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Tag merges and suggestions

A topic by leafo created Nov 22, 2019 Views: 4,765 Replies: 73
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Hello! I’m here to tell you how our tag system works and how you can help us make it better.

How tags work (click me to show)
  • Projects can use any tag they want when classifying their games
  • “Suggested tags” are recommended in the drop down list when someone is tagging their work, we manage a list of those in the database
    • Most people just use suggested tags
  • Suggested tags can appear elsewhere on the site, like on browse. They are also much more likely to be found by search engine
  • Project tags that aren’t suggested can only be accessed by clicking on the tag name on the project page

The original plan is that we would watch for what popular free-form tags are being used and turn them into suggested tags, while merging any similar tags. In practice this is kinda hard, and also may prevent certain kinds of tags from ever appearing.

In this thread:

  • Make a suggestion for a new Suggested Tag
  • Tell us about similar tags that need to be merged

note: merging a tag will update the taggings of any projects that use the old tag, additionally if anyone in the future tries to use it, it will automatically be renamed to the merged tag

Reminder, here are our rules about tagging:

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mmorts (there is already mmorpg) (Edit: I didn't realize you could add tags yourself.)

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Hi y'all. What I'd like most isn't *more* tags, but actually a way to sort by things I *don't* want. For instance, suppose I want a free browser-based game that has gamepad support, but I really *don't* want dating sims, novels, platformers, or gay furry erotica. I *do* want to keep myself open to things that might fit into the "other" category though, so I don't want to limit myself to just action/adventure. Having a way to exclude tags and genres would be infinitely more helpful to me, the casual browser, than a zillion more tags to include.  I think it would also fix some of Minoh Workshop's problems.   

 It would also be nice if while I'm logged in there was a way to take games I've already played, games I've personally rated below a certain threshhold, and games I've individually excluded from search results off the top page. I've already played "Aubergine". I liked it enough, but I never want to play or see it again, and it wouldn't hurt my feelings if never again being reminded of its existence meant cleaner search results.

Thank you.


Second this idea.  You have a little plus icon next to the tag to add it to my existing tag, all you need is a minus as well.  Can't imagine this being terribly difficult to implement.  More complex operators like and/or could also be helpful.


I agree! I came here to suggest this idea. 90% of the game on my pages are horror games, and I lost the interest with the genre.


Horror is the worst culprit. Your 90% is not an exaggeration. 2 YEARS on since I made this suggestion, and Itch has become even more unusable. I don't use the site any more - I only play the pop-up suggested game if it's free/cheap and am working my way through a bundle I bought  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi y'all. Can I bump this topic? Site's still an unusable mess. Thanks!

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Is it possible for Idle become a suggested tag? I don't know what is the policy regarding incremental games (I understand that some people dislike the genre and maybe the platform prefer keep focus out of it), but if they are welcome it would be nice for these games have their own suggested tags and genre. Also, since there is people that don't like these type of games, creating their own tags would mean they don't get mixed with other genres .

Important to notice  that incremental, idle and clicker are distincts genres that happens to - more often than not -  walk together. It is okay merge all of them into one (idle or incremental) initially, but if  the genre grows here, in the future it would be better split it.

With the end of kong that was the main source of the genre, developers and players have to change platforms for new games. Having a better way to classify the genre on would be nice. 

Anyway, I hope the platform give a thought on it. Thanks!


Sure, I’ve added the tag as a suggested tag:

You are amazing, thank you!


Has anyone suggested a "comepleted" or "finished" tag yet? A lot of the content on here are in early builds and demos and have been for awhile now. It's hard to find content that is in fact stable, quality checked and in a complete status so having a category or tag for projects that are marked as complete, fully finished projects would be great. 


To the best of my knowledge, that’s what “Status: Released” is meant for.

I don't see a status released tag or filter but I'm on mobile so maybe it's a desktop view only type of deal, but there's definitely nothing in tags and none under filter that can sort or find things based upon a released/finished status.

Hm… In the browser version of the search, it filters just fine. (Example Search: Top free Visual Novel released Games for Linux tagged LGBTQIA )


I would suggest to merge the Unity tag into the the “Made with: Unity” entry. Right now both of them are defined as the same thing, so if they were any hypothetical games that were handling the concept of unity they would have been miscategorized anyway.

