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Can I use exclusion filters?

A topic by birdbert created Nov 06, 2017 Views: 33,195 Replies: 4
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I don't feel like playing a visual novel today. Can I browse with a "not tagged visual-novel" filter? Using the client is preferred, but URL hacks on the website are fine.

(Similarly for categories, genres and other features I can browse with regular, inclusion filters.)


I coded something real quick that should work, to any browse URL add ?exclude=tg.visual-novel

So, for example, all games without visual novels:

Or if you're feeling adventurous, story rich romance games that aren't visual novels:


This is really helpful, thanks! I couldn't figure out how to combine exclusions, or use non-tag exclusions, for example a single filter for:

> not tagged pixel-art and not tagged visual-novel and not action genre and not platformer genre

It also occurred to me that OR might be better (quicker?) in some cases:

> genre adventure or genre role-playing

...I'm not sure if building a whole query language is in-scope though :)


there's no way to combine the exclusion right now, it was a quick addition but in the future we'll need to add a more robust way to build filters


Thanks again! Even the single exclusion is very helpful. I found one related GitHub issue, and created two others for tracking:

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