (metaphorical) teeth in that (delicious) satyr flesh. 

I'm almost sure he will love to watch what the MC will do to that captain, and I sure as hell I will not mind the audience, the more the merrier! 

But now, I have too see what will happen by the end of this chapter first.

ps: RIP old lady, died of horny.

You can keep the saves, but it is kinda of convoluted

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Just have to say, Spencer's Epilogue was beautiful.

Stars above, it was so heartwarming!

Spoilers Ahead

Everything, was perfect. I was taken aback by the MC's parents coming, and his father actually being a nice person. The wedding was beautiful, and the... adaptations Darius came with were magnificent. Also, Ger and Harold at the ending were so cute. 

The dance, the Argentine Tango, the waltz... the picture session... the hot picture session, and the ending, with Erick and Spencer layed down together after some really hot sex... It was beautiful, all of it.

I am glad to be able to read another epilogue, and to see another chapter closed.

It is sad to see them go, but I do fell happiness for see a glimpse of their future. 

Thank you for this amazing update, Dyne. 

Can't wait to see how Chester, Dozer (And possibly, and hopefully, Chester too) and our favorite lion Darius will be. 

Ok, I'm back. I have to start saying: Star above, the captain was so badass!

Her splash art gave me all the goosebump.

It was really interesting to notice how Marrow, Marruk an Rhoun reacted to the events of day 11. More noticeably the Captain Encounter and the Statue

You know Marruk is the worst case of Tsundere I ever saw, and I Love him for that. Also, my hearth melts every time he let himself open to us. 

And it's nice to see Marrowyn actually not being dragged around like a truck sized doll by his father this time, and him telling us more secrets? thats was bold, I liked that.

Rhoun could use some more determination, but it is sweet in its own manner.

I understood pretty quickly what the 6-route thing was about, but I'm left to wonder what the branches will bring in the future.

I just loved this update, and I'm glad to read it. It was a while since the last time, but its aways worth the wait. 

See you around next chapter, take care.

wait, six? i'm curious. Will be back with comments later

Oh nice, a wild update just appeared.

Also, congratulations, I know how much work it takes to finish college, so cheers for you, you deserve it!

Can't wait for read all through that. Will be back with comment later. Hopes up that Marrow will finally stop being treated like a ragdoll.

I'm glad that you are okay, tbh I was more worried about you than the game. Yes, I love the game, but I think I should be more concerned about the person behind it.

Its curious that you are using AI to voice it over, it can get the job done, but machine learning algorithm are hit or miss.

It's sad that it came to be cancelled, but I get it. I hope that we will hear from it again in a distant future, but for now, goodbye. It's been nice following this amazing in, I hope you will find stability and everything settle down for you soon. 


Yay, can't wait for that update

bt the stars, the new character's design and the backgrounds look amazing, can't wait to see them in game.

interesting events there, can't wait to see what we will find

Well, it's probably that, since it's beside the good ending... But I don't have the heart to unlock it, wo it's going to stay like that, forever.

you know, I oppened the gallery and found there is an scene I never unlocked, interesting. Also, I found [Bittersweet Farewell] and it was instantaneous pain. Also, damn that new motorbike scene was really... Oh Là Là!

 This updade was really nice, weird dreams (I swear that I thought that it would end up in smut) but overall a really nice start of the final day.

That was really nice, and beautiful (and hot) ending. 

Glad to finally see it, even if I wished for even more chapter, alas everything has to come  to a end, doesn't it? 

Ps: Wolf in the mist? I see what you did there *wink* *wink* [nudge] [nudge]

wow, this guide is really nice, saves probably hours of tinkering with the choices. Thanks for that. 

Oh, so that's how you get those other naked scenes... interesting, let me just save that for... for science! Yes, for science. 

I usually don't like to be an asshole and go lying, but it will be a sacrifice that I will probably have to do... later [fake drama all over]. (Yes, I'm aware that telling strangers things that are not meant to them is naive and hella dangerous, but i digress)

see ya in the next update or devlog!

I was wondering how to get Aldric encounter, found out that in other comments, but I'm wondering do the MC aways end up lost in the first part to get back by himself to the main hall of the academy? I couldn't trace back my path even following the way that MC did said beforehand...

In another note, I'm new and find this game really interesting and beautiful already (also, love those early shenanigans ) I am aware of the Hiatus, but I'm a patient furry, take all time you need. 

I do however would love an update in the progress from time to time, love reading de logs.


first build out, and lot of sus things happenings already.

you know, the chapter wasn't much long to me, because I'm a ravenous reader... with that said, BY THE STAR BELLOW it was heavy! Not to spoil anything, but that destiny? damn. I do not know if it based on player choices or the same for everyone, but in retrospect? it could be both. 

You outdid yourself, but this chapter did have a feel like it belonged in another game, even the sprites... I do not say it is a bad thing or anything like that, it was just another tone, another Tempo.

And also, I was expecting the secret passageway to be at least mentioned by the protagonist at some point, you known. I feel like a unguarded gateway to the hearth of the place that we are trying to invade could come in handy to the people making the plans. just a thought.

things are getting exciting. I cannot wait to see what it will become. I do hope that there is a way to escape from The Tyrant, though.