What’s more, right now there are 12,504 entries who have both tags. And while it’s commendable that some devs go through the effort of adding the tags in both places, a grand total of 55,621 entries (43,203 + 12,418) did not do that and have only one tag or the other.

Boring numbers aside, it would also be more transparent (thus less confusing) for the users and less redundant for the devs to use.

Same situation with the “Made with: Ren’Py” entry and the renpy tag, but with way less impressive numbers.

And with the “Made with: Unreal Engine” entry and the Unreal Engine tag.

And the “Made with: RPG Maker” entry and the rpgmaker tag…

There are more, but I hope I could bring my point across. (I don’t know how this tag redundancy came to be, but I could imagine that it was just a simple oversight when the system was upgraded to show game engines.)


On a very related note, I would propose an option to filter for the “Made with” field.

I’m particularly thinking about an exclusion filter as I write this. Which I am aware might be a big ask to properly code, test and implement for a feature not many users might even think about…

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The “Category: Physical game” as well as the tags “physical-game” and “physical” seem synonymous. If there isn’t some kind of hidden meaning* I would suggest the tags to be merged into the category.

.* Right now, both tags have no description.


To the best of my knowledge the physical games tags “Singleplayer”, “solo-rpg” and “solo” are used synonymous. Merging them into the “Singleplayer” tag seems like the most transparent choice. (If you need a reasoning for that: In case a Han Solo tag ever comes around. ;) )

Same but more obvious with the physical games tags “2-player” and “two-player”. “2-player” would seem more logical to me (because numbers are short and international), but it is used less commonly - so what do I know. ;)

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The physical games tags “tabletop-rpg”, “ttrpg” and “tabletop”* are almost certainly used synonymous. The tag “tabletop-rpg” seems the most transparent. And if it could be displayed as “Tabletop RPG” it would look a lot nicer.

.* I would describe Warhammer or BattleTech as “miniature wargames” if a tag for those was ever needed. Just “tabletop” doesn’t really tell the user much and those kinds of games can be played on the floor as well, I’ll have you know. ;)

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This right here has confused me a great deal (new here). I got suggestions from the tag box to use tabletop-role-playing-game ttrpg role-playing-game and a few others.

I am a virtual battlemap creator and there's really no place to define that digital maps for vtt's such as r20, foundry, are my bread and butter. Looking forward to some sort of better organization in the future!

May I suggest “collectathon”? I just checked, it seems to not be there.

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(As far as I understand, a genre is a type of tag). I think "Escape Room" puzzle games and games such as those I mentioned in the post above (Baba Is You, The Witness, Snakebird) are two completely different things and should not be put under the same genre.

Stating your opinion and thoughts about it in the post above would be appreciated.

While I get your sentiment, there’s no consensus to that thread at this point in time. Maybe you should wait a day or two until people even had the chance to notice that thread in the first place and maybe have their say.

That aside, you should write a summary and underlay that with this link, so people know what you’re actually suggesting here.




I don’t know the first thing about mobile games on itch, but there seems to be a “mobile friendly” checkbox for HTML5 games which currently can’t be filtered for. If that checkbox wasn’t a checkbox but rather a tag, it could be filtered for.

While this isn’t a classical merge suggestion, this thread did not only seem like the closest match but it also seemed like something that could be done in a very similar fashion to the automated merger/replacement of tags in the database.

If I was wrong about that, I do not mind this post getting deleted.


Kids, look away for a second…

futa is just short for futanari. Thus, merging them into the “futanari” tag seems to make the most sense.

Some language tags have duplicates:

“Language: French” and the just the french tag.

“Language: Spanish; Castilian” and the just the spanish tag.

That being said, I’m currently unable to locate a filter option for language. If that filter really isn’t selectable, that on its own would be a far larger issue than unmerged tags…


The tags Score Attack and High Score feel really similar to me. Maybe they should be merged? Or, at least, the difference should be clear.

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Same with Leaderboard.

We have an online-leaderboard tag as well, but I feel like that one is more clearly distinct because being able to compare scores worldwide is a separate enough feature.

When I try to look up Score Attack on Wikipedia I get a redirect to Score (game), which contains a paragraph on High Score but the actual term Score Attack is nowhere to be found. So the duplicates should be merged into the High Score tag.


NONE HORROR TAG HOLY SHIT theres just way to many horror games and i dont really like horror games so id love a tag to click that would exclude all horror games

This is a separate feature and isn’t really related to this thread.


Exclusion filters are what mid was talking about, STE.

They are currently a hidden feature. ( But maybe for X-Mas… if we are good… Saint leafo will stuff our stocking? ;) )

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I feel the "traps" tag should be removed. While likely intended to be used on games which feature tricky puzzle elements, such as Syobon Action, the word has long since (ca. 2015 or earlier) become a slur used against transgender women and crossdressers (implying that they're "trapping" men into having sex with someone who is supposedly also a man). Indeed, some games are using this tag for this exact purpose. This tag is detrimental to the community, as it may (read: will) cause transgender allies, both buyers and sellers, to leave the site.


Probably just needs a clear definition, as you mentioned it may be refering to either the puzzle or the sexual meaning. I think the puzzle meaning should just be lumped in with the puzzle category. Trap may be viewed as slur in some circles however broadly it is just a subcategory of the gay tag, it could be merged but due to the number of games in that category it ought to have it's own tag.

"Animation" would make a good tag, mainly for the game assets part of Itch. "Animation" has over 400 projects on it already with a few dozen more if you check for "animations."

Hi there, is there any reason why there is no common "Quiz" tag or is it contained in another one I missed?

Not sure if these were suggested or not, but when browsing they don't show up;

• vore
• transformation
• dominant\submissive

DID is Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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Tag merge requests:

MegaDrive/Genesis tags could be merged, as they were the same system, just called Genesis in North America and Megadrive elsewhere

Lesbian/Yuri tags could be merged--they are not identical, but very close in meaning

Boy's love/Yaoi--these could be merged as they mean the same thing

Strategy RPG/Tactical RPG--you could make a case for these remaining separate but most people I've met use them pretty much interchangeably.

Queer/LGBTQIA/LGBT--these could be merged as they may not be identical to each other but are very similar in meaning--possibly to include Gay

Opensource/Sourcecode--these might be able to be merged, since having source code is often conflated with open source but may be tricky as licensing terms might be confusing


Thanks for the suggestions. Generally we will merge tags for instances like “sci-fi” and “science fiction.” Often different words have different connotations, so we will not merge those, like your example with Lesbian and Yuri.

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Hello, I want to suggest that a "Girls' Love" tag be added. A Boys' Love tag exists and it's great but there is no Girls' Love tag. Yes, there is the Yuri tag but some people prefer to call it Girls' Love instead.
Thank you. :)

Edit: There are some people using the tag already, not a whole lot but there might be more once it is an official tag. Top games tagged girls-love -



I’d like to suggest the addition of the ‘Amare’ tag.

Amare is a new tag to describe story-focused Visual Novel and Interactive Fiction games that focus on relationships. 

We have games already tagging themselves as ‘Amare’ - Link

For more information about the tag, you can read this blog post

Thanks so much!

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Now that the Analogue Pocket has been released and people are starting to produce games in the ".pocket" format (which is similar but not the same as a Game Boy ROM in ".gb" or ".gbc" format). This is the only game format which can be loaded from the SD card on that hardware, all other games must be run through the physical cartridge slot.

Currently has a featured tag for Game Boy ROM: "gameboy-rom".  The "-rom" part also helps differentiate from "Game Boy Styled" games which won't run on actual hardware.

It would be very helpful to have a similar featured tag to filter for games in the ".pocket" format.

Possible Tag names:

[Edit - The first two tags are starting to get used organically, with "Analogue-Pocket" being more popular so far]

  • "analogue-pocket"
  •  "analoguepocket"

  • "analogue-pocket-rom"
  • "analoguepocket-rom"

Look at this. The "adventure" tag. Tags are so broken. Please, please I beg you - give me negative/exclusion filters. The site is completely unusable. I don't want to see 10 second horror demos or queer virtual novels ever again. Help me, itch.


Really struggling to browse itch without the ability to exlude certain tags :(

add tag "Non visual novel" or "No visual novel"


Negative or exclusion tags will not be added, instead you can use a exclusion filter to prevent games that have that tag from appearing.

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Is there a post on this site to help me with this?

EDIT: how do i put this filter?