That was a really nice upgrade, The splash art for Rhoun was beautiful. And the relay room was gorgeous. I do like pretty lights a lot, i can understand the amazement. 

Also. the ending? that made me slightly anxious ... Can't wait for the next update.

Also, where exacly the old saves are broken? I did not see any problem loading the last update save. 

Wait, i didn't see the loading screen in the android version... Nor the new icon. 

Also, it did not updated the previous version it just installed another app. (That make keeping the saves a little more tricky)

i would love to see how this novels continues tbh.

I didn't know I could be devastated so many times in one VN. 

I love everything. And yet, I have do much bittersweet feeling. That also made me cry a lot. 

Cannot wait for the next update.

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Well, maybe Mr. Baker will become even more popular as we willingly dive into the pit of heresy and depravation that I'm assuming his route will become the way you describe it.... Because we are kinky af. But that is just a possible timeline.

Also, pretty sure vultures are born with nice feathers on their faces and become bald as they dive their head constantly in rotten carcasses... 

It's really unpredictable what can happen as the story progresses, but I'm really excited to see it nonetheless.

I'M BACK! omg, I have to thank the luck gods for putting this vn on my timeline, it's do good!

Even though the character have no memory they still radiate their personality! Also, any concrete and logical though I had was immediately overwritten by how cute and adorable AL looks... And have to say, our MC does need some therapy, because I can feel his amygdala putting him in fly or fight response all the time... Like who hurt him? (Well probably the same person(?s?) That torn his jaw... Or the ones that wiped their memory (or both, who knows?!) . Same with PT (that I just forgot the code...) But with him I actually felt his corned and frightened response, I was really impressed with 933 analysis too, but he is the smart one, both emotionally and logically... He should really apologize less, though.

And now, let's put on our tin foil hats, because theory time! (I know it's the prologue... But still, I have thought that I want to share with the class)

The letters of the code, that did hit me into my trivia corner of my brain  [ /⁠╲⁠/⁠\⁠╭⁠(⁠•⁠‿⁠•⁠)⁠╮⁠/⁠\⁠╱⁠\ ] so I did a little digging just to be sure and here are my (really new and early conclusions) isn't the scientific name for Wolf  Cannis Lupus That would fit the letters for our two wolves LC, just out of order.... And the same fits for the tiger, Panthera Tigris... And for the one that almost ended the MC, V for Vulpes something (the rest depends on the species) ... As for our adorable Lion well, there the thing AL doesn't match for Panthera Leo...BUT! As I found out, there is the cave lion, aka Panthera Leo Atrox, that could match the letters in reverse order.... So yeah, I'm excited to see if my little theory will make any sense...

So, after this mountain of text, I wanted to say that I'm loving this work, I'm really excited to see this story as it progresses, and that I will be here, cheering. 

See ya.

Oh this looks really interesting, I will be back with more comments after I finish the 1st build.

uh, new update, noice. 

let's read some more delicious new contents. 

Sorry I misunderstood then... But I'm glad it is doing good for your health.

Oh dear, I don't know if that makes me scared or even more excited... Well bit of both maybe. We all will find out eventually.

(⁠◕⁠ᴥ⁠◕⁠) <3 can't wait. I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun.

Reading this... I guess it would be better to keep BB as your focus, murder mystery do rely on the drama and the build up to work, especially in the crucial moments, and a spoiler big enough could ruin everything. 

And you said that By Your Hands were supposed to be a project to help with burnout, so my advise is that you should keep that way... The extra money probably would be nice but don't get that to be in the way of your artists vision.




On a different note, I'm not surprised to find out we all were really horny and loved the scandalous big milf horny teacher. And I am no different, I have to admit that I sure as hell did not expect that at all, but it was a nice twist.

And also, Ben was a really interesting route (minor spoilers ahead) 



I wasn't expecting an LGBTQ+ bar and a drag queen show. But I sure as hell loved it. I didn't get what was freaky about it at all, but that's probably because I'm hella unorthodox person.... 

Just keep doing this amazing work, and I am really excited to see what happens next in this world.

are the saves from last version incompatible?

My poor heart almost could't take it. 

Also, damn he is so adorable, i love Lexi so much. I'm a whore but I also have feelings, ok?

Oh my, Dawyne update got me by surprise... his route is like none other, and damn he is cute and hella sexy, wich is not a common combination... I'm loving it!

But also, there is something else happening, i'm curious to find out what it is, but if i'm getting the clues right, maybe I have an idea...

Maybe in the next months...

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I have some ... Thoughts... About chapter 14. Strong thoughts. 

It's not respect someone decision to say that and literally the next thing you say is trying to dissuade said decision. Mar has all the right to not even look in his parents direction after what they had done, he also should not have to lie about it, especially to the person that is supposed to be his boyfriend and the person that said that was going to respect.his.decision. 

I know , this feel like a rant, but it just rubs me the wrong way... 

Besides that, it was a really nice update, I still have to catch up to the chapter 16, but I waited a while for this update, and I shall savor it.

I did not knew that you could repeat that scene, but it was amazing to see what was there, in that other selection... and the core skill upgrade was so nice. the judgment too.

that is an interesting  start... can't wait to see more of it