I think magical-girl would make sense to include, as the common term for a fairly popular theme.  There's a magical-realism tag, but while they have some overlap, they are definitely different things.  Currently 67 projects use magical-girl unofficially, vs. 112 for magical-realism.

I'm kind of struggling with duplicate tags.  There are several sets of tags that have very slightly different connotations, such that one project might justifiably want to use one tag but not another, and thus might not be considered candidates to merge; but in many cases, a project would want visibility from the whole set, because for that project, those tags all cover identical ground.  We only get ten slots for tags, so while I understand wanting to subdivide for the sake of precision, it is also frustrating to have to pick and choose between multiple extremely similar tags, knowing that search results will be split between all of them.


Can we get acronyms to use a better description, spell out the words or put full name in parentheses. I ask the acronym only be used if the full name is too long. Diffrent parts of the community understand diffrent acronyms. Many are specific systems that the developers are familar with but the end users may not be. Personaly I did not recognize some of the system tags and many of the audio type tags. 

DOS    -->   Disk Operating System

FMV       -->  Full Motion Video

FPS    -->  First Person Shooter,  fps can also mean Frames per second

GBjam    -->  GameBoy-Jam

ggj15    -->  Global Game Jam 15

GM-less    -->  GameMaster-Less

MIDI    -->  Musical Instrument Digital Interface

moe    -->   Moe Game Awards

NES    -->  Nintendo Entertainment System

PtbA    -->  Powered by the Apocalypse

PSX    -->  Play Station X

VST    -->  Virtual Studio Technology 


There is no mining or mine tag, there are a good number of games involving this.

Also can we get Brushes moved into Drawing or possible Art Game, there is only 1 entry.

Flight and Flying are the same in my mind, is there supposed to be a diffrence?

Can we get LGBT and LGBTQIT merged. I think we have a sub-tag for each component they include so there should be no need for 2 catch all types.


I don't know if this is the place to fix this or if it already exists but whatever, is there a "heterosexual" tag or something where I can filter out homosexual games.

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funny, I want a tag like that so that I can exclude heterosexual romance from my searches lol


Exclude tags. Add the option to exclude content you do not wish to see.



The ability to exclude animation. Because while it's possible to block animated gifs and animated pngs in browsers, if I open something in the app, and it runs an animated gif or animated png there, there's a seizure risk.

Tag + term searches.


I, as the creator of sound assets, am deprived of the “sounds” tag

I think some sort of Endless puzzle tag should be added. I really like puzzle games but imho just the Puzzle tag doesn't quite cover the extensive genre.

Specifically an "Endless puzzle" tag would make the distinction between pre-defined level based puzzle games and random/endless puzzle games, so traditionally the "Sokoban" vs "Tetris" style games, so:


Do you think the combination of the Endless tag and the Puzzle genre isn’t enough to cover this case?

You're right, I hadn't noticed the Endless tag. You can search puzzle + endless but looks like not all devs have tagged their games like that.

Although I still think a tag like "Match-3" or "Tile matching" or "Pattern matching" or something like that would be appropriate. It's hard to pin down Tetris / PuyoPuyo games as a genre, but over the years it's become a genre unto itself.


I have suggestions for two tags, but before I get to them I'd like to bring up a few things that give it context.

One of the most requested features on Itch is a more robust and intuitive way to exclude games based on tags. I imagine that it must be harder to do with the way Itch is coded than it would seem for us users, because I really do imagine it would have been implemented already if it was an easy task.

But, in the meantime, there's no robust exclusion feature. And I'm not sure, but I don't think we can exclude multiple tags at the same time.

That's the first part of the context. The second part is... If you take a look around Itch you'll see that LGBT and adult games do really well here. I work on adult LGBT games myself so of course I think that's great. In no small part this is because Itch's tagging system works exceedingly well for LGBT content, to such a degree I'd say it's a textbook example of good platform design for LGBT creators.

We have tags such as Gay, Lesbian, Yaoi, Yuri, Bara, Amare, Trans, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Queer... It gets to a point where we can even pick specific flavors of LGBT content. And that's great to me.

Another thing we have here is marking a game as NSFW in the metadata (which is different from using a tag) and tags like Adult, Erotic, etc that clearly denote there's adult sexual content. At the same time, while adult LGBT games can pick, let's say, Queer + Lesbian + LGBT + Adult in their tags, if your game focuses on straight content you only really have the Adult and Erotic tag.

In practice, game devs making heterosexual content use the Adult tag as their main tag to indicate their game has straight content. At the same time, LGBT game devs use Adult to indicate their LGBT games also has adult content. Which means that, in practice, there's no single tag that indicates "this is the place exclusively with heterosexual content".

Anyway, so far this system works well enough. It would work better if there was a robust exclusion feature, of course, because it'd make it easier to find games down to an even more specific point (games that have X and Y, and do not have Z). It would also make it easier for non-LGBT users who just don't want to be shown gay visual novels, which I sympathize a lot with because I and many others would love not to be shown Horror games. In general, I think it's great and ethical for platforms to give users features to let them exclude content they'd rather avoid.

Now... Again, this system works. But when we put all of these things together, a few issues pop up.

The first of them is that there's no single tag that indicates straight content, clearly and broadly. Aside from Adult and Erotic (which are used by LGBT devs too), there's Hentai (which is straight but also denotes anime content) and Eroge (which is not limited to straight content.)

If Itch had a robust tag exclusion feature, none of this would be an issue. Users could just check for Adult games without the LGBT tags (LGBT, Lesbian, Gay, Trans, etc) and they would be happy, knowing that the results would overwhelmingly be exclusively straight content. But we don't have that feature, and we don't have a tag for Straight content, and put together those two become an issue.

There are some issues with adding a Straight tag, but I'll get back to them later. Let's move to the second point I want to bring up, and this is the one I find the most important.

The second issue is that if you want games with bisexual content — either story-focused games where the protagonist is bisexual, adult games with partners of all possible genders, etc — you have nothing to really find them. If we had a Straight tag we'd be able to mix them all up — search for Gay, Lesbian and Straight at the same time to get the games with bisexual content — but that wouldn't work now because no one uses the "straight" tag.

Now, beyond that point of mixing tags pragmatically to find content, I think we should look at this with a more careful lens. I think we should really consider that, much like we are seeing Gay and Lesbian games doing great on Itch as their own little communities, the same could happen with games intently focused on Bisexuality as a topic. The "bisexual" tag has 31 games right now, which isn't bad at all! I think there are more games with bi content that just weren't tagged that way because there's no official tag for it.

As a game dev making adult content, our consensus when it comes to games with bisexual content is that there are significant differences with how they should be done -- they are different from gay games in how we introduce and manage the characters, what content should be mandatory or optional... Things are significantly different and require a different craftsmanship.

It's also worth bringing up that it's Pride Month now, which I think is a very auspicious moment to have this discussion. To an extent my suggestion is a pragmatic one -- how we can improve things given the lack of a robust exclusion feature. But there's something to be said about Itch having tags for Bisexual and Straight content too. I think it would make it a more welcoming place, and maybe make Itch more usable for the (many) people who (quite fairly) don't want to be shown LGBT visual novels all the time.

Now, I did mention I'd get back to a possible issue with the Straight tag. It's very simple: only 13 games use it, less than the "bisexual" tag, despite there being many more straight games. I know that the number of games using a tag is often considered for this argument. But even if there are few games with the "straight" tag I'd really recommend you guys consider it too. I think it might have a good snowball effect over time. And it would convey a very welcoming message, I think, that there's no reason for users to be mad because someone is making games they aren't into and, unwittingly, making it harder for them to find the games they want.

So, in summary: making a Bisexual and Straight tags would make things better, particularly in the absence of a robust exclusion system.


I definitely concur with the reasons stated above for dedicated Straight and Bisexual tags. I'm producing a VN for release later this year with a cis male bisexual main character, but I hesitate to describe it as a "gay" VN specifically because I don't want potential players to be confused or annoyed when the female romances are initially presented. A bisexual tag would certainly help distinguish it from other games with queer content.


I also support this. The current LGTB tags do an excellent job. As an LGTB creator myself, I'm very pleased and happy to be on this community. But I think that bisexual and straight tags would be a welcome addition. I'm also considering doing my second project with a bisexual protagonist, but haven't decided yet.


So... First of all, what is the difference between the "Adult" and the "NSFW" tags? Why are they not merged?

Second... why is there no way to exclude or blacklist certain tags from search results?

I just recently looked for a solution, and it seems to be possible to exclude only one tag from the search results, by manually appending to the end of the URL for example ?exclude=tg.furry

However this only works while logged in, and can block only one tag, and that is just not good for me, and probably for many more people.

I'm not advocating against anything, I hate censorship and I totally support any kind of artistic freedom, but I'm a normal male, looking for normal adult games, and even tough I have totally no problem with the existence of any kind of alternative stuff, even I'm starting to find it tedious and annoying, that there is no way to only browse through normal adult games. What I mean is that my preferred search would be something like:

Exclude everything from my searches tagged with: furry, yuri, lesbian, gay, lgbt, lgbtqia, transgender, futa, futanari, femdom, female-protagonist

The ?exclude=tg. trick clearly does not work for this:,tg.yuri,tg.lesbian,...

Also, even though there is a "straight" tag, which could be a solution for the problem, only very few developers use it, so it's practically useless.

Furthermore, I understand, that merging together all the alternative sexual fetish tags into one "not straight" tag wouldn't be a solution, because it would cause problems for those who are looking for a very specific alternative thing, so the only reasonable solution would be to add proper support for tag blacklisting or exclude tags, or any kind of similar feature, which actually works, unlike my two above mentioned links, which I took time to carefully craft, only to be faced with disappointment.

So... please, somebody tell me, what's the official standpoint of itch on excluding multiple tags from search results? Why do they not plan to implement it?

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Hi, thank you for all the good work! The tag “worldbuilding” covers at least 50 projects. I don’t know if that’s enough to suggest it, but that would be great.

(Also, can collections be tagged?)

(3 edits) (+3)

Can you merge the variants of the 'Hidden Object' genre? And if it qualifies for the criteria, add it as a suggested tag as well in the dropdown list?

It helps specify what type of puzzle game it is when some of them are built entirely on this mechanic. From experience, when I play Fresh/Featured/Popular puzzle games I do encounter them by chance (larger number than the tag use frequency would suggest), but they are difficult to find by search since the generic puzzle tag is used instead which is saturated.

  • hidden-object (124)
  • hidden (37)
  • hidden-objects (35)
  • hiddenobject (10)
  • hiddenobjects (3)

Combined: 209

I think that hidden-object is the correct tag, since the genre is normally known as 'Hidden Object Game' and there's also a 'Hidden Object' tag on Steam. 

Thanks in advance!

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I agree with it but I think math is a bit wrong. I am almost sure you didn't check if some games are in several of these tags at the same time...

And I really surprised that it wasn't merged yet...

As a creator who makes vtt battlemaps, there really is no category for them which makes them really hard to find. You could go a step further to identify perspective: top-down, isometric etc as well. Can I atleast get battlemap and vtt as searchable/recognized tags? and ttrpg as an alias of whatever normal tabletop-rpg tag is. I appreciate the consideration. Thanks.


Hello, I'm Back!

I’d like to suggest the addition of the ‘Amare’ tag. We now have over 175+ games using it as a tag (To show that there is an audience for it) - 

I've also submitted a `Suggest description for this tag` as well but I have listed it below too. 


"An inclusive term that describes relationship-focused Visual Novels and Interactive Fiction games that feature a wide range of diversity such as racial, religious, and LGBTQA+ as well as more."


 For more information about the tag, you can read this blog post.  Thanks so much! :)

Not sure if this is still monitored, but it'd be good to have a "ROM" or "original hardware" tag that indicates that the game actually runs on a retro system, rather than just adopting its general aesthetic.


There are individual tags for several retro platforms.

And they don’t indicate that the game with the “PS1” tag, for instance, actually runs on a PS1. Hence my post.


Some of them do, but ultimately creators decide how to tag their games.

Which is why it would be nice if there was a tag they could choose to indicate that yes, their game does in fact work on original hardware.

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I am not sure but i found these two:

dungeon (257)

dungeon-crawler (596)

dungeon ∩ dungeon-crawler (51)

Numbers show count of assets



I’d like to suggest the addition of the ‘Amare’ tag. We now have over 235+ games using it as a tag  - 

I've also submitted a `Suggest description for this tag` as well but I have listed it below too. 


"An inclusive term that describes relationship-focused Visual Novels and Interactive Fiction games that feature a wide range of diversity such as racial, religious, and LGBTQA+ as well as more."